The white quartz is the stone of master healing. This means that it has a heightened capacity to deal with disorders of all kinds. For example, physical ailments or spiritual maladies. White quartz helps people by absorbing negativity and disease-causing energies. It also helps release them into the environment. This crystal is particularly useful in neutralizing different kinds of evil energies. Especially those who come from envy or jealousy of your success. White quartz is also helpful in cleansing a radiation-filled environment. Both natural and human-made, from devices. White quartz can perform the cleansing effect. It helps remove toxins and disease from all the organs. It also benefits the subtle bodies. It improves your connection with your True Self or Inner Self. If you have trouble with memory or creative thinking, white quartz can help to unlock your mind and improve your cognate capacities.

Moonstone cultivates compassion and empathy towards yourself and others. It helps you to tap into your intuition to help you see situations more clearly. Moonstone is good for activating your creative and intuitive power of feminine energy which helps you get in tune with your true emotions. It can help balance and cool down your emotions and tension. The tranquil energy of the moonstone invites creativity, restoration, and motherly protection. The glow of moonstone is thought to reflect back your aura to help you gain important information and feedback about your health and other emotional issues.

White lace agate is a stone of balance and release. It is credited with harmonizing an individual's feminine and masculine sides, helping the body release toxins and building the immune system. It is also believed to improve concentration and analytical frames of mind, as well as releasing traumas and providing the courage to trust. For proponents of energy work and crystal healing, white lace agate is believed to be beneficial for mental issues, including everyday challenges such as frustration and anxiety. It is believed to stimulate the crown chakra and is often used to make worry stones. This white stone is often attributed with the power to attract angelic helpers and spirit guides.

Matte white turquoise is a calming stone. It helps relax the mind and body, our thoughts and emotions. It alleviates many of the things that cause us anxiety to begin with, such as critical thoughts about yourself and others, selfishness, stress, and more. This stone promotes love – both the universal kind and the romantic kind. If you’re looking to get in touch with the love that you seek, working with a matte white turquoise will be a major benefit. This healing stone is the perfect confidence booster. Also, it has positive effects on people who are dealing with anger.

Soft, soothing, and ever ready to tempt you back off the emotional ledge, Gloss White Turquoise is all about tempering the storm.Gloss White Turquoise stimulates the flow of fluids in the body which boosts the immune system, stimulates healing and regeneration, and increases the absorption of nutrients. Its cooling effect relieves stress in the body and brings balance to the hormonal structure to reduce inflammation, and aid in the detoxification process. Gloss White Turquoise purifies the lungs working to heal respiratory issues, and calming asthma. It helps speed up the healing process by increasing bodily strength, boosting the immune system, and speeding up detoxification. Gloss White Turquoise brings a blissful calm, yet fierce truth, and justice. It aligns your energy centers giving direct access to the third eye bringing calmness, positivity, intellect, and the ability to manifest abundance. Worn by ancient warriors to bring protection from negative energies, while allowing free flow and expression.

A protective stone, White Gypsum shields a person or space from outside influences. White Gypsum can evoke protection from the angelic realm and also dispels negative energy. The powerful energies of White Gypsum help one connect with one's guides, guardian. White Gypsum can be held or placed around a person to facilitate such a connection. White Gypsum calms and soothes, bringing a deep peace and sense of tranquility. Use White Gypsum in a grid around your home or in the corners of a room to create a safe and peaceful space. Meditating with White Gypsum aids in access to past and future lives.White Gypsum brings mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture behind any problem. White Gypsum is a crystallized form of Gypsum, which is used for good luck and protection. The powerful vibration of White Gypsum can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for all types of spiritual work. White Gypsum can also be used to strengthen the memory. Physically, White Gypsum removes energy blockages from physical and Etheric bodies. It can reverse the effects of free radicals to heal and repair on the cellular level. White Gypsum is associated with the spine and the skeletal system. White Gypsum can be used to mitigate problems with Mercury fillings in dental work. White Gypsum is also good for breast feeding.

Golden Rutilated Quartz is said to offer numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. It is believed to promote vitality and energy, while also offering protection against negative energy and enhancing overall well-being. Emotionally, this crystal is thought to promote self-confidence, emotional balance, and mental clarity. It is also believed to have powerful spiritual benefits, including promoting connection with the divine, enhancing spiritual growth and transformation, and increasing intuition and psychic abilities.

Snow Citrine is a captivating crystal with a soothing energy that offers numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. The crystal's clear to pale yellow quartz hue is beautifully adorned with white or light-colored inclusions that resemble snowflakes. Snow Citrine is thought to inspire creativity and abundance while also alleviating feelings of depression, anxiety, and negativity. In addition to its emotional benefits, Snow Citrine is also believed to support digestive health, boost immunity, and enhance overall physical well-being.

Carved Tiger Eye is a breathtaking gemstone that exudes opulence and sophistication. Its rich golden-brown hue and mesmerizing chatoyant stripes that resemble the eyes of a tiger create a striking visual appeal that is sure to impress. Carved Tiger Eye is known for its ability to instill courage, strength, and confidence, making it a must-have for anyone who desires to exude confidence and power. This crystal is also believed to offer a range of physical benefits, including boosting the metabolism, improving digestion, and enhancing overall physical vitality, while spiritually, Carved Tiger Eye is said to promote intuition and psychic abilities, and protect against negative energy.

White Pearl stone is recommended for those people who get angry easily and lose their temper. It removes the ill effects of the Moon, strengthens the mind, and brings emotional balance in the life of a stressed human being. It helps in reducing discomforts during sleep and cures insomnia. When the Moon is placed in malefic position, it can cause mental instability and stress to the native. By wearing White Pearl, one can get relief from mental stress and sickness. It is said that pearl has the power to increase fertility. Those women who are suffering from infertility, menstrual and hormonal problems, should wear this stone. Malefic Moon can affect the eyesight of the native but pearl can remove the all illness related to eyes including eye dryness, diabetic eye and cataract. This pearl is very good and beneficial for children, especially those below the age of 12. If your child is constantly suffering from any kind of disease or illness or fall sick easily, we recommend a White Pearl. White Pearl helps to keep the heart strong and healthy. It is said that Pearl maintains the balance of water in the body. White Pearl is also beneficial for Pneumonia.Pearl gives relief from throat, intestines and stomach related ailments. It promotes positive energy in the body and strengthens the mind. White Pearl stone acts like a nectar for those people who are very aggressive in nature.

Pyrite is the perfect stone for anyone who needs a little extra confidence in their life. Pyrite helps build strength and stamina, so you can feel strong and confident in your abilities. It also helps the body fight viral infections, so you can feel secure knowing that your immune system is working at top capacity. Pyrite boosts confidence levels by clearing blockages in the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra, which will help you feel calm and centered as well as more confident about yourself. Pyrite helps overcome fears and anxieties because it clears blockages in the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra, which will help you feel calm and centered as well as more confident about yourself. Pyrite protects from negative energy by clearing blockages in the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra, which will help you feel calm and centered as well as more confident about yourself.

This stone is actually believed to be a very strong healing stone that possesses very high oscillating frequency as well as thermal conductivity. Terahertz stone can energize inner body energy which is extremely useful if you want to supplement energy scarcity. This stone, on the other hand, has meanings and properties of making a person’s mind clear. Terahertz will save your mind from stress and worries that is also beneficial if you are using your brain most of the time. In addition to that, terahertz will allow you to be familiar with your character properly and freely perform individuality. It can also help you if you want to boost your self-confidence. With this stone, you will also make your goals and dreams more specific. Keep in mind that by simply making your goals clear you will be able to achieve them in just a short span of time. Terahertz gemstone also possesses energies that can help you in improving yourself as well as overcoming difficulties and energies.

In addition to being a wonderful aid for achieving a meditative state of mind, Green Hypersthene facilitates the healing process following an illness or accident. When a person is recuperating from a sickness or disease or is trying to break a bad habit, Green Hypersthene will ensure that they get the rest that is needed during recovery. Its calming properties will help keep your mind at peace, creating an aura of serenity and tranquility around you so that you can let go of your worries and allow yourself the time to recover. Since the energies of Green Hypersthene work significantly on a person’s mental and emotional capacities, it is believed that the stone can largely help overcome depression.

