Punggol Fengshui Audit

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Case Study: Fengshui Audit of 5-Room Flat in Punggol 

The Problems:

Poor Health of Occupants
Poor Relationship with Business Partners
Stagnated Career
The Results:
Able to keep to Modern Renovation Design Theme
Successful New Business Ventures
Improved Wealth and Business Opportunities
This assignment came from a couple who have already moved into their 5-room flat in Punggol for a few years but are concerned about the impact that Fengshui might have on their lives and would like their home fully Audited.
There have recently been many obstacles in the couple’s career and health. Their kids are also falling sick often despite exercising regularly, and having a disciplined lifestyle of good nutrition and daily vitamins in-take.
They are also looking for career advancements and business opportunities and hope that improved Fengshui will help in this aspect.

Analysis and Solutions

We started the audit from the estate as usual and found that it is a great location with good landforms of several small hills with some nice water canals and water forms nearby the property. Punggol is generally a great place to stay with clean water forms and clean air. Choosing a nice estate (Quiet and peaceful estates vs dirty and busy city areas) is almost as important as getting a property with great Fengshui. This is because, according to the theories of San He Landforms, these positive forms will form the foundation of the quality of the Chi found in this area and therefore it is important to pick an estate that will improve a person’s quality of life.

However, as we went up the unit we realized that the main door is affected by a slight Crashing Sha due to a relatively long and narrow corridor leading to the house, and a pillar point towards the main door. We also learned that most of the occupants are suffering from small health ailments like constant muscle injuries, pains, aches and intestinal problems. The main door is extremely important as it represents the gate where Chi enters the property.

The negative forms facing the door caused extra problems for the occupants also, as in the year of 2020, the #2 Flying Star (Sickness Star) is in the sector where the main door is located, multiplying the effect of bad health towards the occupants. We recommend that the main door be protected by some plants, that are also tactically blocking the pillar’s external sha. The wood element will decrease the effect of the Sickness Star which is the earth element. (Earth is controlled by Wood) For those who need a short course on the 5 elements, I promise I’ll write up some blogs on them soon. The type of plant to use will also be important, and this will also be covered in future blogs.

However, come 2021, the plant will need to be removed. The Sickness Star will be replaced by Wolf Star and the Academy Star will be replaced by unfortunately the #3 Conflict Star. This is due to the change in the yearly position of the Flying Stars. We recommend the placement of copper element at the door and a grey door mat outside the door to reduce the effects of the conflict star and to improve the strength of the Wolf Star (Metal controls wood but grows into water), killing 2 birds with 1 stone. In summary we are using the Cycle of the 5 Elements to improve the Chi entering the property.

The LRT station, tracks and the building of a new condominium (with the use of high red cranes) are also posing External Sha to the unit. We recommended the heavy use of a thick curtain during the day time to reduce the impact of the External Sha.

The missing sector on the main door is affecting the health of Mothers living in this property. We recommend a landscaping makeover at the front portion outside of the main door to reduce the impact of the missing sector.

The strength of the wealth sector in the unit is reduced as the owner placed a mirror in the wealth area, which is unfavorable, and therefore we recommended that the mirror be covered with a wallpaper of a wood design. We also recommend the use of some plants in this area and the use of a fish tank or simply just a water tank to increase the Chi generated by the wealth area. The use of a fish tank is extremely complex and due to the attention to detail needed in this execution, it will be covered in another blog specifically about water forms. As a South Kua unit, it has 2 wealth sectors and the second one is by the window near the study area. 

We ordered significant changes to the furniture arrangement to further improve the Chi flow of the wealth area as well. 

Lastly, we gave recommendations using our Flying Stars Analysis to generate the most harmonious bed head arrangement.


Both clients experienced improved health and improved relationships with family and friends, and started new business ventures that are currently growing healthily in sales, apart from working in their current careers. They experienced a breakthrough in sales of a 10% growth shortly 1 month after the changes were made. There were also breakthroughs in their HR department of their company. Having successfully hired 4 good staff in 2 months. We hope that all our clients will be able to benefit from our services, and we wish them only the best.

(Case Study did not mention the extent of the full Audit we did for them, which included also the kitchen, other areas in the living area, outside the main door, the bedrooms and the study area, the use of Flying Stars and other techniques. Recommendations on their living habits were also given based on their home layout and their Personal Bazi Analysis of maximum 2 occupants. Every Home Audit comes with complementary Basic Personal Bazi Analysis.)