What Does Monkey Mean in Bazi Chart?

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In BaZi, or the Four Pillars of Destiny, the Monkey is one of the twelve animals representing the Chinese zodiac. It corresponds to the Metal element and brings with it the energy of agility, intelligence, and versatility. A Monkey in BaZi chart can suggest an individual with a sharp mind, keen adaptability, and an innate ability to find solutions to complex problems. These individuals often possess a playful and curious nature, coupled with a strategic approach to life's challenges. However, their mischievous side can sometimes lead them into tricky situations. In interactions with other zodiac animals and elements, the Monkey further refines the nuances of one's destiny and relationships.

What Does Monkey Mean in Bazi Chart?

The Monkey in Bazi Chart symbolizes agility, intelligence, and adaptability. Representing the Metal element, its presence in a chart suggests a quick-witted and strategic individual. With a playful nature, Monkeys are known for their problem-solving skills, yet their mischievous side can occasionally complicate matters.

Historical Background of the Monkey in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology, the Monkey holds the ninth position in the 12-animal zodiac cycle. Legend narrates that during the Great Heavenly Race, the Monkey, with its cunning and strategic nature, secured its spot by leaping from tree to tree, showcasing agility. Traditionally, those born under the Monkey sign are believed to embody its vivacious and clever spirit. Throughout Chinese history, the Monkey in Bazi Chart has been celebrated as a symbol of wit, innovation, and resourcefulness, often revered in tales and myths as tricksters or wise figures. This deep-rooted admiration is further manifested in art, literature, and cultural practices, showcasing the Monkey's enduring symbolic significance.

Key Characteristics of Monkey Individuals

Individuals born under the Monkey sign in Chinese astrology are often attributed with a unique set of characteristics, drawing parallels to the creature's playful and clever nature. Here are some of the key traits associated with Monkey individuals:

  • Monkey individuals are quick-witted and sharp-minded. They have a natural ability to understand complex scenarios and come up with solutions.
  • They are inherently curious and have a thirst for knowledge. This trait often drives them to explore new ideas and ventures.
  • Monkeys are adaptable. They can handle various situations with ease and can switch between tasks efficiently.
  • Faced with challenges, Monkey individuals often come up with innovative approaches and rarely get stuck.
  • They have a playful and jovial demeanor, which makes them popular in social settings.
  • Just as they are playful, Monkeys can sometimes be mischievous, playing pranks or getting into light-hearted trouble.
  • Despite their playful exterior, Monkeys are highly strategic, often planning several steps ahead.
  • They prefer to follow their path and rely on their resources rather than depending on others.

While these traits provide a general overview of Monkey individuals, it's essential to understand that personal upbringing, experiences, and other factors can also influence one's character. The broader BaZi chart, including interactions with other elements and animals, provides a more comprehensive insight into an individual's nature and destiny.

Monkey in Bazi Chart: year,month, day, hour pillar

In BaZi, the Four Pillars of Destiny, the Monkey can appear in any of the four pillars: year, month, day, and hour. Each of these pillars sheds light on a different aspect of a person's life:

  • Monkey in the year pillar often points to traits that are externally visible or the way society perceives a person. It might also reflect generational influences. People with the Monkey in this pillar can be seen as witty, resourceful, and lively by their peers.
  • When the Monkey occupies the month pillar, it relates to one's career and professional life. These individuals might be innovative, adaptable, and quick to grasp new ideas in their work environment. They're likely to find unique solutions to professional challenges.
  • The day pillar provides insights into one's true essence and intimate relationships. A Monkey day master might seek playful, dynamic, and mentally stimulating partnerships. They crave deep connections but might sometimes struggle with commitment due to their inherent desire for variety.
  • The Monkey in the hour pillar touches upon one's hidden thoughts, desires, and also pertains to children and the latter stages of life. Individuals might find their later years filled with intellectual pursuits, and they may pass on their curiosity and zest for life to their offspring.

It's crucial to remember that the Monkey's inherent Metal element and the specific characteristics it embodies are influenced by its interaction with other elements and zodiac signs within the BaZi chart. This intricate interplay determines the nuances of an individual's destiny and character traits.

Interaction of Monkey with Other Elements

The Monkey in Bazi Chart is intrinsically associated with the Metal element. Understanding how the Monkey, as a Metal sign, interacts with the Five Elements — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water — provides deeper insights into the dynamics of the chart:

Monkey (Metal) and Wood

This relationship can indicate conflict or competition. Metal's sharp nature may cut through Wood, suggesting possible confrontations or challenges. It can also denote a situation where the Monkey's natural resourcefulness and strategic abilities help to overcome barriers.


Monkey (Metal) and Fire

Fire's energy can weaken or transform the Metal. This could mean periods of change, reshaping, or even stress. However, it also offers opportunities for transformation and rebirth.

Monkey (Metal) and Earth

Earth supports and nurtures Metal. This is a beneficial relationship where Metal (Monkey) is bolstered by Earth, leading to stability, support, and growth.

Monkey (Metal) and Metal

This relationship can amplify the Monkey's intrinsic qualities, enhancing its intelligence, resourcefulness, and strategic capabilities. However, too much Metal can also lead to rigidity or inflexibility.

Monkey (Metal) and Water

Metal provides structure to Water, indicating guidance or direction. This can mean that the Monkey individual has the ability to guide, shape, or influence emotions, thoughts, and situations to their advantage.

When reading a BaZi chart, it's essential to consider the entire picture. While these general interactions provide a starting point, the complete interpretation arises from the interplay of all elements and animals present in the chart. This holistic view offers a more comprehensive understanding of an individual's destiny and character nuances.


The Monkey in Bazi Chart representing Metal, epitomizes agility, wit, and strategy. As a symbol of both playfulness and intelligence, its presence offers multifaceted insights into an individual's persona and fate. Through its interactions with other elements, the Monkey unveils layers of complexity, revealing one's strengths, challenges, and potential paths. For more details you can sign up our Free Bazi Reading page.

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