White Nephrite Jade will connect you to your soul’s impulse so that you will live a more spiritual and enlightened life. It can also bring richness, prosperity, and abundance in your life. Since the ancient times, this stone has been valued because of its abilities to bring luck in health, business, and love. You can say that the White Nephrite Jade will be your supporter for life because it will always look out for your best interests. It’s a very helpful stone when you’re starting to lose your confidence in yourself and your motivation in achieving your goals. It will also give you support in overcoming your financial difficulties and enhancing all kinds of good luck and good fortune in your life.


Serpentine is a stone that you can use to attract or manifest whatever desire you may have. The spiritual energy of this stone has the ability to attract abundance of all kinds, as well as love, happiness, prosperity, healing, and so much more. This stone will also help you align your intention with your source energy and with your heart chakra! Serpentine is one of the best stones to use for awakening the Kundalini energy. When the Kundalini is awakened, you may experience a lot of spiritual and psychic phenomena which can be quite powerful and intense. The spiritual energy of Serpentine will help you experience the feeling of the serpent rising like a fire right there in your spine, activating every chakra and then emerging at the crown. If you wish to harness the spiritual energy of Serpentine in awakening Kundalini, the best thing to do is perform a body layout meditation. You can place a piece of Serpentine on your base chakra and on the crown chakra while you hold a piece of Serpentine in each hand. Make passes along the spine from the bottom up, and repeat this for about half an hour, or until your instincts tell you to stop. The spiritual energy of Serpentine is also effective in clearing blocked energies. It will facilitate a healthy and natural flow of energies. It’s also a powerful stone to use energetically in making the old part of the brain serve the higher brain. Carrying it with you, wearing it on your body, or meditating with Serpentine will help establish the order intended by Nature. It will also bring you peace and joy that will reverberate to the external world. The spiritual energy of Serpentine will help you in discovering the earth and nature’s deep history. It will also help you find your natural place in this world. This stone will enhance your communication with the earth and with nature as well. The spiritual energy of Serpentine will help soothe your emotional body. It will also help you get rid of your fears of change and hardships.

Serpentine is a stone that you can use to attract or manifest whatever desire you may have. The spiritual energy of this stone has the ability to attract abundance of all kinds, as well as love, happiness, prosperity, healing, and so much more. This stone will also help you align your intention with your source energy and with your heart chakra! Serpentine is one of the best stones to use for awakening the Kundalini energy. When the Kundalini is awakened, you may experience a lot of spiritual and psychic phenomena which can be quite powerful and intense. The spiritual energy of Serpentine will help you experience the feeling of the serpent rising like a fire right there in your spine, activating every chakra and then emerging at the crown. If you wish to harness the spiritual energy of Serpentine in awakening Kundalini, the best thing to do is perform a body layout meditation. You can place a piece of Serpentine on your base chakra and on the crown chakra while you hold a piece of Serpentine in each hand. Make passes along the spine from the bottom up, and repeat this for about half an hour, or until your instincts tell you to stop. The spiritual energy of Serpentine is also effective in clearing blocked energies. It will facilitate a healthy and natural flow of energies. It’s also a powerful stone to use energetically in making the old part of the brain serve the higher brain. Carrying it with you, wearing it on your body, or meditating with Serpentine will help establish the order intended by Nature. It will also bring you peace and joy that will reverberate to the external world. The spiritual energy of Serpentine will help you in discovering the earth and nature’s deep history. It will also help you find your natural place in this world. This stone will enhance your communication with the earth and with nature as well. The spiritual energy of Serpentine will help soothe your emotional body. It will also help you get rid of your fears of change and hardships.

GREEN PHANTOM QUARTZ is a gemstone with a meaning and effect of increasing your luck. This gemstone is also known for getting ambition and the mind of not giving up. Green Phanton Quartz has a meaning and effect to correct energy. It would remove unnecessary energy and bring back your original brightness. As a symbol of harmony, Green Phantom Quartz can unify things and stabilize your emotions. It will show you your shadow and would let you face your true state and true feelings. This quality is effective for both yourself and others. It will let you discover the real intention and feelings hidden inside people. The clear energy of Green Phantom Quartz would refresh gloomy feelings.

Sand dinas gemstone is a beautiful, natural stone that has been used for centuries in fengshui practice. Known for its grounding and stabilizing energy, this stone is believed to bring balance and harmony to your living and working space. In fengshui, sand dinas gemstone is often placed in areas where you need to create a sense of calm and stability, such as in the bedroom, living room, or office. It is also believed to have the power to protect against negative energy and promote positivity, making it a popular choice for those seeking to create a peaceful and harmonious environment. Aside from its fengshui benefits, sand dinas gemstone is also valued for its unique beauty. It features natural patterns and colors that vary from stone to stone, making each piece one-of-a-kind. The stone is also known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear, making it a great choice for decorative items such as figurines, vases, and bowls. Incorporating sand dinas gemstone into your fengshui practice is an easy way to bring positive energy and balance into your home or workplace. Whether you choose to display it as a decorative item or wear it as a piece of jewelry, this gemstone is a powerful tool for promoting harmony, stability, and protection

Prehnite is considered a stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer. It enhances precognition and inner knowing. Enables you always to be prepared. Prehnite calms the environment and brings peace and protection. It teaches how to be in harmony with nature and the elemental forces. Helpful for “decluttering” – letting go of possessions you no longer need, aiding those who hoard possessions, or love, because of an inner lack. Prehnite alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears, uncovering and healing the dis-ease that creates them. It is a stone for dreaming and remembering. Beneficial for hyperactive children and the causes that underlie the condition. Prehnite heals the kidneys and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs. It treats gout and blood disorders. Prehnite repairs the connective tissue in the body and can stabilise malignancy.

Green Aventurine provides strength, confidence, courage, and happiness. It renews one’s optimism for life and pushes us to take action to acquire what we want in this world. This stone urges one to get out of their comfort zone and take on new opportunities. Green Aventurine is here to keep your emotional body calm when trying things that may be uncomfortable at first. Those nervous butterflies in your stomach will be replaced by an ever burning fire that is eager to burn. This crystal is here to help you enjoy life while sharing your energy and experiences with those closest to you. Your friends will begin to see the changes you’ve made and be motivated to follow your approach. This will cause a chain reaction of positivity that will change both your life and those who you love most.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper encourages us to live with honor and integrity. It pushes us to “walk the talk” and to closely examine our habits and routines to ensure we are living the way we wish to. Dragon’s Blood Jasper encourages us to have high standards while at the same time releasing perfectionism. It reminds us that there is no need to punish ourselves for being human, rather than a perfect robot or divine being. We will have our ups and downs, our good days and our bad, and that’s normal. Dragon’s Blood Jasper is a wonderful stone to work with when we are trying to understand and change our relationships with other people. It is especially useful when working through parent and adult-children dynamics. It helps us to release old beliefs and habits that may have worked or been true at one time, but are no longer applicable. Dragon’s Blood Jasper is also great for exploring patterns in our romantic relationships. It helps us to analyze behavioral patterns and determine whether or not they are healthy. It encourages us to be logical and capable of change. It also helps us to to avoid over-personalizing and getting trapped in our own emotional loops. It helps us to release unnecessary guilt and shame as well as any tendencies towards either avoiding responsibility or taking on too much responsibility. Dragon’s Blood Jasper shows us the correct balance and pushes us to create healthy boundaries. Dragon’s Blood Jasper reminds us that real love magnifies what is good and allows us space to grow.

When it comes to emotional healing this is where Malachite amps up its powers. One of the strongest elements that flows from Malachite is its immense powers of protection. Malachite is all about flushing out toxic emotions, clearing away unwanted energies, and ensuring that those negative vibes stay 6 feet away at all times. It gives you courage, wisdom, and the ability to spot and say no to all kinds of emotional blackmail. It’s a stone that sends a warning bell when things aren’t as they seem, which in turn grants you the inner strength and confidence you need to know that no matter what, this stone will teach you how to have your own back without the paranoia. Malachite is all about giving you the capacity to embrace change. It’s also known as the Stone of Transformation. Malachite gives you a daily dose of courage, invites you to step out of your comfort zone, and serves up a savvy reminder that to move forward in life, there are some things you may need to leave behind. It does this without letting go of empathy or losing balance, but somehow keeps you centered, calm, and able to approach emotional decisions with ease and grace.

