What Does Pig Mean in Bazi Chart?

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In the BaZi, or Four Pillars of Destiny, the Pig (often also referred to as the Boar) occupies the twelfth position in the Chinese zodiac. Aligned with the Water element, the Pig in Bazi Chart symbolizes abundance, benevolence, and diligence. Its presence suggests a person endowed with genuine kindness, magnanimity, and a strong sense of determination. Often perceived as individuals of integrity, those influenced by the Pig are trustworthy and possess a deep sense of responsibility. Additionally, the water association brings emotional depth, intuition, and adaptability, making them sensitive to their surroundings, empathetic to others, and often insightful in their perceptions.

What Does Pig Mean in Bazi Chart?

Pig in Bazi Chart associated with the Water element, symbolizes benevolence, determination, and emotional depth. Representing genuine kindness and responsibility, its presence suggests a person of integrity and empathy. As a Water sign, the Pig also infuses intuition and adaptability, indicating insightful and sensitive individuals.

Historical Background of the Pig in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology, the Pig holds the twelfth and final position in the zodiac cycle. Rooted in ancient legends, the Pig is said to have arrived last at the Jade Emperor's banquet due to its relaxed and unhurried nature. Despite its tardiness, the Pig is celebrated for its abundance, honesty, and prosperity it brings. Throughout Chinese history, the Pig has been a symbol of wealth and good fortune, often associated with harvest and fertility. Its prominence in folklore and myth reflects both its endearing characteristics and its vital role in agrarian society. Over time, the Pig's image has evolved, but it remains a potent symbol of abundance, diligence, and genuine warmth.

Key Characteristics of Pig Individuals

Individuals born under the Pig sign in Chinese astrology are often graced with a distinctive set of characteristics, echoing the nature of this sincere and benevolent creature. Here are some key traits associated with Pig individuals:

  • Pig individuals value authenticity and often approach situations with sincerity. They're forthright, preferring to be transparent in their intentions and actions.
  • Their big-hearted nature means they are often willing to help others, offering their time, resources, and affection generously.
  • When they set their minds to something, they pursue it with dedication and perseverance, rarely getting sidetracked.
  • They enjoy social interactions and often thrive in group settings, making friends easily due to their warm and welcoming demeanor.
  • Pigs tend to see the brighter side of life, often looking for silver linings even in challenging situations.
  • Tied to the Water element, they have a keen sense of intuition, often understanding situations and reading people's feelings with ease.
  • They often have a relaxed attitude towards life, preferring peace and avoiding conflict when possible.
  • They're not afraid of hard work and often push forward with a sense of responsibility and dedication.

While these traits offer a general overview, individual experiences, upbringing, and other personal factors can further shape one's character. Additionally, the intricate interplay of all the elements and zodiac signs in one's BaZi chart can provide more comprehensive insights into their personality and destiny.

Pig in Bazi Chart: year, month, day, hour pillar

In the BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) system, the Pig can appear in any of the four pillars: year, month, day, and hour. Each pillar provides insight into a specific aspect of an individual's life:

  • A Pig in the year pillar can denote characteristics and traits that might be apparent to the outer world or how society perceives the individual. It may also relate to generational traits. Individuals with Pig in this pillar are often seen as sociable, genuine, and kind-hearted by the broader community.
  • The month pillar is related to one's career and working life. Having the Pig here suggests a person who is dedicated, responsible, and can be a trustworthy colleague. They may be drawn to careers where their intuitive and empathetic nature can shine, such as counseling or healthcare.
  • This pillar touches on one's innermost self, core values, and intimate relationships. A Pig day master might seek genuine, heartfelt connections and partnerships rooted in trust and mutual respect. They value sincerity in close relationships and are often devoted partners.
  • The hour pillar provides insights into one's dreams, hidden thoughts, latter stages of life, and relationships with their children. A Pig in this pillar might suggest an individual who, in their private moments, deeply cherishes life's comforts and pleasures. In their later years, they may find joy in simple, heartfelt moments and may foster warm, genuine relationships with their children.

It's essential to consider the Pig's inherent association with the Water element when interpreting its meaning in the BaZi chart. The specific characteristics the Pig brings are influenced by its interaction with other elements and zodiac signs within the chart. This dynamic interplay offers nuanced insights into an individual's personality and life path.

Interaction of Pig with Other Elements

Pig in Bazi Chart is intrinsically linked with the Water element. Understanding how the Pig, as a Water sign, interacts with the Five Elements — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water — provides insights into the dynamic of a given chart:

Pig (Water) and Wood

This interaction is generally harmonious and beneficial. It indicates growth, nurturing, and support. The intuitive and empathetic nature of the Pig (Water) may be channeled to support and fuel endeavors represented by Wood.

Pig (Water) and Fire

This relationship can denote conflict or an imbalance. The calming, deep nature of the Pig might counteract or dampen the fiery passion and enthusiasm, leading to potential clashes or dousing of initiatives.

Pig (Water) and Earth

This suggests that the Pig's emotional and intuitive qualities can be grounded or stabilized by Earth elements. However, too much Earth can also potentially stifle or overwhelm the Water, indicating possible emotional containment or suppression.

Pig (Water) and Metal

Metal enhances or feeds the attributes of the Pig (Water). This relationship can amplify the Pig's inherent traits of intuition, emotional depth, and adaptability, creating a synergistic effect.

Pig (Water) and Water

This amplifies the Water element's characteristics. While this can enhance intuition, adaptability, and emotional depth, it might also lead to excessive emotions, becoming overly sensitive or getting too absorbed in one's feelings.

When evaluating a BaZi chart, it's vital to view the entire framework. The holistic interactions between all elements and animals in the chart provide a comprehensive perspective on an individual's nature and destiny.


The Pig in Bazi Chart serves as a beacon of genuine benevolence and unwavering determination. As a representation of the Water element, it not only brings forth attributes of adaptability and intuition but also highlights the depths of human emotion and empathy. Individuals influenced by the Pig carry a mantle of integrity, consistently showcasing a blend of kindness and responsibility. Their innate ability to perceive and resonate with the emotions of others makes them invaluable confidants and allies. You can visit or sign up our free bazi reading page for more details.

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