Feng Shui 2023
Predictions and Remedies

Feng shui forecast for 2023 predicts an energetic and transformative atmosphere, with significant personal and professional changes on the horizon. These shifts may come as a surprise, but they also present opportunities for success.

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What you will learn:

Zodiac 2023 Forecast. Not sure of your career path? Not confident in your professional skills? Find out if your Zodiac prediction turns out to be unlucky for 2023 if your Zodiac has the Luck next year, 2023. This seminar will help you improve in your career, health, relationships, wealth.

Many of us would like answers to questions about our dreams and nightmares. Being able to interpret our dreams, gives us an opportunity to understand ourselves on a deeper level. In this seminar, you will learn traditional interpretations of common themes and symbols that appear in our dreams.

Do you know that a mole is located on your face says something about you and that moles serve as reminders to be more vigilant about these aspects of your life. A mole in any of these facial areas offers insight into certain qualities. In this seminar, you will discover more about mole intepretation.

Master Chase Comes from Humble Beginnings

Born in Singapore, Chase has provided Fengshui and Bazi consultancy services for more than 7,500 satisfied customers worldwide. Master Chase's passion for Chinese metaphysics allowed him to help clients in their personal and professional lives. Master Chase is well-known internationally, but amid his success, he is an avid pupil who continually enhances his practice with research and studies. Master Chase's corporate and individual clientele now span the region from China to Singapore, Thailand, India and many other countries. Master Chase has been very active in the local scene. He has been the guest speaker at various public and private forums related to Fengshui, palmistry, and wedding date selection. His findings were published in major newspapers and a few magazines, as seen in some of the testimonials expressing sincere appreciation and thanks to Feng Shui Master Chase. He hopes that more and more people can benefit from the principles of Fengshui and that the culture of sharing thus it will be more widely adopted in this industry.


"A class that worth every penny and time, packed with lots of information and knowledge of fengshui and bazi. Straight to the point, and clear explanation. It helped me so much in learning bazi and feng shui, cause it’s packed with so much knowledge I can understand everything clearly. As a newbie, I found it quite overwhelming but Master Chase always clear all the doubts and encourages us to improve our skills. Highly recommended to those who are interested or like to engage with Professional Bazi."

―Moo Swee Man

"Before I met Master Chase, I had attended a few courses under different masters and read a wide range of books. Ever since I joined his class, I found his course offering a more in-depth knowledge which has a practical application that forms an integral part of our daily life. I am fortunate to meet the right master guiding me with a true insight to grasp a better understanding on the subject matter. It helps me to truly understand my own character, weaknesses and strengths, enable me to make a better decision in my life.

― Samuel Stewart