The Amazonite gemstone carries the spiritual energy of personal truth and makes it easier to communicate these truths. It is extremely beneficial to all levels of consciousness and promotes all forms of creativity. It also encourages inner peace by helping you find what is right and true within yourself and communicate those beliefs and values to others. Moreover, it empowers you to manifest your dreams and desires by magnifying your intentions. Amazonite, also called Amazonstone, is a bluish-green gem valued for its incredible beauty and effective healing powers. It offers a calming and soothing effect on the soul and mind and imparts stability and harmony. It also aids in maintaining optimum health and harmonizing the yin and yang energies. Moreover, it assists in manifesting universal love by dispelling negative energy, aggravation, and blockages. The crystal is an excellent energy filter. It absorbs microwaves and cellphone radiations and protects you against electromagnetic effluence. It also wards off evil thoughts and bad deeds. As the stone of courage and truth, it makes sure your senses are in harmony with your environment and helps you feel connected to yourself. Moreover, the healing properties of Amazonite promote a loving communication, open up your mind, and help you express your deepest emotions.

Green Angelite is a soothing and gentle crystal that helps us connect with the angelic realm and our guardian angels. It helps to heighten awareness and give protection to the entire body. Angelite stones promote compassion, peace, understanding, and brotherhood. Green Angelite offers wholeness, spiritual inspiration, and strong healing energies. This stone creates deep feelings of peace and tranquility to encourage faith and forgiveness. It connects us to universal knowledge and gently facilitates the process of awakening as it stimulates emotional and spiritual healing.

Sandalwood is a sacred wood with a lovely aromatic scent. It is used extensively in modern times for incense, aromatherapy, carvings, malas (prayer beads), Ayurvedic medicine, perfumes, and essential oils, where it is said to bring one closer to the Divine. Sandalwood subdues your aggression and irritability. What it does is promote compassion and openness instead. It also enhances your meditative experience. Sandalwood is particularly good to use in relieving your stress, especially when you combine it with Bergamot or Lavender. Sandalwood will also help in realigning your body, mind, and spirit.

Golden Sandalwood has been used for centuries in many cultures to purify the air, remove negative energy, and bring peace and clarity into someone's life. It is believed that Golden Sandalwood absorbs negativity while releasing positive energy back into the environment around us. It is also used in healing rituals to ward off evil spirits and negative energy. They're a great way to keep your home feeling fresh and clean. They can also help with wound healing by clearing out the negative energy that can hold wounds open. Furthermore, it dissolves magnetic blocks around us and frees us from many radiations.

The Tiger’s Eye crystal properties encourage you to live boldly, fiercely, and bravely in all aspects of your life. When you are looking for a boost of courage to help you overcome fear or take risks in your life, there’s no better crystal to turn to than a Tiger’s Eye crystal. When you channel the energy of Tiger's Eye crystal properties, you'll be able to connect with the ultimate power crystal of the mineral kingdom. The Tiger's Eye crystal gets its healing properties from a combination of the sun and Earth elements. This is what gives it both grounding and inspiring vibrations. Because of its bold, encouraging energy, a Tiger’s Eye crystal is the ideal stone for building courage in all areas of your life. When you connect with this energizing stone, let it be a reminder that the path to success might be full of challenges, but when you harness the energy of Tiger's Eye, you’ll have the inner power to push through any obstacle that appears in your way.

Natural Malachite is also a stone that lends a hand to period problems like menstrual cramps and making the body flow in better harmony when it comes to labor pains.Malachite is an amazing stone at helping diminish fears, not just in an emotional way but also in helping the body deal with the pounding heart and sweats that can accompany resistance to change and phobias. This is perhaps how Malachite also earnt its reputation as being a talisman for travelers, particularly those who fear to step on airplanes or who suffer from travel sickness. If your intuition is lacking, malachite might just be able to help. It can help you tap into your own inner guidance, to help assist you with things like visualization practices or meditation, with some folks believing it can even activate psychic awareness. Natural Malachite is often used to get the heart chakra in check. A balancing stone, it can help you feel stable, safe, and secure in opening your heart up to all types of love. And that means love for yourself, too. It's great for encouraging self-love and unconditional love, plus for enhancing confidence as well as compassion.

Moss Jade can help you achieve a balance between work and life. This stone can enable a better understanding of matters and decide what you’ll do if you think everything becomes a jumble at home and in-office relationships. It will assure you that, although if something doesn’t go smoothly for today, it’ll all work out in the end. Moreover, it is often connected with the beginnings of new relationships. When encountering new individuals, numerous people wear the crystal, which promotes a feeling of attachment and aid in developing a solid base for a relationship.

When it comes to bringing prosperity and abundance into your life, the Jade crystal stone is the ultimate good luck charm. If you find yourself drawn to the enigmatic allure of the Jade crystal stone, it could mean that it's time for a much-needed existential pick-me-up. Jade gives you the wisdom to be able to see past self-imposed limitations and helps you shed that outdated can't-win-don't-try attitude. Channel Jade crystal healing properties and feel its intense and magnetic light filling your spirit with courage, your trusted companion on any spiritual adventure. Use these properties to open up your heart to unconditional love and feel the power of the universe and its life-giving combination of water mixed with the earth. Incorporate Jade into your daily meditation and have the courage to discover your divine inner truth while discarding any negative patterns holding you back from your full potential.

Burmese Jade can be a powerful force for emotional healing on many levels. Its vibration is soothing and nurturing, making it especially good for addressing emotional issues such as lack of self-worth or confidence. It also clears negativity from your aura and immediate environment, which is why many people keep a talisman or statuette made from jade on their desk or in their place of work. If you are suffering emotional distress due to love issues, whether this is love of or for another or self-love, Burmese Jade can bring equilibrium and calm.

Green Nephrite Jade cleanses the blood and assists in regulating issues surrounding blood supply and circulation. It also brings its wearer abundance and good luck, especially if you are struggling with financial woes. Nephrite jade is a powerful stone of manifestation and it brings dreams and hopes into reality. Nephrite jade is also popular for being a powerful emotional healer, bringing emotional stability to anyone struggling with regulating their feelings. It knows how to be soothing and energising at the same time, bringing clarity and awareness to those parts of ourselves that require our love and healing.

Fuschite is often used in crystal healing and energy work to amplify the healing properties of other stones and crystals. It enhances the energy of other stones and increases their effectiveness. Moreover, it is known to have a calming effect on the mind and emotions. It helps release stress and anxiety, promotes a sense of inner peace and tranquility, and encourages emotional healing and balance. Fuschite is also suitable for meditation and spiritual growth as it enhances intuition and promotes a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.

Deep green nephrite jade is said to be a dream stone because of its support to love, devotion and fidelity. It also promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The inherent energies of the nephrite jade are transferred and absorbed by the body. It can also help cleanse unwanted energies so that it awakens creative energies and passions.


In the language of gemstones, aquamarine represents happiness, hope, and everlasting youth. In ancient times, aquamarine was thought to protect those at sea. It was believed to make sailors fearless and safe from adversaries on the open water. As far back as 480 BC, aquamarine was considered to be the treasure of the mermaids because its ability to protect increased when immersed in water. Today, aquamarine is still thought to bring protection to those at sea and is a popular gift among ocean travelers. On land, it is believed to have soothing effects on couples, helping them to work through their differences and ensure a long and happy marriage. That power makes it an excellent stone to give on anniversaries. It is also considered to be stone of courage and preparedness and is believed to help maintain balance and order. Aquamarine is often used as a "good luck" stone, thought to bring feelings of peace, love, joy, and happiness to those who wear it. There is an energizing quality to aquamarine that provides harmony and balance. If you dream of aquamarine, it is said that you will make new friends, and wearing earings of aquamarine are thought to bring love and affection into your life. Traditionally, aquamarine is also the birthstone for March.

Faceted Blue Aquamarine stones offer a wide range of uses beyond merely boosting one's self-esteem. Harmony and delight are conveyed by the Faceted Blue Aquamarine stone's color. It can infuse its user with a feeling of liveliness and enthusiasm. Healing from emotional trauma is said to be better and more holistically achieved by wearing Faceted Blue Aquamarine crystals. Wearing Faceted Blue Faceted Blue Aquamarine may help alleviate tension, resurface buried emotions, and provide a feeling of tranquility to the wearer. Accurate thinking and a tranquil heart have long been associated with wearing aquamarine jewelry, according to long-held beliefs. Aquamarine was believed in ancient times to counteract the forces of darkness and to invite the protection and favor of the spirits of light. It was often used by sailors as a protective talisman against misfortunes at sea. It is a highly spiritual stone that opens intuition and increases clairvoyance. It is a wonderful crystal to use in meditation as it invokes high states of consciousness and spiritual awareness. It also encourages service to humanity.

