What to Do When Indirect Wealth Clashes with Seven Killings in Bazi?

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The clash between "Indirect Wealth" and "Seven Killings" offers a compelling study of contrasting forces. The "Indirect Wealth" star encapsulates one's entrepreneurial spirit, aspiration, and risk-bearing capacity, standing in stark contrast to the "Seven Killings", which symbolizes assertiveness, challenges, and at times, aggressive pursuit of goals. This interplay can lead to dynamic tension, presenting both formidable challenges and unique opportunities in one's life journey. When Indirect Wealth Clashes with Seven Killings, it becomes essential to harness the powerful synergy that lies within this dynamic.

What to Do When Indirect Wealth Clashes with Seven Killings in Bazi?

When Indirect Wealth Clashes with Seven Killings, it signifies a meeting of ambition with assertiveness. This dynamic interplay, rich in both challenge and potential, beckons a deep dive into understanding how to harmonize these powerful, contrasting energies for optimal life navigation.

Professional Consultation

The confluence of "Indirect Wealth" and "Seven Killings" presents a particularly intricate dynamic. The Indirect Wealth star, denoting entrepreneurial tendencies, risk-taking, and strategic wealth accumulation, can sometimes be in tension with Seven Killings, which manifests as assertiveness, potential aggression, and a relentless drive to overcome challenges. This complex interplay can lead to scenarios where individuals feel pulled between their business instincts and their confrontational urges. A professional Bazi consultation becomes invaluable here. Experts can offer insights into balancing these energies, ensuring that one's assertive nature supports, rather than undermines, their wealth-building goals. Through tailored advice, a consultant can guide on channeling the fierce drive of Seven Killings productively, while leveraging the opportunities highlighted by Indirect Wealth. In essence, a well-informed Bazi reading can transform this internal conflict into a harmonious strategy for personal and professional success.

Balancing Ambition and Assertiveness

The "Indirect Wealth" star illuminates a person's entrepreneurial spirit, their capacity to perceive opportunities and amass resources. Conversely, "Seven Killings" exudes a potent energy of assertiveness, potentially tipping into aggression, representing the drive to confront and overcome. When these forces intersect, the challenge is harmonizing a visionary ambition with the fervor to act decisively. Overemphasis on ambition without the grit to act may lead to missed opportunities, while unchecked assertiveness can result in hasty decisions. For individuals with this configuration, the key is to temper their bold initiatives with strategic foresight. By doing so, they can navigate their journey by seizing opportunities with passion, yet ensuring each step is grounded in purpose and long-term vision, striking a powerful equilibrium.


The interplay between "Indirect Wealth" and "Seven Killings" within the Bazi chart paints a vivid portrait of adaptability's crucial role. "Indirect Wealth" symbolizes entrepreneurial verve and the ability to capitalize on opportunities, while "Seven Killings" brings forth a dominant energy of assertiveness and possibly confrontational zeal. This confluence can create a tumultuous inner landscape. However, adaptability becomes the bridge to harmony. Individuals with this configuration can learn to pivot seamlessly, utilizing their assertiveness to drive their ambitions forward while also recalibrating when necessary to avoid unnecessary conflicts. The key is to recognize the moments to forge ahead with determination and when to strategically retract and rethink. By honing this adaptive ability, such individuals can harness the raw power of "Seven Killings" to fuel the entrepreneurial journey charted by "Indirect Wealth", morphing potential conflicts into dynamic progressions and turning challenges into catalysts for success.

Communication Skills

As "Indirect Wealth" embodies the entrepreneurial ambition and the quest for strategic advantage, "Seven Killings" introduces a fiery assertiveness, often tipping into fierce determination. This convergence can lead to communication that is both passionately compelling and sharply intense. Mastering communication becomes paramount for individuals under this configuration. They must learn to articulate their entrepreneurial visions and insights with clarity while ensuring their assertiveness doesn't overshadow the message or alienate listeners. By refining their communication approach, they can strike a balance between conveying their ideas with enthusiasm and asserting their perspectives without confrontation. Furthermore, the cultivation of nuanced communication skills allows them to present their ambitions in a manner that is persuasive yet respectful, fostering collaborations, securing support, and navigating potential conflicts with diplomacy and tact.


When Indirect Wealth Clashes with Seven Killings, it casts a unique light on the theme of collaboration. This clash might seem antithetical to collaborative endeavors. However, in the right context, it can foster a powerful collaborative dynamism. Individuals with this configuration can lead collaborations with visionary zeal, while their inherent assertiveness ensures that challenges are met head-on. For successful collaborations, they must cultivate an awareness of when to employ their strategic acumen and when to harness their assertive energy. By effectively balancing these forces, they can inspire teams, drive projects with passion, and ensure goals are met decisively. It's about channeling the strength of both stars into a collaborative synergy, making the collective endeavor both visionary and resolute.


The dance between "Indirect Wealth" and "Seven Killings" in Bazi is a testament to life's intricate balance between ambition and assertiveness. When these forces clash, individuals stand at a crossroads of entrepreneurial drive and intense determination. To navigate this, one must strive for self-awareness, recognizing the strengths and potential pitfalls of both energies. Embracing the strategic acumen of Indirect Wealth, while tempering the fierceness of Seven Killings, can lead to unparalleled success. It's about fusing ambition with restraint, passion with purpose. In the end, this dynamic, though challenging, can forge a path filled with accomplishments, resilience, and personal growth when approached with understanding and wisdom. Join our Free Bazi Reading page for more details.

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