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The future cannot be predicted, it can only be prepared. A BaZi Consultation will reveal everything about a person, including opportunities to explore and challenges to avoid or surmount.

Can You Decide Your Destiny?

Yes. Your Destiny is not fixed. It is a matter of choices, which lead to change. We don't believe in leaving everything to fate. We, at Hoseiki, believe in FREEWILL. You can (and should) exercise your right to live life to the fullest by choosing your own Destiny.

However, the challenge is always about picking the right battles. Limited by time and resources, we simply can't excel at everything. Bazi can reveal our strengths and weaknesses, wealth potential, personality, luck cycle, potential health issues and your most critical years. By being forearmed with these information written in your BaZi Chart, you can make informed, better decisions in life.

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Trained by 3 Feng Shui grandmasters In Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand respectively, Master Chase has been steadily learning and improving his skills for more than 10 years.

To date, Master Chase has completed more than 5000 personal Bazi readings and more than 1,000 Home Feng Shui analysis. Master Chase has been featured on NTUC, USME, Prudential and seminars worldwide sharing about Feng Shui. Master Chase has also appeared on Channel 8, Shopee, Channel News Asia to give his views on economics, finance, business and Feng Shui.

Master Chase strives to provide accurate advice based on classical Feng Shui methods and also empower people to be well versed in Feng Shui to make better decision in their lives.



This service is not just about receiving a report from us. As Master Chase puts it, BaZi is about fact-finding and problem solving. Expect a conversation. That’s the way it should be.


Our Chinese Metaphysics team of experts blog regularly on the most trending topics including how modern issues like finance, investing, housing, home design and spouse interaction can affect Your Luck.


Your chart will be broken down in a way that you will be able to understand it. Regardless of who you are, the focus is to solve Your problems.

It’s your chart after all.


With more than 4880 paid professional home Feng Shui and BaZi readings done, Master Chase has also been featured on major media around the world. So, relax. We're not running away with your money.

More information about BaZi reading contact Master Chase and get connected to us immediately.


Your destiny is influenced by two major factors:
Internal Locus of Destiny (refers to your personality, thinking patterns, talents, skillset),
and External Locus of Destiny (opportunities, events, timing, economy, factors beyond your control).
While you may not be able to alter your External Destiny, you can still control - through freewill - your Internal Destiny.

Hoseiki believes that Good Fortune = Preparation (Internal Destiny) + Opportunities (External Destiny).

This means your Destiny can be altered according to your actions and the choices you consciously make. Regardless of what the situation you may find yourself in, for as long as you are willing to take the necessary actions, you have the chance to affect positive changes in your life. BaZi can be your roadmap to finding success, fulfillment and happiness in life.





More information about BaZi reading contact Master Chase and get connected to us immediately.

You will be able to find out the following:

Most Auspicious Elements - Colours and Directions

Identify Mentors or Benefactors who can help you

Suitable Career Path & Suitable Investment Strategy

Suitable Type of Life Partner

Suitable Style of Parenting

Amount and Type of Insurance Coverage needed

What Do You Get?
A Detailed Bazi Report of Your Life Chart

Your Chart

Personality and Career

10 Gods Strengths

Favourable and Unfavourable Elements and Colors

Favorable and Unfavourable Directions

Your Luck Cycles

What people say about us.

- Benjamin Teo -

" Master Chase's heart is in the right place. Master Chase has been incredibly patient and accommodating when I wasn't able to reply him immediately. Also, he is an morally upright practitioner that conducts his consultations with integrity. Some practitioners might distort the truth in a bid to scare you into buying charms as a “solution”, when their objective is to line their own pockets instead. You can have a peace of mind that it will be a truthful and beneficial experience. You will be able to feel that he genuinely wants to help his clients, and has their best interest"

- Wesley Ee -

Top Financial Agent, Prudential

I went to Hoseiki for my first ever Bazi Reading and I was surprised! Master Chase was very professional and helpful with his reading and advice. He recommended me the Merovingian from the Earth element and it looks great!

- The Merovingian

- Hendra -

CEO of an MNC

2020 wasn't an easy year. My wife researched how to cope with it, and found Hoseiki. She said the Master was really helpful and highly intellectual with scientifically proven explanations which were logical and clear.