Royal Blue Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. The stone has an affinity with sensitive people. It can invoke tolerance of others and overcomes judgmentalism, giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility. Clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect and clears confusion. Useful for closure on all levels. Promotes self-expression. Soothes fears and increases sensitivity. Sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance. Wonderful for meditation. Shields the aura and aligns the chakras. Highly protective during pregnancy, it helps to guard both mother and baby from harm. Discourages miscarriage.

Blue apatite, like many other gemstones, has multiple benefits and holds a great deal of meaning. People have found that it can help with motivation, ambition, self-confidence and self-acceptance. In general, blue gemstones are associated with the mind’s connection to the spiritual world. This doesn’t necessarily mean any kind of organized religion, but rather an opening of your mind and heart, which allows you to access your authentic self. It has also been associated with psychic perception and the ability to access the realm of the paranormal – and sometimes even being an aid to those doing past-life work. This ability in turn promotes creativity, as it enables people to get in touch with parts of their spirit and the mental world that were previously forgotten. Many people use apatite stones to help them understand their inner world better and assess their needs, wants and the issues they’re facing. On top of these metaphysical and spiritual benefits, apatite crystals can be used to enhance physical health as well. It may come as a shock, but one type of apatite as a biological mineral is found in our teeth and bones. As such, it’s no surprise that the apatite crystal holds physical benefits – people have used it to suppress hunger and boost their metabolism. Some have also found it very useful for promoting the healing of bones, teeth and cartilage.

Blue Sandstone means new beginnings and success. You can use the healing crystals to fuel your ambition or business venture. Simply place some tumbled stones in your bag to carry them everywhere. You can also use Blue Goldstone to manifest your intentions. The gemstone balances your chakras to facilitate self-acceptance, relieve stress, help you speak your truth freely, and increase focus.

Black Agate stone is associated with grounding effects and protection just like the most black gemstones. During hard periods of life, this beautiful black stone will offer you its calming energy. Black Agate comes with recognizable banding patterns and layers that are main charismatic of all agate gemstones. Since ancient time, Black Agate is used for its grounding, balancing and centering effects. It is closely connected to the Root chakra. Wearing jewelry made from this gemstone will bring you peace, balance your positive and negative energy, relieve anxiety and provide protection during hard times. In the past, this gemstone was used for alleviating and healing joint and bone problems, neck and shoulder pain relief, helps with digestion and eases nausea. Black agate is a stone of new beginnings, change, and transition soothing deep emotions like grief, anxiety, and anger. Black Agate is believed to provide prosperity and courage. It will help you associate with physical and spiritual planes and ground them in reality. This stone is considered to be mainly balancing stone that will clean negative energy from your aura, bring in more energy and joy and peace into your life. If you are very emotional, feel bad, abandoned or angry, black agate will bring you stability and balance with its soothing energy.

It is a stone of strength, good for sportsmen or for people subjected to mental and emotional stress. It can be especially useful for skin diseases, healing of infected wounds, burns, fungal infections. For the pains: it must be put on the area of ​​the body where the pain is felt, so the stone will eliminate it. For example, during colic, onyx should be tied to the belly to relax. Wearing onyx improves memory and hearing. Excellent for regularizing the thyroid. It gives eloquence, makes any goal reachable, and manages to give tenacity and security. The feeling of being able to face and complete any commitment without fatigue and effort increases. A marvelous stone for people who are fickle by nature, as it helps to connect earth-air, and to focus attention.

The black obsidian healing properties that are most prominent are its ability to cleanse and ground. It is rooted in the base chakras and has a strong connection to the earth. This makes it the perfect grounding force and is often used to achieve feng shui in homes. It is said to draw the negativity out and into the earth where it is neutralized. Its strong connection to earth and to nature make it the ideal stone for tapping into other spiritual realms and unlocking their potential. Having come directly from a volcano, black obsidian contains the elements of earth, water, and fire. This combination means that it also carries immense power. This stone is very good for cutting ties and ridding yourself of negative connections. If you're strugglingto leave a toxic work environment or a relation that is no longer serving you, you can seek help from black obsidian stone with its healing properties.

Map Stone can assist in breaking down barriers you have created that may be holding you back from your true potentials. It will dissipate negative energies you may carry and aid in propelling you to find that inner child to embrace moving forward in life. These barriers extend to addictions like sugar binging, and cigarette smoking. It is useful for a person that tends to overthink by helping them harmonize their emotions to release paranoia, cynicism, and skepticism. This helps in overcoming depression and enhances a person's ability to forgive someone and move on. It is a good stone for starting on a new venture. You can place it in your workplace to increase focus. You can also place it under your pillow to help you remember your dreams.

The meaning of Black Rutilated Quartz promotes strength, growth, and acceptance. It helps you analyze your life and accept the things you cannot change. The crystal’s energy even encourages you to look inward and accept responsibility for your life. For this stone, self-growth is the name of the game. Rather than focusing on outward energy, it helps you get in touch with your own wavelengths and how they impact your well-being. The meaning and energy that emanates from Black Rutilated Quartz encourage you to find your purpose. Its healing properties promote self-growth and maturity as you navigate the challenges of life. More importantly, the crystal awakens your potential! Discover new things about yourself and see what you’re truly capable of doing. Black Rutilated Quartz will accompany you along the way and grant strength as you climb spiritual mountains.

The Blue Cloisonne Jasper could be used as an aphrodisiac. It provokes a loving feeling, helping to activate sexual activity and cure impotence and frigidity. It stabilizes the woman during pregnancy and helps with the development of the baby. It is a boost, energy and strength provider necessary to go ahead and fight more easily in our everyday life. It is also widely held to be a very nurturing stone, bringing comfort and reassurance to the wearer or bearer as well as feelings of optimism and freedom from fear. It encourages gratitude, something that is widely held to be extremely beneficial to our mental health.

The energy of Royal Blue Cloisonne Jasper is slow, relaxed, and very grounded, bringing comfort and a sense that all is right with your world. It is a balancing stone and can help you to put down any burdens you may be shouldering that are not yours to carry. It helps clear the mind and is a powerful protector against negative feelings, moods, and vibrations. It will absorb your fears and worries if you are willing to let these go and trust that you do not need them.

Wearing Austrian crystals represents transformation for obvious reasons as for the way that they are created. It also represents rebirth, focus and communication. The fundamental vibes of glass crystals are very positive and it is believed that wearing them wards off negativity while increasing positivity.

Royal Blue Labradorite can help relieve stress and anxiety. That’s because the energy that you get from this crystal can cleanse your body of toxins. It can also remove other harmful energies brought by other people that you meet or deal with every day. Royal Blue Labradorite attracts luck, which is why ‘Good Luck Stone’ is another one of its names. If you wish for more abundance, good fortune, and success in life, this healing crystal can help manifest it. It’s a good stone to have with you to protect you against any kind of misfortune. It will also help you recover and get back on your feet quickly and in the most positive way possible. It can protect you from making bad decisions that may lose you money. And it will foster better connections with people. This stone’s energy will warn you about people who you cannot trust and projects that you should shelve. Royal Blue Labradorite will assist you with changes and transitions that will happen in your professional life. And it will help you deal with everyday challenges that will come up in business. It will give you the gift of strength, courage, self-confidence, inspiration, and perseverance. It can help manifest the gifts that are waiting for you.

Deep Blue Quartz is a calming Throat Chakra stone that enhances creativity, communication, and self-expression. It also helps in accessing communication in the spiritual and angelic realms. It is a powerful stone to protect from negativity and its balancing properties help dispel fear. This stone offers hope, happiness, and peace as it lifts the soul up from depression.There’s no doubt that emotional healing is where Deep Blue Quartz shines the brightest. Like the steady waves of a calm ocean, Deep Blue Quartz has a knack for inducing serenity. Even in the most chaotic environments, this stone’s healing properties and energy can create a sense of ease in its holder. It’s an instant auric rejuvenator, replacing feelings of anxiety and worry with a wave of peace.It’s said to change the way you approach challenging situations. Many compare it to a beloved educator who always seems to make lessons stick. The stone shows you how to look within yourself to find purpose and respite in the face of adversity. Deep Blue Quartz is all about personal development and growth. That doesn’t just apply to your job or education. It also applies to your spiritual health.

Sodalite is one of the most potent stones for communication. It's known to boost intuition, encourage truth, and boost confidence. Sodalite also increases mental clarity, making it a great tool for anyone who needs to make quick decisions or think clearly during stressful situations. Sodalite is a great stone for anyone who needs to overcome negative thinking or negative emotions. It helps you get in touch with your inner light and shine brightly through any situation.

