Red Brazilian Hematite Gemstone Bracelets

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The Empyreal - Pixiu Bracelet

The Empyreal - Pixiu Bracelet (Clearance)

$298.00From $208.60
Key Benefits 1 Cutting through distractions and fostering a state of focused clarity 2 Essential for navigating the complexities of daily life 3 The bracelet becomes a guardian, offering protection for...
The Ascendancy - Pixiu Bracelet

The Ascendancy - Pixiu Bracelet (Clearance)

$268.00 $187.60
Key Benefits 1 Balances your energies, smoothing stresses and emotional instabilities, fostering inner peace and resilience 2 Figure of supremacy and nobility, radiating an aura of power and self-assurance that boosts...
The Resplendent - Pixiu Bracelet

The Resplendent - Pixiu Bracelet (Clearance)

$268.00 $187.60
Key Benefits 1 Embody the figure of affluence, inviting financial success and material blessings 2 Feel empowered and dignified with every glance at The Resplendent's radiant beauty 3 Balanced composition and...
The Red Brazilian Hematite is an uncommon stone of balance, grounding and balancing your energy. As well as stimulating your mind with confidence, and acting as a source of protection from potential negativity too.