Trees Of Serenity

Handmade by our master artisans, our Trees of Serenity are Fengshui trees that can help manifest aspects that you wish for in life.

Each of Hoseiki’s Fengshui trees are attuned to the Fengshui of one’s property based on the direction of the property’s facing. Finding the right tree that your home needs will maximize the potent attributes that the tree has.

The purpose of our Fengshui tree is to help re-establish the original state of Chi within one’s property, and to reinforce that with the favourable element that the property requires.

The Tree Of Affluence

$322.00 $298.00

The Tree of Grounding

$322.00 $298.00

The Tree of Sanction

$322.00 $298.00

The Tree Of Sapience

$322.00 $298.00

The Tree of Esteem

$322.00 $298.00
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