Royal Blue Sodalite is a beautiful stone that's been used for thousands of years to support communication, intuition, truthfulness, and confidence. It also helps you overcome negative thinking, increases mental clarity, and boosts your confidence. Royal Blue Sodalite is an excellent stone for anyone who needs to improve their communication skills or have better relationships with others. It helps you see things from a new perspective, which can reduce conflict at work or home. Royal Blue Sodalite also encourages you to be more honest with yourself and others. You'll feel more confident in your abilities as well as more secure about the direction of your life.

The benefits of wearing lava stones are vast, especially since we can diffuse the stones with our favourite essential oils. For instance, they can help people with allergies. For example, if you suffer from a runny nose, you can put some essential oils that help with respiratory health onto your lava beads and wear them throughout the day. This can keep you feeling refreshed and fight the allergies you have. Lava stones are wonderful for calming the emotions. Because the stones come from raw energy, they're considered to represent rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. Fire’s physical embodiment is the Lava Stone. It is the only rock known to be formed from nothing but fire thus, providing strength and power. For someone who has difficulty making decisions, or perhaps timid, the Lava Stone provides them strength and clear thinking. The lava stone is typically like other healing gemstones. It's recommended you wear your lava stone as close to the skin as possible. This allows better absorption, giving it easier access so that the energy can flow. To clear negative emotions, it's said you should wear a bracelet so that the stones are close to your pulse. Or a necklace so that the stones are close to your heart.

The perfect gemstone to enhance your home or office feng shui. This strikingly beautiful stone is not only visually appealing, but also believed to bring positive energy and good fortune into your life. The Black Weathered Stone is formed from natural volcanic rock that has undergone millions of years of weathering, resulting in a unique texture and appearance that is truly one of a kind. Its deep black color symbolizes strength, protection and stability, making it an ideal addition to any space where you need to feel grounded and secure. In feng shui, the Black Weathered Stone is often used as a grounding stone to create a sense of stability and balance in your life. It is believed to help dissipate negative energy and emotions, promoting a peaceful and harmonious environment. In addition to its feng shui benefits, the Black Weathered Stone also has aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for interior designers and decorators. Its unique texture and color make it a versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways, from decorative accents to statement pieces. If you're looking to add some positive energy and a touch of elegance to your home or office, consider the Black Weathered Stone. Its striking beauty and feng shui benefits make it an investment in both style and well-being.

Faceted Black Tourmaline is also a powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, providing a connection between Earth and the human spirit. Its supportive energy aligns the energy centers of the body and channels healing light throughout the system. It promotes a sense of power and self-confidence, allowing for a clearer, more objective view of the world. It is empowering to those who must live or work in challenging environments or when facing difficult circumstances. Physically, black tourmaline strengthens, protects, and rejuvenates. The stone can enhance our immune system and cleanse toxins from the body, along with boosting energy. Being near technology daily places us in an electromagnetic field. Faceted Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for absorbing electromagnetic radiation before it reaches your body. If you’re looking to enhance your spirituality, Faceted black tourmaline is a great place to start! For a more balanced spiritual environment, you can make a black tourmaline force field in any space by placing a black tourmaline crystal in every corner. With this stone in hand or nearby, your body and soul can align with the energy of the universe. Under black tourmaline protection, you can feel safe to explore your psyche uninterrupted.

The colors and electrical energies inside gemstones can make them useful as healing crystals. Spectrolite is highly valued for spiritual and mystical uses, purported to enhance psychic abilities and awaken the aura. Since its base is black, spectrolite joins other black gemstones in representing intelligence, protection, and fundamental truths. Spectrolite is one of the rarest and most sought-after crystals. Adored for both its aesthetic and healing properties, having a Spectrolite in your life is bound to provide you a wide range of benefits.n this stress-filled world, it's hard staying calm. With the rising number of people suffering from anxiety and depression, the mind needs to relax. Spectrolite aids in calming the mind. Spectrolite helps you arrange the thoughts inside your mind and relaxes you from the inside. It also gives you the courage to face situations in a better way, helping you feel less stressed from day-to-day activities. Spectrolite has great healing properties to promote healthy marriage. Spectrolite helps deal with emotional instability and calms your mind. A calm mind enables you to understand your emotions better. This leads to better relationships with your spouse. If you constantly fight with your spouse or feel unhappy, bringing Spectrolite into your life would help you regain the happiness in your marriage.

Blue Cats Eye is said to make its wearer emotionally stable, fortify his spirit and protect from all types of negativity; physical, energetic and emotional. It also is said to strengthen family unions. Blue is associated with balanced communication and clear speech.. Blue Cats Eye is a strength giving stone that will help keep the bearer strong willed during testing times. It promotes concentration and is recommended to students as is assists with studies and remaining focused.

Eagle Eye Stone has meaning and properties of giving sense of self-confidence to its owner. It has been loved by people as an amulet to gave self- confidence to. It would pursuit things deeply and make them to your knowledge. Eagle Eye Stone is a gemstone that symbolizes eagle's eye. You would be able to have keen eyes that can see through the essence of things. Please use it to improve understanding skill or analytic skill. It is recommended for people who do a lot of brain work. It would help you in the field of analysis or research.

Royal Blue Tigers Eye is a symbol of strength. It calls on courage, deepens willpower, and helps those who wear it to overcome all kinds of challenges in their lives. Blue healing crystals are also known to encourage communication, flow, mental clarity, and inner peace. It finds a unique balance between nurturing strength and courage and ensuring you stay calm and connected no matter what life throws at you. It is a gemstone of luck and fine fortune. With its high vibrations, its soothing energy, and optimistic flow - this gem sets you up to welcome a steady flow of money. It does this because it is a stone linked to courage and leadership. When we feel steady and confident, when our communication is en-pointe, and when we are able to call on our inner wisdom, we are better equipped to chase ambitious goals and make savvy decisions that can lead to abundance and wealth.

Blue Tigers Eye is a deeply healing gemstone. You can use it to bring calm and focus and to ease all kinds of issues. From balancing emotions to regulating hormones and easing anxieties, not to mention cleansing certain chakras, these are all the ways in which Blue Tigers Eye can help you heal. Emotional healing is one of the strengths of the Blue Tigers Eye. This brilliant blue stone is forever soothing and its calming nature can help to dispel fear, clear your mind of anxiety, and bring you to a sense of acceptance. Because of its big calming energy and its ability to unwind tension and destructive thought patterns, Blue Tigers Eye helps to heal and lessen the effects of psychosomatic diseases and can stabilize swinging moods. Blue Tigers Eye is a gemstone of luck and fine fortune. With its high vibrations, its soothing energy, and optimistic flow - this gem sets you up to welcome a steady flow of money. It does this because it is a stone linked to courage and leadership.

Emotional healing is one of the strengths of the Blue Tigers Eye. This brilliant blue stone is forever soothing and its calming nature can help to dispel fear, clear your mind of anxiety, and bring you to a sense of acceptance. Because of its big calming energy and its ability to unwind tension and destructive thought patterns, Blue Tigers Eye helps to heal and lessen the effects of psychosomatic diseases and can stabilize swinging moods. The stone also helps to balance the different parts of your mind, making it easier to look at life without fear and other extreme emotions. Physical benefits that can come from Blue Tigers Eye include relaxation, which has a knock-on effect in terms of lowering blood pressure and reducing conditions exacerbated by constant anxiety. The blue gemstone also helps to regulate various body processes, including the digestive, endocrine and immune systems. Blue Tigers Eye can help to boost the endocrine system which in turn helps to regulate and balance hormones. It can also help to soothe symptoms of depression and ease you through cyclical changes which is helpful for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Blue Tigers Eye can also help with eye issues and encourages the lungs and other organs to work beautifully which can reduce issues with asthma and angina.

