Each Hoseiki Bracelet is put through hours of rigorous and demanding standards of control before being placed on your wrist. Every Hoseiki product is protected and covered by a 12-month international warranty. The warranty covers for;

- Manufacturing defects
- Cracks or impurities within the stones
- Damages or defects on the hardware
- Re-stringing

Hoseiki reserves the right to reject warranty claims that are deemed to be fraudulent or to be outside the coverage of the warranty I.e., wear and tear.

Should you wish to re-string your bracelet even after the warranty has expired, do feel free to send your bracelet back to us for a complimentary? Restringing service.

For international warranty claims, Hoseiki will not be held liable for any potential shipping/airfreight costs that may be incurred.

For both local and international warranty claims, you may send your Hoseiki bracelet to our Headquarters located at;

Block 3011 Bedok industrial park E #02-2000 S489977