What Does Tiger Mean in Bazi Chart?

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The Tiger in Bazi Chart is a symbol of strength, bravery, and dynamism. Representing the majestic and powerful predator of the wild, the Tiger in a Bazi chart indicates individuals with a bold and adventurous spirit. These individuals often possess natural leadership qualities, driven by a strong will and an innate charisma. Their confidence often makes them stand out, and they're not afraid to forge their own path. However, they can also be impulsive and rebellious at times. In a Bazi chart, the presence of the Tiger signifies a life marked by courage, challenges, and a constant quest for personal freedom and authority.

What Does Tiger Mean in Bazi Chart?

In the Bazi, or "Four Pillars of Destiny," the Tiger represents strength, leadership, and a quest for freedom. Characterized by its bold spirit and natural charisma, the Tiger's presence in a Bazi chart signifies an individual with a courageous heart, an adventurous spirit, and a tendency towards independence.

Historical Background of the Tiger in Chinese Astrology

The Tiger in Bazi Chart holds a prominent place in Chinese astrology. Historically, it's considered a symbol of power, bravery, and regality. The Tiger is one of the "Three Dignities" along with the Dragon and the Phoenix, each commanding elemental forces of nature. Ancient Chinese warriors often adorned their armor with tiger images, seeking protection and strength in battles. In folklore, the Tiger was believed to ward off evils, fires, and even thieves. The third animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle, the Tiger is celebrated every twelfth year, and those born under its sign are believed to embody its fierce spirit, courage, and leadership qualities.

Key Characteristics of Tiger Individuals

Tiger individuals, born under the majestic sign in Chinese astrology, exhibit a set of distinctive characteristics:

  • Tigers are natural leaders. They're brave and never shy away from challenges.
  • Highly valuing their freedom, Tigers often seek their own path and dislike being constrained.
  • Tigers are always up for an adventure. Their curiosity and boldness often lead them to new experiences.
  • Beneath their fierce exterior, Tigers have a big heart. They're often very generous and protective of those they care about.
  • Their passionate nature can sometimes make them act on impulse without considering the consequences.
  • With their magnetic personalities, Tigers often attract attention and can be very persuasive.
  • Once they set their eyes on a goal, Tigers pursue it with determination and vigor.

These are general traits, and individual variations exist. A comprehensive understanding requires a deeper look into the complete Bazi chart and interactions with other elements and signs.

Tiger in Bazi Chart: year,month, day, hour pillar

In the Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) system, the Tiger's presence in the different pillars lends nuanced insights into various aspects of an individual's life:

  • The Tiger in the Year Pillar may suggest a family background marked by strong personalities or independent thinkers. Early life might have been shaped by courage, exploration, or even occasional rebellions.
  • A Tiger in the Month Pillar indicates a person who thrives in careers requiring leadership, dynamism, or risk-taking. They often excel in positions where they can exercise independence or take on challenging endeavors.
  • The Tiger on the Day Pillar provides insights into the individual's core essence and their relationship dynamics. They might seek partners who resonate with their adventurous spirit or who provide the stability they sometimes lack. Their relationships are often intense, passionate, and filled with ups and downs.
  • The Tiger in the Hour Pillar can suggest a later life filled with continued adventures and a refusal to settle into quietude. It might also indicate children who are independent, bold, and occasionally challenging.

Remember, the Tiger in Bazi Chart is shaped not only by its placement in the pillars but also by its interactions with other signs and elements present in the chart. This provides a rich and layered understanding of an individual's destiny.

Interaction of Tiger with Other Elements

In the Chinese zodiac, the Tiger's traits are deeply influenced and modified by its interaction with the Five Elements, giving rise to unique expressions of the Tiger's inherent characteristics:

Wood Tiger (1974, 2034): The Wood element amplifies the Tiger's sense of justice and moral integrity. Wood Tigers are more sociable, compassionate, and focused on building and nurturing relationships.

Fire Tiger (1986, 2046): Fire accentuates the Tiger's dynamism and leadership qualities. These Tigers are extremely energetic, passionate, and have a strong drive. They are charismatic and can sometimes be impulsive.

Earth Tiger (1998, 2058): Grounded by Earth, these Tigers tend to be more practical and stable. They are methodical in their approach and have a strong sense of duty. Their reliability is unmatched.

Metal Tiger (1950, 2010): Metal enhances the Tiger's determination and resilience. Metal Tigers are assertive, ambitious, and have a keen sense of self-awareness. They often take the lead and pursue their goals fiercely.

Water Tiger (1962, 2022): Water brings fluidity and adaptability to the Tiger. Water Tigers are intuitive, flexible, and can navigate challenges with ease. Their ability to perceive and adapt makes them excellent strategists.

While each elemental influence introduces nuances to the Tiger's personality, the core traits of bravery, leadership, and independence remain. The interactions of the Tiger sign with other elements provide deeper insights into its multi-faceted nature.


Within the intricate tapestry of the Bazi chart, the Tiger stands as a beacon of strength, courage, and leadership. Representing the fierce and untamed spirit of the wild, the Tiger in Bazi Chart signals a life marked by adventures, bold decisions, and a constant pursuit of personal freedom. Its interactions with the Five Elements further nuance its character, from the compassionate Wood Tiger to the resilient Metal Tiger. At its core, the Tiger seeks authenticity and values independence, always striving to carve its path. In essence, in the Bazi chart, the Tiger signifies a dynamic journey, driven by passion, instinct, and an indomitable will. Sign up our free bazi reading page for more details.

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