General Products & Services FAQs

How do I know bracelet which is suitable for me?

If you wish to know more about your suitable elements or bracelets, please consult us via WhatsApp @ 8415 3359

Do you do BaZi consultation? What are your charges?

Our Bazi Consultation is $188 and are based strictly on bookings and availability only, do drop us a WhatsApp @ 8415 3359 to reserve an appointment with us.

Do you do home fengshui? What are your charges?

Our Home Fengshui consultation starts from $888 depending on the house type. Consultations are based strictly on bookings and availability only, do drop us a WhatsApp @ 8415 3359 to reserve an appointment with us.

General BaZi reading FAQs

Should I refer to the zodiac or the reading given on WhatsApp?

You should refer to the Bazi reading given on WhatsApp.

The Bazi reading consists of a total of 8 characters derived from a person’s birth day, month, year and hour. The zodiac on the other hand is only 1 character out of the 8 and therefore a Bazi reading will be much more accurate and personalized compared to the zodiac.

I don’t have the birth hour. Can you still find out which bracelet is suitable for me?

Yes, we can, but only to a limited degree of accuracy. Things will be a lot more straightforward if we have the birth hour. But even without the hour we can still achieve about 70% accuracy compared to 90% with the hour.

How do I read the Chart you have given me?

You won’t be able to. 😊 The chart is solely for our records, so leave the readings to us, but feel free to ask us anything you have in mind. As long as it is under the scope of a basic reading, we will do it for you for free. But for anything that requires intensive analysis, we will require you to top up additionally for a comprehensive reading.

Can I see if my spouse is suitable for me?

It is not truly straightforward to determine relationships between people and it is definitely not a basic question. The Bazi system utilizes the solar calendar and focuses primarily on oneself. With relationships, we will usually need to utilize other methods of reading together with the Bazi analysis to draw useful inferences. Do contact us for a detailed reading if you require assistance or advice with your spouse/relationship.

Can you tell me what Career path is most suitable for me?

This usually depends on what you are truly passionate about. Careers nowadays are much more complex and requires a wide array of skillsets combining multiple elements within a single job scope. Therefore, unlike the past where jobs could be clearly divided into elements, it is much more complex to determine a suitable career path now without a detailed and comprehensive analysis.

What is my Day Master?

The Day Master, representing self is depicted by one's Birth Day. Should you have any additional queries regarding Feng Shui, do feel free to download our 2021 Feng Shui Guide here.

Why are my Bazi recommendations different from my Zodiac recommendations?

The Bazi reading and recommendations will differ from the Zodiac reading and recommendations as the Bazi reading is 8 times more accurate than the Zodiac reading. The personalized Bazi reading is the final reading, and every recommendation under the personalized Bazi reading are final.

What type of Feng Shui does Hoseiki use?

Hoseiki uses all styles of Feng Shui covered under the authentic and classical form of traditional Feng Shu. While many Masters around boast of Imperial lineage or rich history from a certain style of Feng Shui, Hoseiki focuses on solutions and problem solving for you.

Whether it is through using Xuan Kong or Zhi Bai Jue, we focus on solving the problem that the property has through a logical process of analyzing the floorplan and proposing solutions that are both effective, practical and financially sound.

Crystal & Pixiu Care

Are the bracelets already blessed or cleansed?

After each bracelet is assembled, it is first activated by our professional craftsman. Each bracelet is treated with purified water and buried in pure sea salt for 7 days before being put up for sale. The bracelets are handcrafted by our artisans, who uses gloves embalmed and smoked with sage. The entire process ensures that the accessory is properly cleansed, activated and ready for wear for you.

How do I reset my bracelet?

In the event where you wish to pass your bracelet on to someone else, or if someone else have worn it before, you will need to reset your bracelet in order to be able to harness its energies again. You will need to thoroughly clean the bracelet with either clear or salt water. Avoid using chemicals or cleaning agents such as soap as the chemicals may potentially harm or damage the stones. After you have done so, you may bury the bracelet in sea salt for 7 days and you will be able to wear it again afterwards.

How can I clean my bracelet?

Stones are relatively low maintenance; a general rule of thumb will be to clean it after you wear it. As you should be wearing your bracelets often, it is imperative for it to be cleaned. Simply wipe it down with a dry microfiber cloth before storing it and you're good to go.

How often and when should I wear my bracelet?

