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Specification of Product


Facing consistent challenges or obstacles in specific areas of life, such as career, relationships, or health


Persistent conflicts or disharmony within the family


If there are recurring health issues affecting the occupants of the home


Continuous financial difficulties or a lack of prosperity may signal imbalances in the wealth area of your home


If sleep quality is consistently poor or disturbed, it could be linked to unfavorable energy in the bedroom


If occupants experience a lack of focus, mental clarity, or motivation


Unexplained stress or anxiety could be influenced by the energy in your home


During significant life events such as moving into a new home, major renovations, or changes in family structure

Feng Shui your apartment is for those who are aim to secure a prosperous and harmonious future for your family, House Feng Shui stands ready to deliver impactful outcomes, offering you a sense of tranquility. This comprehensive consultation entails a meticulous analysis of your home's Feng Shui, where we consider the birth details of all residents. Our assessment delves into the property's Feng Shui quality, providing recommendations for arrangements, enhancements, and balance to fortify your family's well-being in present and future pursuits.

The audit takes into account various factors, including the surrounding environment, building design, directional influences, residents' life guas, and temporal aspects. Tailoring our focus to areas of specific concern, such as family harmony, health, or career prospects, the audit crafts personalized recommendations. These recommendations ensure that your property's Feng Shui settings align harmoniously with your destiny and life path, creating a supportive foundation for your family's journey.

Suitable for ALL individuals

2 (Two) Detailed Bazi Reading

  • 30 minutes to 1 hour of Bazi reading by Hoseiki Founder's Master Chase via Zoom.
  • Summary will provide after the Bazi Reading Consultation

Physical Audit

  • Real life physical audit at your property and suggestion for Fengshui items placing for activate best fengshui that suitable for you. 

Wealth Activation

  • Spot the place for your home best wealth Fengshui and implement personalized Feng Shui remedies and enhancements for wealth accumulation, prosperity, and financial success in your living and working spaces.

Lifetime Re-string Services

Ensuring your jewelry remains as beautiful as the day you first wore it


It only takes 2 minutes. Great Support by phone, chat and email

Blessed by Singing Bowl

We bless each item with positive energy before sending it to you

Masterpiece Quality

Assembled by our local craftsman to fit your size


Unlocking Potential and Mitigating

Every year, our living environment experiences cyclical changes in Qi patterns, influencing the Feng Shui dynamics of our properties. Understanding and harnessing these shifts can significantly impact the outcomes in various aspects of life. Many of our clients recognize the importance of staying attuned to these changes, opting for annual Feng Shui assessments as a proactive measure. Our annual Feng Shui assessments delve into the specific Qi patterns that will prevail in the upcoming year. By analyzing these patterns, we provide insights into the potential influences on your home or workplace. This includes understanding how different areas of your property may be affected in terms of energy, harmony, and overall well-being. One key objective of the annual assessment is to identify and maximize the positive potentials available in your environment. This involves pinpointing auspicious sectors that align with your goals, aspirations, and areas of focus for the year. Recommendations may include enhancing specific areas to harness favorable energies that support your endeavors. Engaging in annual Feng Shui assessments ensures that your living or working space remains in harmony with the changing energies, offering a proactive approach to unlocking potentials and mitigating risks for the year ahead.



If you're a homeowner aiming to create a stable and harmonious living environment, experienced disruptions, or desire long-term stability.


Families looking to enhance harmony, both within family dynamics and the home environment to more understanding, trust, and positive communication among family members.


For individuals focused on personal and professional success and want to navigate life's challenges more effectively.

Uniquely Crafted for You


In the tapestry of existence, each individual is intricately woven with the threads of the five elements, as reflected in their unique birth chart. It is our belief in the profound significance of Feng Shui principles that guides us to offer personalized solutions. By discerning the composition of these elements in your birth chart, we dedicate ourselves to crafting bespoke recommendations that address any imbalances in your elemental harmony. Our commitment is to align your surroundings and experiences with the natural flow of energy, ensuring that your personalized adjustments resonate with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. Embrace the transformative power of harmonizing your space with the elemental forces that define your individual journey.


Hazel Chua

Thanks for the quality gems and stones, really love its great combination, I would say the fellow workers and Master Chase are very experienced and also friendly and polite, humble and welcoming...

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Rosalind Loh

Thank you to Master Chase, who was so patient in giving me sound advice on what I need to look out for especially in 2024 when I did my 1st bazi reading with him recently.

Received this customized bracelet under the metal series...

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Athen Sun


Had ordered the BAZI + NUMEROLOGY READINGS with a free bracelet from TikTok. The reading was detailed and also provided with the report (shared via WA). They also allowing me to customize the bracelet as I'm allergic...

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After the Bazi reading, you will receive a detailed Feng Shui report that provides valuable insights on how to enhance your living or work environment and improve your overall well-being.