Mainstream Cleansing Process

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The concept of cleansing has been an integral part of human history, and it is something that has been practiced by different cultures and religions for centuries. Cleansing has been used to get rid of negative energy, purify oneself or the environment, and promote spiritual growth. 

In this article, we will explain the different types of cleansing processes and why they are essential, as well as discuss Mainstream cleansing process in detail.

Different Types of Cleansing Processes

When it comes to cleansing, there are several methods you can choose from, and each has its unique benefits. Here are some of the most popular cleansing methods:


This is a traditional Native American practice that involves burning sacred herbs such as Palo Santo, sage, or incense to cleanse the energy in a space. Palo Santo is known for its ability to clear negative energy and promote calmness and relaxation. Sage, on the other hand, is believed to remove negative energy and purify the air.

Water Cleansing 

Water is an excellent natural cleanser that can help remove negative energy from your surroundings. Simply sprinkle salt into a bowl of water and let it sit in the room you want to cleanse. Alternatively, you can pour salt water into a spray bottle and use it to mist the air.

Salt Cleansing

Salt has long been used for its purifying properties. You can use it to purify a room by sprinkling it on the floor or placing bowls of salt in each corner of the room. Salt can also be used to cleanse crystals by burying them in salt for a few hours.

Crystal Cleansing 

Crystals are believed to hold energy and can absorb negative energy from their surroundings. Selenite is a popular crystal used for cleansing as it has a natural ability to cleanse other crystals and the surrounding environment. Simply place the crystal you want to cleanse on a selenite charging plate or near a selenite wand for a few hours.

Sound Cleansing 

Sound has been used for centuries to cleanse spaces and promote positive energy. You can use singing bowls, bells, or even your voice to create sound vibrations that can help clear negative energy from your surroundings.

Why is Cleansing Important

Cleansing is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and balanced life that’s why we take pride in our Hoseiki Cleansing process. It helps to remove negative energy, thoughts, and emotions that may have accumulated over time. 

In the same way that we regularly clean our physical surroundings, it is essential to clean our energetic and spiritual environment as well. Cleansing helps to reset and balance our energy, promoting a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Furthermore, our energetic and spiritual state can affect our physical health, relationships, and even financial abundance. Negative energy can cause stress, anxiety, and physical ailments, while positive energy can improve our overall well-being and attract abundance and positivity. By regularly cleansing our energy, we can maintain a clear and healthy state of mind, body, and spirit.

Moreover, Cleansing is especially important when it comes to the jewelry and accessories we wear. Our bodies absorb and emit energy, and our jewelry can also carry and hold onto negative energy. Over time, this negative energy can accumulate and affect the energy of the person wearing the jewelry. 

By regularly cleansing our jewelry, we can remove any negative energy and restore the positive energy of the piece, promoting a sense of well-being and positivity in the wearer.

Hoseiki Cleansing Process

At Hoseiki, we believe in the power of cleansing to remove any negative energy and restore balance to our body and mind. That's why we make sure that all our products are cleansed before we ship them to our customers.

For our bracelets, we use a combination of the Singing Bowl Method and Palo Santo to cleanse and purify them. The Singing Bowl Method involves using a Tibetan singing bowl that emits a vibrational sound to cleanse the crystals of any negative energy. Meanwhile, Palo Santo is a type of wood that is burned to release its healing and cleansing properties.

Before we begin the Hoseiki cleansing process, we make sure to set our intention and focus on our goal of removing any negative energy and promoting positive energy and balance.

First, we light the Palo Santo and let the smoke fill the room. We then hold our bracelets in the smoke to allow the wood's cleansing properties to penetrate the crystals.

Next, we use the Singing Bowl Method by placing the bracelets inside the bowl and striking it with a mallet to create sound vibrations that will cleanse the crystals.

After the Hoseiki cleansing process is complete, we set our intentions once again and send positive energy and blessings to our customers.

Overall, we believe that by cleansing our products before shipping, we are not only providing our customers with high-quality and energetically pure items but also helping them achieve a sense of balance, peace, and well-being in their daily lives.


We encourage everyone to incorporate cleansing practices into their daily routine to enhance their well-being and promote a positive and balanced lifestyle. Visit our website today to check out our collection of energetically-cleansed bracelets and take the first step towards a more balanced and positive life by incorporating our Palo Santo in your own holistic cleansing process.