Our bracelets are meant to benefit you and bring positivity to your daily life, as such it should be worn daily or as often as possible. However, due to the sensitive nature of the stones we will advise that you do not wear them while doing rigorous activities such as exercising. It is also not recommended to wear certain stones to sleep as the energy that they contain might affect the quality of your sleep.

Can I wear it to bathe?

Do not wear your Pixiu while you are bathing, as the Pixiu should not be directly exposed to dirt, and sometimes, the chemicals in soaps or conditioners could potentially damage the Pixiu as well. As the Pixiu is incompatible with dirt and unclean things, so do remember to take it off before making love.

Can I wear it to sleep?

Do not wear your Pixiu bracelet to sleep, as the energy of the Pixiu may cause disturbances and disruptions to your sleep.

Is everyone suitable to wear a Pixiu?

Generally, the Pixiu is known for bringing in wealth and positivity, so whether you’re a business man, an employee or even a student, wearing a Pixiu can bring benefits of wealth and health to your daily life. In fact, anyone can wear a Pixiu bracelet. If you’re looking for good fortune, a flow of positive energy as well as a ward against negativity, then you will find that the Pixiu is certainly for you. However, it is not advised for elderly people above 80 years old with poor health, or young children below the age of 6 to wear a Pixiu bracelet.

Where should I keep my Pixiu/bracelet when I'm not wearing it?

As the Pixiu is known to be a guardian and seeker of wealth, it will be best to place the bracelet in a glass bowl at the Wealth Sector of your home in the living room.

Can the Pixiu/Bracelet be exposed to water?

We do not advice exposing your Pixiu/bracelet to water as the stones are porous and any moisture absorbed may cause disruptions within the stones.

Which direction should my Pixiu be facing when I'm wearing it?

A general rule of thumb of where your Pixiu should be facing when you're wearing it will be to wear it with the Pixiu's legs facing towards you.

Can I stack my bracelet/Pixiu and wear it with other accessories I.e Watches/bracelets

Yes you can, but do so on your own discretion as the Pixiu or stones may potentially be scratched by metals or materials harder than them I.e Stainless-Steel.

Palo Santo Usage FAQs

How often do I need to cleanse my bracelet?

It is recommended that you cleanse your bracelet with the Palo Santo incense sticks once a week.

Where are your Palo Santo Sticks sourced from?

Our Palo Santo incense sticks are sustainably sourced form Peru.

How do I use the Palo Santo incense sticks for cleansing?

Ignite the Palo Santo stick until it burns, once its been burning for about 5-10 seconds carefully blow out the flame and allow the smoke to dissipate over the bracelet for 1 minute and a half. Or you may click here to find out more.

Disclaimer when cleansing with Palo Santo

Do practice caution when performing any form of cleansing with the Palo Santo, and always keep the smoldering Palo Santo stick out of reach from children/pets while it is resting. Hoseiki cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred due to misuse, or accidents during cleansing or resting.

Post/pre-Sales FAQs

What if I want to re-size or re-string my bracelet?

Adjustments and restringing services are free for the first year, if you require any restringing or resizing for your bracelets, do feel free to come back to us for these services.

How do I measure my wrist size?

You may use a piece of paper, or string to measure your wrist size, simply wrap the length of the string/paper around your wrist and ensure that there are no gaps in between. After doing so, you can measure the length of the string/paper against a ruler for the measurement. Alternatively, you may use our sizing guide here as well.

How long does shipping take?

For local shipping, our free deliveries will take about 3-5 working days. You may opt for next day delivery as well for an additional $5 however, they only apply for orders made before 9am. Do WhatsApp us @ 8831 3436 for any post/pre-sale inquiries.

Do you have a shop/showroom?

No, we do not have a showroom, however if you have any special requests or wish to view our bracelets before making a purchase, you may schedule an appointment with us in our office via WhatsApp @ 8831 3436.

Can I drop by and choose from your selections on the spot?

As our bracelets are individually made to order, do indicate the bracelets that you would like to view so we can prepare them for you. You may set a viewing appointment with us via WhatsApp @ 8831 3436.

Can I customize/design my own bracelet?

Yes, you can, for any inquiries on customization, do WhatsApp us @ 8415 3359 should you have a special request.

Do I have to change my bracelet yearly? Or is it for a lifetime?

We believe that life in itself is a journey, one of self-discovery and understanding. And so, these bracelets are for a lifetime. We do not encourage yearly lucky bracelets as we believe that one should understand oneself first through one's own Bazi. And if necessary, purchase your yearly lucky bracelet that fits your needs.

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