Case Study: Bazi Analysis of Young Creative Director Brandon

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Case Study: Bazi Analysis of Young Creative Director Brandon 

A few months ago we had the pleasure of meeting Brandon, a young Creative Director in the advertising business. He recently got to know about Bazi Analysis and was very intrigued by it and what it could do and tell.
He wanted to confirm if the strengths and weaknesses as presented by his Chart was similar to he feels about himself. He was also intrigued about what the Chart will say about his talents and his future luck cycle.

Analysis & Solutions

Upon receiving this assignment, we felt challenged as Brandon’s chart fall under a special category called a “Passive Chart”, which required a special way of analyzing it, making it much more time consuming. There are also some combinations present which made the interpretation much more tedious.
Due to his Chart being a special case, we analyzed and confirmed with him via an interview on the phone that the years 2015 and 2016 were not as smooth for him. This allowed us to confirm that the direction of the analysis was correct (that it is indeed a passive chart) by asking him for real life information, and matching the information with the chart.
His favorable elements are in wood, earth and fire. His general talents lie in diplomacy and financial management. We recommend that he spends most of his time in investing and financial management. He seems to show a flair in the creative arts and technology businesses. This can be seen with his strong and favorable talents in the Direct Officer, the Direct Wealth, the Eating God and the Hurting Officer. The huge array of talents means that there are multiple sources of income available for Brandon if he chooses to use his talent wisely, especially in the area of wealth management and investments.
He is considered very lucky and have strong luck cycles. His best years are from 37 to 56 years old and during that period it will be best to put full focus in building his career into a whole new level. Much of the time, the elements are complementing him and strengthening him.
His weakness is in maintaining strong relationships with people. Friendship stars and leadership stars are in unfavorable positions. He will find it difficult to motivate people to work for him or lead a team. He will also experience strong difficulties in gaining true friends due the negative stars. He will have to put in extra effort into making friendships work. He will also need to work very hard to select his friends carefully and weed out people who are just trying to make use of him and his financial position.


Brandon has the potential to be a very successful individual. He will however need to work extremely hard to maintain the good relationship between him and his spouse, as well as his friends, parents and siblings. To balance up the element of wood, frequent relaxation like walks in nature, wearing of green colors or accessories like jade can help to develop patience and a calm mind. This can help him to excel further in the relationships sector to complete his life.

(Case Study did not mention the extent of the full Personal Bazi Analysis we did for him, which included also the yearly cycle percentages, health, other notes on his relationship with the people around them and children luck. Recommendations on their living habits were also given. Do note that the analysis is done based only on Heaven luck which is 33.33% of the destiny equation. It does not take into consideration how we can also improve through 33.33% Fengshui and 33.33% hard work.)