Actually I don’t really believe these stuff, but as I followed what my wife asked, we felt a lot calmer, more confident and things just settled well after understanding our own Bazi and personality. It was truly our fortune, me and my family passed through the year very well.

Until now, we still have lots communication with Master Chase, he is really helpful even after consultation. Thank you for the wonderful experience, will recommend to our friends.

- Joycelyn Q. -


I would not usually wear Fengshui bracelets because most are really damn ugly, but this is really pretty! Its in rose gold too! I like that its not just any bracelet, but one that suits my birth character too! Super affordable Bazi readings and super accurate too for both my boyfriend and I!

- The Keeper

More information about BaZi reading contact Master Chase and get connected to us immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Bazi analysis reveal about your life?

  • Cause of your current problems and challenges
  • Timeline of next event happening
  • Your strength and weakness
  • Your personality
  • The best industry for you
  • Wealth capacity in life
  • Are you suitable for business?
  • Your potential health risk
  • Are you working in the right industry?
  • Can you rely on your children?

What is Destiny?

Destiny refers to fate that is given to us upon the determination of the time we were born. This is the power believed to control all predetermined events.

Can Destiny be changed?

Destiny cannot be changed but can be improved. Changing destiny refers to the turning of misfortune into good luck which is impossible. It is just like attempting to resist the universal order. Improving our destiny means we can improve our gains during a period of good luck and reduce our losses during a downward phase in our lifetime.

What is Bazi?

This ancient art uses the 5 primordial elements (metal, water, wood, fire and earth) to represent one's BaZi. The 4 Pillars comprises of the Year, Month, Day and Hour of the birthdate. Each pillar has a Heavenly Stem and an Earthly Branch component represented by either the Yin or Yang aspect of the 5 elements. BaZi literally means '8 Characters' which refers to the 8 elements in the 4 Pillars.

How accurate is fortune telling using BaZi?

BaZi has been widely used in China for more than a thousand years. Its accuracy is undisputed. However to apply its theories properly requires the in-depth practical experience of a BaZi master.

Why do some people achieve success and happiness with little struggle whilst others do not enjoy such fortune?

The Chinese believe that a person's life is largely determined by destiny, which affects one's success and happiness. However, other factors like luck, feng shui, character and education can also affect one's destiny.

Why do some people achieve success at an early age whilst others at a much later stage in life and some may not achieve anything in their lifetime?

This can be explained that certain people have gone through a good luck phase in their life early whilst others much later. However, there are people who are not so lucky and do not experience such good luck at all as their good luck cycle do not pass through their prime period in life.

How does one avoid and understand a troubled relationship?

The continual changing of elements unconsciously affects our feelings and moods towards our loved ones, thus creating critical moments in our relationship. By understanding such changes, we can exercise self-restraint and mitigate the adverse effects of such elemental influence on our temperament which could otherwise destroy a long-term relationship.

How can I improve my destiny?

Destiny can be improved but not changed. Through freewill we can to a certain extent improve our destiny like :

  • Making use of the pattern of our luck cycle.
  • Improving on the feng shui of our home/office that harmonizes with the environment or surrounding.
  • Building up of our virtues, philanthropic attitudes and other positive traits.
  • Through proper education like academic achievements, vocational training, continuous updating by acquiring general knowledge and current events. This is very important to us as we are living in a dynamic world where events and changes of demand of goods and services can affect our profession, politics and business directly or indirectly.

How can BaZi assist us?

BaZi can assist us in :

  • Choosing the right or relevant career which one can perform better.
  • Timing of an investment or venture.
  • Choosing the right partner in business or marriage.
  • Enhance our personal feng shui like sitting or facing the correct directions, wearing of the right colors, ornaments and interior design to enhance our health and harmony.
  • Predict misfortunes and take positive action to neutralize them.
  • Discovering your child's hidden talents so that you can guide him/her to pursue a course which he/she can excel in.
  • Selecting an auspicious date based on your favorable elements for marriage, shifting of home or opening ceremony for your business.
  • Selecting an auspicious birth date for those women who want to have their baby born through caesarean.

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