What Determines My Destiny

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An Encounter with a Wise Man

I once met a wise man, who taught me an old Chinese saying regarding the things that can affect your destiny. He said that there is a total of 12 key factors that can affect your destiny, and here they are, aside from some minor details.

The 12 Sectors of Destiny

一命二运三风水, (1 Destiny, 2  Luck cycle, 3 Feng Shui)

四积功德五读书。(4 Good Deeds, 5 Education)

六名七相八敬神,(6  Name, 7 Looks, 8 Respect for God)

九交贵人十养生。(9 Supportive friends and mentors, 10 Health)

十一择业与择偶,(11, Career and Spouse)

十二趋吉要避凶。(12 Date selection)

It was likely that these were taken from the Chinese Classics that he had read. But it was still, rather useful information and after the meeting, I kept thinking about how these 12 factors have spun out in my own life and personal experiences.

Natal Chart - Destiny

What is destiny and is everything about our Bazi chart pre-destined and pre-determined? Many years ago, I had a business encounter with a Fengshui Master from Thailand who first helped me with some the business decisions I needed. I was young and was still very inexperienced in Chinese Meta psychics. Out of curiosity, he asked me for my date and time of birth and did a Bazi Calculation for me. He predicted fairly accurately what had happened in the past, what is happening in the present and he also told me what will happen in the future. Particularly that I will soon discover that some people have been backstabbing me in business and after the Fengshui changes I have made to my home and my office, these acts will be brought to the light and I might suffer for a while but it will be better for me in the long-term; much like a cleansing and detox process. I never believed in fortune reading but having someone tell me so accurately about my life’s past events felt bizarre and actually quite amazing. True enough, we uncovered many issues within the organization and these personnel were asked to leave. We discovered that some of our business partners were stealing from us too, and we broke off ties with them as well. This incident caused me to ask the question “Is everyone’s life already pre-determined?” I was therefore inspired to learn about Chinese Meta physics. I sought out many different masters and read countless books in the subject of Bazi (after working hours of course, in case my other directors are reading my blog). Bazi /八字 is literally translated as eight characters or some call the “Pillars of Destiny”.  It is derived based on a person’s birthdate and time i.e. year, month, day and time, each represented by 2 Chinese characters therefore eight characters.) To date, I have done thousands of destiny analysis. I would say that it proves that stars do have an impact on a person but still it only guides you in a certain direction and I strongly believe that your life can still be changed but it will require a tremendous amount of hard work. The reason why a system that tells our life is not to limit us or to let us slow down (inactivity), but to drive us towards progression through finding out and strengthening our weaknesses. This is one of the reasons why my friends and myself, started M Fengshui, to use Bazi in the right way to motivate and educate.

What is Luck?

Another important aspect in Bazi Reading will be a person’s luck or luck cycle, which will affect the quality of life of a person. We often scroll through our Facebook and envy our rich friends who can afford their 1000th luxury bag or their 10th luxury car and we will comment that he or she is really lucky. However, through the study of the principles of Bazi, it would imply that even Luck could be something that is pre-determined and not random. There will be complete 10-year luck cycles within your chart which can, to a certain extent of accuracy predict the energies that might affect you at certain periods of your life. Unfortunately, having a good destiny is not everything; it requires a good luck cycle to support it. For example, from a person’s destiny we can tell that a person has potential to become very rich. However, it is from the luck cycle we will be able to tell when he/she will be rich. If a rich person goes into a very bad luck cycle, there is also some possibility that he or she might also suffer serious financial losses and even bankruptcy too. Luck can come in the forms of wealth, health, harmony, career or relationship.  In plotting a Luck cycle chart, it consists of a 10-year luck, yearly luck, daily luck, bi-hourly luck, superimposed on each other and when used together with a person’s destiny chart. Events in a person’s life can be accurately predicted (e.g. marriage, offspring, divorce, bankruptcy, lawsuits, career performance etc). Yes, luck can be pre-determined and it is not at random.
So, which is better, a great destiny or a great luck cycle? I have met many friends who have great Charts in the form of destiny, who were extremely talented but suffered from bad luck cycles. I also have average friends who have regular charts but have extremely good luck cycles. I am also certain that the one who comes up on top is the one who focuses on having a positive mind and taking control instead of being driven around by his Destiny or his luck cycle.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui literally means Wind and Water. It is believed that all living things are governed by energies. Although we do not see them but there is no doubt that they do exist. Earlier today, my brother-in-law was about to engage in a meeting and he felt weak and his entire mind just felt off (no he wasn’t having a flu), to him it just felt like one of those bad days where his confidence level just wasn’t there and so he gave me a ring. After checking, I found out that in fact, it really wasn’t his best day. It was the day that the elements were simply unfavourable to him leading potential harm or even clashes his way.
Now it is said that these energies do not just exist in the cosmic realm but also generates, and moves amongst us through our physical surroundings. What it actually symbolizes, is energy and the dynamism of energy in our surroundings. Where there is wind there is an energy that we call “Chi” and where there is water, this mysterious form of energy gathers. Many businesses who believe in Feng Shui creates water features like pools or man-made waterfalls in auspicious locations to activate and gather good energies. Though it is important to note that not all water forms are great for luck and business and having water features in an inauspicious location will also gather negative energy.  The purpose of hiring a Feng Shui consultant is to be able to properly manage or manipulate this energy in an environment or premise, to harmonize bad energies and to enhance good energy for the benefits of the occupants. By observing the premise and its surrounding and plotting the energy charts of the premise, a good Feng Shui master will be able to predict past, present and future events that have and will happen in the premise accurately. He/she will also be able to enable the occupants to also have improved luck through the proper use of Feng Shui. The basic principle of harmonizing these energies comes through the understanding of the 5 Elements cycle (metal, wood, water, fire, earth). The interaction of different energies which will produce different results. Using this knowledge, the Feng Shui consultant will be able to manipulate and enhance auspicious energies resulting in potentially major effects on the occupants.
It is not about which element is better than which but rather, how do we harness them in order to attain a balance so that we will experience a fuller life.
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