Blue Nephrite Jade encourages patience, helping those who feel overwhelmed by situations beyond their control to maintain an even temper. It enhances mental abilities from both sides of the brain, increasing one’s capacity for rational thought and the ability to discern the best path to follow. It is a stone of slow but steady progress, allowing one to see the world from a higher vantage point to avoid losing oneself in the petty dramas of life. Blue Nephrite Jade relinquishes self-imposed limitations and assists in cherishing one’s ideals and desires, facilitating the ambition and building of those thoughts into physical reality. It provides confidence and self-assuredness, self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

Black nephrite jade is known as a guardian stone, acting as an energetic protection against negative energies as well as intrusion by psychic entities. It will protect you from people who sap energy and projections of negative emotions such as fear, anger, or bitterness. It also provides protection from physical harm and helps to keep us grounded. It is stabilising for the mind and body, balancing our personality and encouraging the flow of ideas to allow us to take action more easily. It helps us to embrace our ideals and desires, empowering our ambitions and allowing us to turn thought into physical reality. It provides confidence, self-reliance and self-assuredness

Blue Pietersite can enhance intuition and psychic abilities. It is said to stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, which can help one to access higher levels of consciousness and spiritual insight. This makes it a popular stone for those who are interested in meditation and spiritual growth. It also helps with emotional healing and balance. It is said to calm the mind and promote a sense of inner peace and tranquility. This can be especially helpful for those who struggle with anxiety, stress, or other emotional imbalances. It also supports the immune system and promotes overall health and well-being.


Purple Phantom Quartz is also known as a fantastic aura cleanser that helps remove negative energies in your auric field and put your chakras into alignment. It promotes positive flow of energies in your life by removing negative emotion and thoughts. This crystal also protects the body against harmful radiation. Mentally, this soothing and relaxing stone gives you strength, clarity and inspiration while enhances spiritual development. The Purple Phantom crystal also stimulates your memory, thinking process and concentration. Physically, the healing energies of Purple Phantom Quartz are said to be its ability to detoxify your body, enhance the function of pineal and pituitary glands, and stimulate the immune system. It is also good for those with sleeping problems.

Purple Chalcedony is a stone of inner stability, maturity, and self-confidence. It enhances these qualities in those who wear it, as well as helping to attract new relationships. Purple Chalcedony also has a nurturing energy that aids in dementia and senility. It is known for its ability to promote transformation in both the wearer and the environment around them. It has an abundance of physical energy that can be used to enhance your personal and professional life. Purple Chalcedony helps bring balance to your emotions while providing inner peace and calmness. It's a great stone for those who are experiencing stress or anxiety as well as those who need assistance with sleep problems because of its ability to help you achieve emotional balance allowing you to go into deep sleep without any interruption from dreams or nightmares.

The energy of the fusion purple chalcedony is known for its emotional stability and inner peace. It helps to bring about emotional balance and calmness. This stone helps you attract new relationships, so it's great if you're looking for a relationship or just want to make new friends. Fusion purple chalcedony also promotes maturity and inner stability, so it's a great stone for anyone who needs help finding balance in their life. If you're looking for more physical energy as well as mental fortitude, fusion purple chalcedony can help with that too! This stone has been known to aid in dementia and senility, so if you know someone who suffers from these conditions, this might be a good stone for them to carry around with them everywhere they go.

South African Amethyst is a beautiful, healing stone. It has been used to help with many issues, including stress and anxiety. It is known for its calming effect on the mind and body. In fact, it is one of the most powerful healing stones on Earth. It helps to heal physical and emotional wounds by stimulating the immune system and bringing purification to the body. It also helps to balance all the chakras in your body to achieve optimal health. South African Amethyst is a beautiful, healing stone. It has been used to help with many issues, including stress and anxiety. It is known for its calming effect on the mind and body. In fact, it is one of the most powerful healing stones on Earth. It helps to heal physical and emotional wounds by stimulating the immune system and bringing purification to the body. It also helps to balance all the chakras in your body to achieve optimal health.

Purple labradorite is a protection stone that wards off negativity, balancing yin/yang energies and protecting its wearer from psychic attack. It brings spiritual connection and deep peace. A powerful grounding stone, purple labradorite assists in developing one's intuitive gifts and is helpful in meditation. Purple Labradorite is also a stone of manifestation, helping the user connect with their higher self and bring their desires into reality.

Spiritually, rhodonite is often called a “Stone of Compassion” for its many heart-healing properties. Rhodonite benefits those who struggle with their emotions, be it through bitterness or trauma. Physically, rhodonite is known to help with hearing and skin disorders. Additionally, offering help to those dealing with wounds, bug bites, or rashes. Rhodonite is also purported to improve memory. Speaking of memory, some of us might have some memories we’d like to forget. If your memories have made you build up emotional walls, rhodonite can help open your heart again. Once you’re open to receiving love, rhodonite can attract love to you.

Pink Phantom-Crystal can transform your negative thoughts into positive ones. It will help you release your memories of past traumas and emotional pain. You will learn to see the good in your bad experiences, and you will be able to turn your weaknesses into strengths. It can help you heal from anger, resentment, fear, or confusion. It will awaken you to feel, process, and acknowledge what you have survived so that it will heal your emotional body. The healing energies of this crystal will help you remove your emotional blockages. It can transform your negative thoughts into positive ones.

This stone has a reputation of assisting with creative endeavors and can be used either to revive the creative impulse in a person who feels blocked or to harmonize creativity between people working together on a project. Coral Red quartz can help with building and maintaining a sense of confidence. It can improve the ability to learn and to digest experiences. It can help make sense of apparent chaos. It can help heal emotional scars related to trauma, particularly sexual trauma. It is a useful stone for those recovering from shock. It can aid in overcoming all kinds of fears.

The perfect addition to your feng shui collection. This beautiful gemstone is a vibrant red color, symbolizing passion, vitality, and energy. The intricate cloisonne pattern on the stone adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making it a stylish accessory for your home or office. In feng shui, red is a powerful color associated with the fire element. It is believed to represent success, good fortune, and prosperity. By incorporating the Red Cloisonne Stone into your home or workplace, you can attract positive energy, enhance creativity and inspiration, and increase motivation to achieve your goals. Not only does the Red Cloisonne Stone have significant feng shui benefits, but it also makes a beautiful decorative piece. You can display it on a shelf, desk, or table to add a pop of color and bring positive energy into your space. This stone is also a wonderful gift for loved ones, as it carries with it the positive energy and good fortune associated with the color red. Invest in the Red Cloisonne Stone today and start experiencing the powerful feng shui benefits it has to offer.

Lepidolite is a hugely stabilizing stone and therefore it’s energy works wonders when it comes to balance and complete emotional healing. It helps us to let go of those patterns that are no longer serving us, to reorganize and restructure our behavior patterns and thoughts, and to embrace times of change in flux and flow rather than kicking out against it. This is a stone that not only wants to nurture you but wants to teach you how to self-soothe and make choices that come with a heightened sense of awareness and commitment to your own health and happiness. Lepidolite is an amazing energy cleanser and ever ready to get to work on bringing the chakras into bright and bountiful balance. This stone is all about helping you to leap forward, it preps you for a future free from mental and emotional blocks, ensuring you reach a place both here on earth and in the cosmic realm where you can thrive.

Red Turquoise’s powerful energies are good in eliminating physical and emotional exhaustion, and they can do wonders for people suffering from depression or prone to panic attacks. It will promote self-realization and help you achieve what you want in all aspects of your life. It will give you a deeper awareness of how life works and help you find your purpose and true life path in this world. Turquoise will bring you energies of wisdom and understanding that will encourage creative problem-solving. It will also enhance your psychic abilities.

Kunzite inspires tolerance, willingness, being receptive to all the opportunities that come your way, garnering higher levels of empathy, and feeling free and easy in your expression. It does all this without letting you lose respect for your boundaries. Kunzite understands that while boundaries are important, they shouldn’t be hemming you in. Kunzite is an incredible cleanser of negative energy. It swoops right in and cleans house, ensuring that the cobwebs of mistrust and bad memories are swept away and you are left with a space that you feel is safe and sound for nurturing your own emotional and spiritual growth. Kunzite also connects to the crown chakra, our gateway to the higher plains of the universe and our source of spirituality.

The Sunstone is an instant mood brightener. It’s an excellent choice for those who struggle to stick to boundaries. Sunstone shines its light and makes it easy to speak your truth. Sunstone infuses you with worthiness, it hits all the right notes for ensuring that negative energies melt away and you are left with the radiance of optimism and a positive can-do attitude. This stone knows that for a healthy and balanced mindset, it's important to have a full spectrum of emotions, but it also knows that emotional intelligence comes from feeling rooted in self-worth, confidence, and the knowledge that no matter what happens you will find a spot of light in which to persevere.

