We want to help you:


Increase wealth and career opportunities


Improve the health of you and your family


Improve the relationship between you and your loved ones


Improve the status of your fame and reputation


Improve your children's academic achievement and mental focus

What you can expect:


External Assessment


San He Fengshui (三合地理风水) and techniques from the Shapes and Forms School will be used to create a detailed assessment both on paper as well as on-site to determine the positive and negative forms that may either help or disrupt the quality of Chi entering your home. Our professional consultant will assess the negative forms that are affecting the house from the outside and the degree of threat that they might pose, as well as how they will affect you.

Facing Assessment

Your unit’s facing will be correctly determined by our professional consultant during the on-site visit. The facing is not the place with the most Yang energy, nor the brightest area of the apartment. Classical Fengshui practical assessment tools like the Chinese Compass (罗盘) will be used to determine the facing and the direction of the Chi flow into apartment.


Checks for Clashes 

The personal particulars of the occupants will be compared with the KUA of the house to determine if there are any clashes that might potentially harm the occupants.


Assessing the quality of Chi Flow

The Chinese Compass (罗盘) will be used to determine the quality of Chi within your house. A house with high quality Chi will have readings pointed to a good quality KUA or direction and the readings within all the areas within the house will be consistent. A house with poor Chi flow on the contrary will show inconsistent readings due to strong fluctuations of magnetic forces.


Assessing the overall quality of the house

After the site visit, we will use Classical Fengshui techniques from the Shapes and Forms School and Flying Stars to assess for the overall quality of the house. Our professional consultants will assess the following.


  • The quality of the wealth sector
  • The quality of the authority sector
  • The negative forms in the house
  • The quality of the kitchen and stove, living room, bedroom and main door location


Bed Location and Direction Assessment 

We will study the available locations and suitable directions for placement of beds in each room. For the Master Bedroom, we will need to employ the Flying Stars Technique to find the placement which promotes harmony and relationship stars.


Comprehensive Analysis and Recommendations Report

After everything is completed, a comprehensive report with a full analysis of your house and a list of recommendations will be given to you in soft copy. There will be a second session arranged to go through the report together to ensure that the important points are properly communicated.


Our Home Fengshui Audit Process is as follows



On-site Fengshui Analysis


Diagnosing Negative Energy or Bad Chi


House Interior Form Analysis


Analysis of Main Door, Kitchen and Bedroom


Improve Wealth and Relationship Elements


A Report with all the recommendations sent in 10 working days.