The Power of Fengshui 

They are everywhere: at any given moment, of every single day, waiting to be discovered. Forces of energy from the environment can empower you if they are given the right attention. Fengshui unveils how you can experience and embrace the metaphysical properties of nature as part of your lives with joy and peace through the balance of these unique forces.

Our Services

Hoseiki is a Premium Fengshui Consultancy focusing on Traditional Chinese Metaphysics. We aim to empower you through practical Fengshui advice and statistics based on real case studies. Offering an honest and transparent price structure, you will have our attention focused on your needs, getting clear and well-structured reports and consultations that will benefit you. Our services include Home Consultations, Personal Consultations and Business Consultations.  

A Simple Approach

Our approach is simple; Offering quality, transparency and honesty. With a premium initial consultation and a comprehensive report, followed by additional consultations should you require them. You will be able to get practical solutions and advice in an easily comprehensible package.


Consistent Reports backed by Classical Fengshui Theories

We use a Classical Fengshui approach to assess properties, with consistent and logical recommendations backed by Classical Fengshui Theories and molded for the modern world.


Practical and proven advice based on real-life case studies

We aim to bring only the best to our clients, and in an ever-changing world we seek to learn from and understand each client that we have served, so that we are always better prepared for the next one.


Find out how having good Fengshui can help you prosper today.