Red Wine Quartz is a highly energetic crystal with a strong vibration, linking to the root chakra. Similar to Red Quartz, this has a deeper colour with more mottling giving the appearance of a glass of wine. A crystal of transformation, it can bring a strong positive feeling the user whilst ensuring they remain grounded. Tumbled stones are convenient magic – potent enough to hold the properties of your stone, yet small enough to keep it close without feeling weighed down. Often associated with the root chakra Red Wine Quartz carries a powerful energy and strong earthy vibration. Deep red in color, this rich gemstone can help strengthen relationships and help you to remain grounded. The root chakra is aligned with manifestation, so Red Wine Quartz may hep manifest your dreams into reality. This crystal encourages creativity and adventure. The earthy tones of this unique specimen will remind you to stay calm and centered during chaos, assists creative thoughts, removes negativity, helps one to achieve goals, strengthens willpower, inspires action.

Maroon Tiger Eye (Tiger's Eye, Tigereye) is a stimulating stone and can support motivation and a more active sex drive. Use Maroon Tiger Eye with the Root Chakra to ground sexual ideas into the physical world, or to resolve sexual issues that are causing problems in a relationship. Its focus on the lower chakras is what gives maroon Tiger Eye the power to send higher energies through the organs of the lower half of the body. Maroon Tiger Eye aids in enhancing confidence and self-esteem. It provides motivation to the non-motivated and energizes those who are feeling lethargic.

Purple tiger's eye is also used for overcoming fear and anxiety. It helps you acquire mental strength and gives you confidence and courage. This stone makes it easy to capture positive energy and flow of fortune. It will make it easier to acquire more luck with this around. It helps you to get grounded, build a safe and strong foundation, and find your motivation once more. It's also good at warding off negative energy.

Red Phantom Quartz is thought to promote grounding and balance, helping to ease anxiety and stress, and promote a sense of calm and centeredness. It is believed to be a powerful tool for amplifying one's intentions and bringing them to fruition. This makes it a popular choice for those seeking to manifest their goals and desires, as it can help to increase their focus and determination. It also supports personal growth and transformation, helping to overcome obstacles and negative patterns. It can promote self-awareness and self-discovery, and assist in releasing limiting beliefs.

Natural Ruby is a precious gemstone that is renowned for its deep red color and historical significance. It is a variety of the mineral corundum, and is one of the most valuable and sought-after gemstones in the world. Ruby is believed to promote vitality, strength, and overall physical health, particularly for the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. Emotionally, it is said to promote passion, courage, and inner strength, while spiritually it is believed to enhance connection with the divine and promote spiritual awakening.

Plum Blossom Tourmaline is a rare variety of tourmaline characterized by its vibrant colors, resembling the colors of a plum blossom. This gemstone is believed to promote harmony and balance, particularly for the heart chakra, helping to soothe emotional turmoil and enhance overall emotional well-being. It is also said to offer physical benefits such as promoting healthy blood flow and boosting the immune system. Additionally, Plum Blossom Tourmaline is thought to have powerful spiritual benefits, including enhancing intuition, promoting connection with the divine, and encouraging spiritual growth and transformation.

Snow Phantom Quartz is a beautiful and unique crystal characterized by its clear or white quartz matrix, with inclusions of other minerals that create a stunning snow-like effect. Snow Phantom Quartz is said to promote inner peace and calmness, helping to reduce anxiety and stress, and enhancing overall emotional well-being. It is also believed to have powerful physical benefits, including boosting the immune system and promoting healthy blood flow. Spiritually, Snow Phantom Quartz is thought to promote connection with higher realms of consciousness, and enhance intuition and psychic abilities.

The red tiger's eye is a powerful stone that has been used for thousands of years by healers and shamans. It's known for its ability to protect against negative energies and ground them, so you can stay focused on the task at hand. Additionally, the red tiger's eye brings clarity to the mind and assists in problem-solving, so you can tackle any obstacle with confidence. This stone attracts prosperity and good luck, which makes it great for business owners or those looking to start their own businesses. It also increases physical vitality, stamina, metabolism, and low sex drive. Red tiger's eye stimulates motivation and survival drive—it's perfect for athletes or those who want to reach new heights in their careers. It assists in treating the eyes by providing relief from visual problems such as astigmatism or eye strain caused by computer use or overuse of your phone screen. Lastly, it attracts prosperity and good luck. This stone is known for its ability to ground negative energies so it's ideal for anyone who wants to clear their aura or protect themselves from harmful spirits or entities.

Pink jade is thought to be a healing stone that can eliminate toxins from the body, and it has been said that simply holding this stone has an amazing calming effect on the nervous system. Pink jade also is said to have powerful effects on the heart chakra and love. It encourages the strengthening and growth of relationships and romance. This stone is also used to purify and cleanse the body, specifically helping to detoxify the liver and adrenal glands, relaxing your body's muscles, and speeding the healing of injuries.

Red Jade has a highly restorative property. It can allow your skeletal and cellular systems to re-bind themselves, and it can remove the pain in your body so that it can heal itself. It is also considered a stone of luck. It carries the energies of material prosperity and abundance. It’s a very beneficial stone that will help jumpstart your finances when they’re low and give them a boost when they start to dwindle. It’s also a helpful stone when you’re pursuing a promotion, a raise, or a new job. This stone will help you achieve your goals and support you in turning your dreams to reality. Red Jade will remove feelings of lethargy and low levels of activity.It will be a very beneficial stone when you need constant stimulation. It will help you regain your strength and stamina after working hard on a project. It will also make you feel less disconnected from reality. Among the Jade stones, Red Jade is the most passionate and the most stimulating. It resonates with love and passion. It will help you let off steam during tense and emotional moments. It will also allow you to access your anger and release it in a healthy and constructive way.

Pink nephrite jade bears radiant energy and the soothing power of love. Its healing properties can work on anyone, even individuals with a hardened heart. Throughout its lifetime, jade has always been regarded as a symbol of lasting love effects and purifying light. It removes this dark energy that surrounds your inner thoughts, helping you see the light and fins self-assurance and self-love. It's properties encourage you to take the self-exploration path where you will find the incredible things you can offer. That will enhance your life positively as you will have meaning and purpose in your life.

Red Nehprite Jade is an excellent talisman for those studying martial arts or training for athletic performances. It combats hesitation and fear of competition, and urges courageous action in the face of challenge. It is an excellent support stone for overcoming self-abuses such as addiction to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or gambling. It gives strength in the face of difficult circumstances and lends the fortitude needed to achieve one’s goal. It is a stone of luck, carrying a frequency of material prosperity and physical health. It is less suited to long-term prosperity than Green Jade, but is quite beneficial in jump-starting one’s finances when they are low, or in pursuing a promotion, new job or a raise.

With its fiery red and golden hues and mesmerizing swirling patterns, Red Pietersite is not only visually stunning but also incredibly potent in its healing properties. It's believed to boost the immune system, aid digestion, and promote physical vitality, making it an essential ally in your wellness journey. Emotionally, it's thought to banish fear and self-doubt, release negative patterns and energies, and facilitate transformation and growth. And spiritually, it's said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, offering guidance and clarity on your life's path. Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or new to the world of gemstones, Red Pietersite is a must-have for anyone seeking to live their best life.

Gray Labradorite is a fantastic stone for stimulating creativity and imagination. It is known to activate the throat and third eye chakras, allowing for more profound intuition and self-expression. This stone is a favorite among artists, writers, and other creatives looking to enhance their skills. Additionally, Gray Labradorite is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and emotions, reducing stress and anxiety, promoting inner peace, and emotional healing. The stone is also thought to have physical benefits, such as supporting the immune system, aiding digestion, and benefiting the eyes and brain


Copper Bronzite is used for protection, as it not only repels, but also sends back the negative energies to the sender. Spiritually, Copper Bronzite assists us in achieving a state of certainty without wilfulness, allowing us to easily adapt to the best path to take. It clears confusion, helping our ability to make decisions and choices about our life path. Bronzite is a “stone of courtesy”, especially helpful to people who greet and assist the public. It will even instil a polite nature in those around you. Emotionally, Copper Bronzite promotes a loving and unprejudiced discernment within us. It provides the ability to resolve unsettled emotions in our life. Mentally, Copper Bronzite provides us with the courage to act on our thoughts and feelings. It instils the courage to follow through with life path decisions. Physically, Copper Bronzite can be used to bring an alkaline body state to the acid condition, helping to fight off infections. It can increase the assimilation of iron and provides an improved duration of iron within the physical body. It aids the body in the normal transformation of cycles.

The crystal offers knowledge to help you find the answers to your life questions. It also allows you to connect with and learn from your past experiences. It helps create a harmonious relationship with yourself and others. Speaking of knowledge, super seven crystal helps you widen your consciousness and assists you in letting go of doubts, fears, and frustrations that may be holding you back from seizing life-changing opportunities. It opens your eyes to things that truly matter and that which you need to give importance and attention. It also aids you in understanding and working through bottled up emotions you may have, stimulating emotional healing. Super seven crystal activates, balances, and cleanses all seven chakras. Meditate with it or use it as jewelry to tap into its powers.

