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featuring pixiu gems to express your individuality and attract energies of prosperity

“We hope to empower your life with Dynasty Collection that will suit you or your loved ones. Each piece tells its own story and reflects the personality of the wearer. Designed by award-winning architects, our Dynasty collection emphasises a geometrically stunning yet simply elegant pieces that reflect the wearer’s true nature and will give wearer a higher self-worth or confidence"

- Master Chase, Founder | Feng Shui Consultant


Do you love yourself enough to want to feel confident, powerful, sophisticated and simply dazzling by donning jewellery that sets you apart?

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"Hoseiki Jewelry bracelets and trees are empowered by the gemstones attracting abundance and prosperity"

"The Tree of Serenity is all about prosperity and are said to help you manifest whatever you wish for in life and to help balance the forces within your home"

"Hoseiki's Tibetan Dzi Series collection brings the wearer luck, protection and calmness"

"Hoseiki Jewelry not only does it incorporate elements good for your Bazi, it is also trendy and easy to put on as an everyday accessory, well done"

"Superb customization. You will love the flexibility to customise to mix and match the stones you prefer"

"Prefect blend of chinese tradition and modern design, you will love the design so much, easily matched with any outfit"


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Pixiu is one of the five auspicious animals of traditional Chinese culture. The Chinese people call it “fortune beast.” Pixiu is a ferocious animal and has strong will in protecting its master.

Pixiu can protect homes, exorcise devils and raise fortune and power for the master. There is a saying that goes: “touch a Pixiu once and you will get a good luck, twice you and will get money and treasure, and the on third time you will get power and position.”

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All of our products are made in Singapore.

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The people love our Dynasty Bracelet and we love them :)


Each piece is truly unique and one of a kind.

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When you own a Dynasty, you will begin to realise that beautiful jewellery needn't be diamonds and emeralds to give yourself a higher self-worth or confidence. In fact it's simplicity that reflects your true elegance and beauty. Every piece you own goes to helping you improve your quality of life through your purchase.

Buying jewellery whether for one’s self or as a gift can be a daunting task. Despite the many jewellery shops around and the myriads of designs and collections available the choice of jewellery remains limited. Gifting Dynasty bracelet to your loved ones will protect them from evil spirits and unwanted energy. It is also known to guard against the wrath of Tai Sui, which can cause accidents, illnesses, and injuries.


"The bracelet is beautiful and exquisite! High quality with weight. Beyond my expectation. Will not rule out the possibility of purchasing more of these bracelets if they can improve the aspect of life I am wishing for. Cheers!"

Luar V. - Singapore

"I've been wearing it since then. The bracelet looks so nice as an accessory and also I kindof feel some results after wearing it for 2 weeks. Things seems to be quite smoothly since then. Highly recommend."

Karan L - Malaysia

"One of the best Dynasty bracelets I've ever had ever. Boxed very professionally and neatly and you can definitely tell that the quality of the beads and charms are exceptional. Amazing! Will buy more in the future"

Michael - United States


We make it easy for you to find the perfect custom gift.

You already have your perfect beads picked out and ready to go, but now you need to figure out the personalized engraving to make your unique Dynasty bracelet even more special.

Add your own touch, to make it personal.


Why Are Dynasty Collection In Such High Regard?

Because it's tied to their culture. They either encase the beads within a Buddha statue or lay them on top of it. These practices probably date back thousands of years. If you go to Nepal or Tibet, you'll see people circling these towering stupas, reciting prayers. They would wear these beads to prayer every morning without fail and would even incorporate them into their daily outfits. Many people who use dzi, especially the Tibetans, believe that these crystals can absorb the positive energies of these prayers, which can improve your quality of life and help repel negative energies.

So How Do You Wear Pixiu Charms?

First, one should be aware that there are many varieties of Dzi motifs, and that each motif has a different blessing.

Second, you need to know your bazi (a Chinese astrological concept where one's fate can be divined) and determine your yong shen, which is used to find out what elemental affinities you have or lack. For example, say you were born in winter, your elemental energies may be colder, so a warmer element like fire is used to balance it out.

Third, dzi beads aren't something that would immediately take effect just because you wear them, they have to be 'attuned' to you first, and that means knowing what your personal bead combination is. The whole experience of getting a dzi bead is like getting a tailor-made suit.

Why Are Authentic Pixiu Charms So Expensive?

Most of the dzi beads nowadays have a higher agate content. But the antique ones are usually carved out of white nephrite, which is commonly known as white jade. They are an increasingly rare resource, which is why its value is so high compared to your standard green jadeite. Authentic dzi beads are mostly sourced from Tibet or Northern Xinjiang. At Hoseiki, our supply comes from Tibet.

How Can One Know Their Ideal Bead Combination?

We recommend customers to visit our shop as we provide a personal tailoring experience for them, so to speak from calculating their bazi to precisely identifying their elemental affinities (or lack thereof), we then consult our list of dzi combinations, which, to date, has a total of 21. This is our trade secret so you won't be able to find it on our website.

What Are The Misconceptions About Pixiu?

The main misconception is that people think that they can just buy Dzi Beads off the internet and expect them to work for them. Sometimes, we get people who come in to ask why their combination isn't working, even when they bought the beads online at an exorbitant price, and the answer is this. To truly maximise the dzi's potential, it needs to be blessed by a lama (a Tibetan monk who has achieved the highest level of spiritual development), and it has to suit your element.

We made it a point to have all of our beads blessed before they get shipped to our stores. Additionally, you can't just slide any dzi bead together. Think of the beads as magnets. If you place the ends wrongly, you'll either lose its effectiveness or even wind up with adverse effects.

Do People Think Of Pixiu As a Religious Item?

Contrary to popular belief, Dzi Beads or Tian Zhu aren't religious items. Despite being used in religious prayers or spiritual health practices, the Dzi is simply a vessel with magnetic energy that attracts surrounding energies, including the wearer's. The whole reason why dzi are used in prayers or meditation is because those are spiritual experiences that encourage positivity and mindfulness in their wearers.

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