Palo Santo Incense Sticks Imported from Peru (cleanse your bracelets using these traditional incense sticks)

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These imported Peruvian Palo Santo incense sticks possess a unique fragrance and cultural significance, revered for centuries by indigenous communities for their spiritual and medicinal properties. Use Incense sticks to cleanse and purify your Hoseiki Bracelets & Accessories after prolonged usage.

Palo Santo Benefits:

- Cleanses your stones & crystals

- Brings in positive energy

- Protects against negativity


How to use:

- Ignite one end of the incense stick and allow the flame to burn for 5 seconds

- Blow out the fire and allow the smoke to dissipate onto your bracelet for 1.5 minutes

- Rest the smoldering Palo Santo stick in a bowl and allow the embers to burn themselves out

We will highly recommend that you perform the cleansing in an open environment free of winds ie. The living room to allow for better ventilation of the incense smoke during the cleansing. 


Disclaimer: Do practice caution when performing any form of cleansing with the Palo Santo, and always keep the smoldering Palo Santo stick out of reach from children/pets while it is resting. Hoseiki cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred due to misuse, or accidents during cleansing or resting.