A red brazilian hematite crystal can be used for protection. It can also keep you grounded and give you confidence. It is linked to the root chakra, meaning it can form part of your foundations and give you stability in your everyday life. The link to iron and the heavy content within the stone has led red brazilian hematite to be used in connection to the blood and our circulatory system. People use it to improve their circulation, reduce high blood pressure, reduce clots and even slow heavy menstrual periods. On the more metaphysical side, it is used to improve your ability to stand strong, giving you more courage and willpower. The stone can help you to break habits such as being a people pleaser and living a timid lifestyle.

If you ever feel like you have lost your grip, Citrine is here to remind you to simply take it back with a smile. It helps you to crack open your mind, to release those tense feelings of negativity and anger, and to take deep cleansing breaths that help you to overcome muddled feelings of confusion, depression, and destructive tendencies. Citrine teaches you to put down the weight of all those things that no longer make you feel soaked in sunlight inside. Citrine can help you to fight phobias through the gentle flow of healing energy and knowing that no matter what, you are able to take accountability for your own safety and that you simply will not fail. There’s a glow of creative energy that comes from Citrine too, making it an amazing gemstone for those who truly feel the need to kickstart their creative heart. It invites a sense of style and flexibility and when you are moving along with this positive mindset, you are suddenly able to attract things of great pleasure back into your life. Good friends, healthy relationships, and magical mentors – all the good folk are drawn to be close to those who wear this vibrant and sunny stone.

The benefit of using Garnet is to purify the energies in your body by getting rid of the toxins and restoring your body to its revitalized and re-energized state. It can promote self-empowerment and higher thinking. It can harness your creativity, which can help you in all your pursuits. Garnet associated with protection, vitality, and support during the time of crisis. Wearing jewelry made from Garnet crystal will help you overcome a difficult time, time of grief, it will give you courage and enhance positivity. This stone will turn your negative energy into positive and change your perception providing assistance when you feel hopeless, alone, and down. The great positive energy of Garnet gemstone is beneficial for mourning persons after the loss of a significant person or a partner. This crystal also reduces the fear of financial loss, insecurity, boosting confidence and raising self-esteem. Garnet is associated with abundance, luck, love, success, wealth, and money.

Morganite is believed to bring healing, compassion and promise to those who wear it. Morganite opens wearers to unconditional love while dissolving ego. It will help you find clarity in a situation, and it will amplify your intentions to the universe. It can help you attract energies of prosperity and abundance, and it will give you good luck just when you need it! It is a gemstone of divine love. It brings energies of promise, healing, compassion, and assurance to anyone who is in love or in a relationship. Its gentle pink energy will attune you to heart chakra and cleanse you of your stress and anxieties. It will get rid of your old wounds and hidden traumas and rekindle the lightness in your heart and mind. It will attract an abundance of love into your life, and it will help you keep that love growing. It is a great stone that will promote equality in your relationship. It will allow the both of you to grow in love and respect. This stone will encourage loving expression and communication. Whatever you’re feeling at the moment, you will be able to control the words that leave your mouth. Morganite will also allow you to just be yourself. You will not feel compelled to impress or to pretend to be someone you’re not just to be loved or liked. It will also reduce your pattern of avoidance and running away from problems or situations. It will help you overcome your fears, anger, and resentment.

Seraphinite is a striking stone named after the seraphim due to its wing-like formations. It is said to offer numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits, making it a powerful healing stone. Seraphinite is believed to support physical healing by promoting detoxification and enhancing overall health and vitality. It can also have a calming effect on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, Seraphinite is thought to promote self-awareness and self-love, enhance intuition, and facilitate communication with higher realms of consciousness, making it a powerful tool for spiritual growth and development. This stone is also believed to promote transformation and rebirth by releasing old patterns and beliefs and embracing new opportunities for growth and change.

Lodolite, also known as garden quartz, is a unique and stunning crystal that offers numerous healing and spiritual benefits. Its clear quartz matrix with inclusions of various minerals creates a surreal landscape-like effect. Lodolite is believed to promote mental clarity, improve memory, and enhance cognitive function, making it a popular choice for those seeking to improve their overall mental acuity and focus. Additionally, this crystal is said to promote emotional healing, enhance spiritual growth and connection, and facilitate meditation and mindfulness practices. It also has grounding and centering properties that promote stability and balance, making it a powerful tool for finding greater peace and stability in times of stress or uncertainty.

Marble Agate is a protective gemstone that surrounds you with a field of supernatural energy. It brings you confidence, strength, and impressive devotion toward your life goals. It is the patron gemstone of travelers as Marble Agate provides a natural barrier between you and all negative forces. You will find this gemstone builds positive energy and impresses upon you the power of creative thinking. It brings out inner truths and inspires you to go after your dreams and wishes. Marble Agate is multi-purpose stone for the practice of magick as it amplifies the powers of spiritual healing, intrinsic knowledge, psychic power, love, and spiritual evolution.

Zebra jasper motivates us to move out of apathy into action. It helps us avoid over-thinking and encourages us to just enjoy the experience of living. Zebra jasper's striking colors intensify that message. Like the swift, wild animal for which it's named, it shows us how to live. It says: Get out of your head! Get into your body. Let the zest for life flow through you. On top of this, zebra jasper stimulates the root chakra. This grounds us, helping us find enjoyment in the beauty of our world.

Smoky Quartz Glass is an incredible stone for grounding. In addition to the many healing properties of the quartz family, sSmoky Quartz Glassz is known to dispel negative energy, detoxify the body and energy field from lower vibrations, protect the body from radiation and heal digestion issues. It can assist us in relieving the symptoms of depression, anxiety and bringing a sense of calm and serenity into our beings. It can also help with improving communication, manifesting dreams into reality and bringing about improved intuition. It is no wonder this crystal is an all-time favourite of most crystal lovers, its benefits and healing properties stretch far and wide. For those who feel like they are constantly living life under a storm cloud, Smoky Quartz is here to stop your good vibes getting drowned out. It turns those desperate downpours into cleansing rains and invites the light of the moon to infuse your being with bright energy and intuitive knowledge that you are safe and sound. By clearing out those old patterns and feelings of toxicity, Smoky Quartz does a deep clean on your healing and makes sure that positive frequencies have space to hum and thrive. It’s a glorious stone for personal growth as it wants you to thrive. Smoky Quartz can be a special tool for overcoming fears that keep you in place and for encouraging you to ditch situations that aren’t serving your higher purpose.

Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It sustains and supports through times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Jasper provides protection and absorbs negative energy. It balances yin and yang. Jasper clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation. It encourages honesty with one's self. Provides courage to assertively tackle problems. Aids quick-thinking and promotes organisational abilities. Jasper stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into action. Prolongs sexual pleasure. It supports during prolonged illness and re-energises the body. Jasper is a stone of balance that heals and releases disease and obsession. It boosts the immune system and detoxifies all the body’s systems. Protects against pollution. Jasper treats skin disorders and dispels bloating. It heals ailments of the upper torso, the digestive tract, and the purifying organs. Jasper helps you to connect with your spiritual animal totem. It is associated with spiritual discovery and shaman travel. It assists in self-healing. Leopard Skin Jasper is helpful in eliminating toxins from the body and decreasing body odour.

It is believed that the fusion tiger’s eye is able to relieve pain. Balancing the energy flow gives the body a sense of relaxation that can relax the nerves. It is especially useful in case of headache, it benefits the liver, stomach, intestine and spleen. It is also used to relieve symptoms of problems affecting the respiratory system, such as asthma, bronchitis and colds. It can help you find meaning in relationships you are currently in. this powerful stone is motivating you to become stronger and to ignore the negativity in your life. It also stimulates your deepest desires. The Fusion Tiger’s Eye stone is going to help you become more confident in decision making, so your financial situation can only improve

Yellow Nephrite Jade is a good stone to have if you wish to attract good luck. It’s also an effective stone if you wish to increase your wisdom and live a long and full life. It can increase your focus so that you will never be distracted from your financial goals, and it will help you weed out the distractions. It will increase your creativity and productivity, and it will imbue you with good health to keep working on your goals. It will keep you curious, and it will support you in expanding your plans and achieving higher goals. It will also inspire you to keep learning and stimulating your intellect.