Yishun BTO Fengshui

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The Problems:
Stagnated Career
Unsuccessful Business ventures
The Results: 
Achieved Career Advancement 
Successfully Started 2 new Profitable Businesses
Gained New Investors
We received this assignment from a young couple, Jane and Joe (names have been changed as they wished to remain anonymous), who had just gotten their keys for their BTO flat in Yishun.

It is their first home and they were slightly apprehensive about getting a Fengshui Audit as they were worried that it might interfere with their initial renovation design, which is modern and contemporary. We assured them that there will be no religious artifacts necessary with our Fengshui recommendations as we focus on Classical Fengshui solutions based on the Xuan Kong theories as well as our in-house recommendations focused on practicality.

Having been stagnant in their careers, they were also looking for career advancements and new business opportunities. So that they can improve their current standard of living and upgrade to a better place in the future. They had hopes that good Fengshui will assist them to reach their financial goals.
As they have also previously experienced our Bazi Consultation, they understood our 33.33% theory that “Destiny” through Heaven luck can’t be changed. But we can improve our home Fengshui to improve our earth luck significantly. With this in mind, they were eager to get started.

Analysis and Solutions

Despite the rampant notoriety that the estate has among netizens, the estate of Yishun has a lot of favorable water forms, hilly areas and forested area that generates good Chi to the nearby occupants.

We started the Audit from the ground floor of their estate. Performing a stringent check at the ground floor around their estate, we found it peaceful with no major negative forms. There is a community hospital nearby but the distance is far enough and they are separated by a few busy roads, so it isn’t a concern. The hospital produces Negative Yin Energy but due to the frequency of cars on the busy roads (roads usually represent virtual water routes), which signifies strong Yang Energy. This negates the Yin Energy forces and in turn protects the nearby estates opposite from the hospital.

We then checked the front of the main door very carefully and found no obvious External Sha. There are also no major negative forms affecting their main door. There were however 2 missing sectors in the house which might pose a potential problem to the mother and to the elder daughter. As the couple do not currently have kids, we advised them to be aware of this problem and to get back to us if they decide to have kids in the future. One of the missing sectors is represented by the Earth Element and to balance up the negative effects, we have advised for some landscaping work to be done outside the main door.

Their home is facing the S2 Direction under the South KUA. The South 2 Direction is represented by the “Wu” Chinese Character which is also represented by the Horse Zodiac. The “Wu” character is an earthly branch. Usually we will prefer a heavenly branch for the direction of the main door. We looked at the possible 3 killings and found no harm to the occupants. We took several readings on-site just to be safe and they were all within the same KUA, which meant that Chi is flowing well to their house. The Chi flow is excellent and the readings were very consistent. The South KUA fortunately, provides 2 wealth generating areas in their house which gives us plenty of opportunities to maximize their wealth luck.

However, as we analyzed the wealth sectors, both of them were located in areas that might cause the wealth Chi to leak away (one compressed near the door and another at the living room window area). We recommended some strategic re-arrangement of their furniture to allow Chi to flow freely and grow in the living room area into newly activated wealth sectors.

The modern design of the unit meant that the house has an open-concept kitchen that is linked with the walkway towards the bedrooms and also with the living hall. Such a design might not be the best for Fengshui as the kitchen will affect the quality of the Chi. Therefore, we have recommended them to block the Kitchen off with a bar counter and to block the walkway off using some furniture so that it leads directly to the living hall upon entering. This is the best practice for regulated Chi flow. Always remember that in Fengshui, normal is better as its always better to be on the side of safety than to take unnecessary risks.

We also adjusted the furniture within the study room to create a better work from home environment so as to improve productivity. The lightings, desk angles were adjusted to the KUA of the home owners so as to fit their favorable directions.

Lastly, we gave recommendations using our Flying Stars Analysis to generate the most harmonious bed head arrangement for their bedrooms.


We aimed to create a home that is harmonious and the result is a healthy family with improved career and business opportunities over their next 3 months. Both clients experienced improved relationships with family and friends, and started new business ventures that are currently growing healthily in sales, apart from working in their current careers. We wish them a bright future with their newly Fengshui-ed home.

(The Case Study did not mention the extent of the full Audit we did for them, which also included the kitchen, other areas in the living area, outside the main door, the bedrooms and the study area, the use of Flying Stars and other techniques. Recommendations on their living habits were also given based on their home layout and their Personal Bazi Analysis of up to 2 occupants. Every Home Audit comes with a complementary Basic Personal Bazi Analysis.)