South African Amethyst Gemstone Bracelets

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The Lucidity - Pixiu Bracelet

The Lucidity - Pixiu Bracelet (Clearance)

$268.00 $187.60
Key Benefits 1 A powerful tool to cut through cognitive fog, providing wearers with a heightened sense of clarity in thinking 2 By dissipating mental haze, it becomes an invaluable aid...
The Advisor - Pixiu Bracelet

The Advisor - Pixiu Bracelet (Clearance)

$298.00 $208.60
Key Benefits 1 A conduit for positive energy, infusing the wearer's surroundings with a sense of optimism and uplifted spirits 2 It acts as a reminder to prioritize mental health, fostering...
The Luminary

The Luminary

$268.00 $227.80
 Fire Element     Handmade in Singapore   Blessed by Singing bowl Free restringing for lifetime after purchase The Luminary is a Fengshui bracelet born of the Fire Element, fusing the elegant properties...
The South African Amethyst is a rare stone of wellbeing and protection, it relieves stress and eases the mind, while also alleviating existing sadness and grievances, giving you composure and comfort in times of distress. It also guards against potential negativity and protects you from harm.