HR Consultation

A key success factor for a business is the level of harmony and cohesion within the team. Hence, it is paramount that your team consists of individuals who are able to not only work together, but have a cohesive relationship with each other as well. We will vet through the company’s staff for the best fit in terms of their roles, based on their star chart/Bazi. People have been using Mian Xiang and Bazi as profiling tools since the olden days to create teams or to select the right person for the right jobs.

By being able to determine who is most suitable for which role, it allows the staff to perform at their best, while bringing back the best results in a cohesive and productive manner. Seating arrangements and positions are just as important too to ensure the most cohesive and productive environment for each staff to be able to perform at their best. Staff relationship is equally important as well, and our analysis of their star chart/Bazi traits will ensure that there will be minimal conflict, or butting-of-heads within the team. Bazi as personality profiling tool for HR purposes can both fun and rewarding for companies to conduct.

Team Bonding Classes & Speaker Engagements

We do also conduct team bonding classes that helps team members understand their strengths and weaknesses better. So that they can continue to build and focus on their strengths and learn how not to let their weaknesses affect their work.
The team bonding will cover topics below, 
01. What determines success in life 
02. What is Fengshui and Bazi (The Pillars of Destiny) 
03. The right mindset for success (There are no bad charts) 
04. Basic principles of the 5 elements 
05. What each element represents 
06. How to analyze your base element 
07. Self-analyze their strengths and weaknesses using the Bazi Chart 
08. Team bonding games with different scenarios

The program is set to be fun and engaging to foster better relationship among the team members through better understanding of each team member’s dominant elements and how we can work with them.

Branding Consultation 

At its core, your company/brand’s logos and colors should not only be a representation of your values, but should also empower you as well. Logos, fonts and colours not only represent a brand but also a certain form of energy and impression. To simplify what these energies represent, we will be using the 5 elements. Though unfortunately, not all elements are beneficial for your business and company. Therefore, having the right brand name and logo, with the right colors registered on the right date is pertinent for your business’ future. 

The last thing a brand name, logo or color should do is conflict with your business’s base element. Such as having a water element (wavy fonts and a brand name that represents water or logistics) logo for a clearly obvious fire industry (design and technology), registered during a water element day can result in clashes that might be harmful to the business. 

Our analysis on your business, its core functions, your team’s own personal Bazi, and all of their job roles will allow us to determine and narrow down the best choices for your company/brand’s logos and colors.

Office Consultation




Fengshui Consultation for the office provides a thorough analysis of the quality of Chi Flow in your office. 

What we hope to achieve is to:


Reduce and eliminate sources and bouts of negative energy


Increase productivity


Improve wealth opportunities, sales and brand reputation

Why is Great Fengshui Important for the office?

Having great Fengshui for your office, business or commercial outlet is incredibly important. If used well, a great, or even good office Fengshui can potentially generate greater results for your business; in sales, employee productivity, branding, positive work ethics and office politics. An office with a negative flow of Chi could find itself with the following results;


Deterioration in sales


Very low productivity of its employees


Problems with accounts receivables


Problems with customer service


Internal politics amongst staff, unhappiness with the management, spreading of untrue rumors or being backstabbed by employees who have left the organization


Quarrelsome and unstable office environment that results in it impossible to work in

The Building

Even if it is located in the same office building, at the exact same position, just simply on a different level, no 2 office share the same Fengshui formation. The location of your office and its surrounding landforms are also extremely important as the external Fengshui governs the quality of Chi that it brings. Factors such as the door, for example, is crucial in bringing in the flow of positive Chi in to your office.

The Frustrations and challenges faced by Business Owners

Some business owners may find themselves facing a seemingly unending wave of difficulties and challenges constantly. Sometimes, even after conquering a challenge, success is still always out of reach. Despite working hard and putting in so much effort and resources, they are still met with never-ending roadblocks. They could be constantly be met with petty issues such as:


Shipping & Logistical Errors


Hiring the Wrong People


Unexpected Staff Theft


Equipment Breakdowns


Persistent Customer Complaints


Copyright Infringement Lawsuits


Loss of Critical Data


Loss of Key Personnel


Disagreements Amongst Partners

All of these otherwise petty issues, when accumulated can become a mountain of headaches to resolve, making work almost secondary and solving them primary when it shouldn’t be the case.

Building a Sustainable Business

One of the key success factors in growing a sustainable business is really, the quality of fengshui or Chi of your business property, with the office or your HQ being the most important property of all. Key factors like the position of your main door, side doors, placement of the safe, your key managers’ seating locations and directions, the location and direction of their offices/cubicles, the lighting and even some of the smaller renovation details need to be accurately done up to ensure good Fengshui or good Chi (positive energy) to drive business success. Combined with San He and San Yuan classical Fengshui methodology, we will also look at surrounding landforms to create good fengshui for commercial premises. Using classical fengshui techniques, we are able to harness the positive energy of the commercial property with practical and effective solutions that we can relate to.

Should you require our services and consultations for your business, or have any queries regarding Business Feng Shui. Do reach out to us here, for more information.