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In 2023 (a year of the Water Rabbit), every zodiac sign's horoscope is affected by the Water Rabbit influence. Some are predicted to become free of the misfortunes encountered in 2022, while others are warned to be prepared for troubles and accidents. The year of the Water Rabbit will be filled with ups and downs for all natives. It will be very hard to drive business growth in 2023. Wealth star of water still appears to be too weak, drained by wood and fire. Without the support of metal, it will be difficult to drive the wealth star of water. The combination of earth and fire on the heaven stem represents serious loss of wealth for this year’s Bazi. Rabbits are predicted to have relatively poor health, you should do more sports to prevent colds and other infectious diseases, and have a healthy daily diet. You are advised to do some indoor exercise to cope with stress and tension.

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Ranking 6 : Status: 3.3/5

Ranking 7 : Status: 3/5

Ranking 8: Status: 3/5

Ranking 11: Status: 2.4/5

Ranking 9 : Status: 2.7/5

Ranking 5 : Status: 3.5/5

Ranking 3 : Status: 3.7/5

Ranking 1 : Status: 4.1/5

Ranking 10 : Status: 2.6/5

Ranking 12 : Status: 2/5

Ranking 4 : Status: 3.7/5

Ranking 2 : Status: 4/5