Fusion Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelets

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The Cosmic - Pixiu Bracelet

The Cosmic - Pixiu Bracelet

$298.00 $253.30
Key Benefits 1 Safeguards well-being and mental strength with elegant and acute properties 2 It grants the wearer enhanced clarity in their thought processes 3 Serves as a companion, providing profound...
The Apex - Pixiu Bracelet

The Apex - Pixiu Bracelet

$298.00 $253.30
Key Benefits 1 Offers empowerment and clarity, guiding through life's complexities 2 Addresses indecision and fosters empowerment, serving as a symbolic beacon 3 Illuminates the path to self-discovery and personal empowerment,...
The Guardian - Pixiu Bracelet

The Guardian - Pixiu Bracelet (Clearance)

$322.00 $225.40
Key Benefits 1 Inviting positive energies and enhancing personal luck, providing wearers with a fortuitous edge in their endeavors 2 Bringing clarity to moments of indecision and helping individuals make informed...
The Stygian - Pixiu Bracelet

The Stygian - Pixiu Bracelet (Clearance)

$298.00 $208.60
Key Benefits 1 A shield against negative forces that may jeopardize one's wealth luck, ensuring financial stability and prosperity 2 Warding off negativity and negative influences that may disrupt mental clarity...
The Keeper - Pixiu Bracelet

The Keeper - Pixiu Bracelet (Clearance)

$268.00 $187.60
Key Benefits 1 A conduit for clarity in thinking, providing wearers with a mental sanctuary where thoughts can crystallize 2 Fostering clear and insightful perspectives 3 Navigating the distractions of daily...
The Tiger eye is a rare stone of focus and balance, providing clarity and focus, hence boosting your inspiration and allowing you to make good judgement calls. It grounds and centers your personal energy, and protects you from potential negativity and harm as well.