What to Do When Friend Clashes with Indirect Resource in Bazi?

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When Friend Clashes with Indirect Resource in Bazi, it indicates a tension between one's innate nature and the intuitive, abstract side of their personality. The Friend, representing stability and self-reliance, conflicts with the Indirect Resource, which symbolizes intuition and a deeper, often hidden knowledge. Navigating this clash demands balance. One should remain grounded in their core principles (Friend) while being open to intuition and unconventional wisdom (Indirect Resource). By respecting and integrating both these energies, individuals can achieve a blend of practicality and intuition, making decisions rooted in both logic and a deeper understanding of situations.

What to Do When Friend Clashes with Indirect Resource in Bazi?

When Friend Clashes with Indirect Resource, it unveils a journey of navigating between grounded reality and deep-seated intuition. This dynamic interplay challenges individuals to blend their inherent nature with their innermost insights, setting the stage for a complex, enriching exploration.


In BaZi the clash of the Friend element with the Indirect Resource accentuates a profound inner tension between the tangible and the intangible, the known and the mysterious. This clash, in essence, can be a powerful catalyst for self-awareness. The Friend element, symbolizing one's core identity and known strengths, often urges one towards safety and familiar ground. Contrarily, the Indirect Resource invites introspection, nudging individuals to delve into the less-explored territories of their psyche, intuition, and subconscious knowledge. To evolve, one must regularly self-reflect, acknowledging both these aspects. Embracing the revelations from deep introspection and juxtaposing them against the known self can lead to holistic self-understanding. Activities like meditation, journaling, or even seeking therapeutic guidance can help bridge this gap. Ultimately, when the Friend clashes with the Indirect Resource in BaZi, it beckons one to a journey of self-discovery, ensuring a richer, more nuanced self-awareness.

 Relationship Management

When Friend Clashes with Indirect Resource in bazi, it can bring nuanced challenges in the realm of relationships. The Friend, emblematic of one's inherent identity and the comfort of the known, may at times be at odds with the Indirect Resource, which denotes intuition, hidden insights, and often, the subconscious workings of the mind. In relationships, this clash can manifest as a struggle between staying true to one's familiar relational patterns and listening to deeper, intuitive feelings about a partner or a situation. To manage this, clear communication becomes paramount. It's crucial to convey both what's clearly understood (Friend) and what's felt on a deeper, intuitive level (Indirect Resource). Likewise, understanding and patience from both parties can create a foundation of trust. By fostering open dialogue and honoring both the tangible and intangible aspects of the relationship, couples or friends can navigate this BaZi clash with mutual respect and understanding.

 Feng Shui and Remedies

When Friend Clashes with Indirect Resource, it indicates a need to harmonize one's immediate environment and inherent nature with deeper, intuitive wisdom. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art of spatial arrangement, offers remedies to alleviate this tension. Firstly, it's essential to ensure that your living and working spaces are energetically balanced, reflecting both stability (Friend) and introspection (Indirect Resource). Incorporating earth elements, like ceramics or stones, can strengthen the Friend's grounding influence. Water elements, such as fountains or aquariums, can enhance the Indirect Resource's intuitive energies. Placing reflective surfaces like mirrors in strategic areas can help tap into deeper insights and self-reflection. Regular space cleansing, using sage or incense, can clear stagnant energies, promoting a harmonious flow. By intentionally aligning one's environment using Feng Shui principles, the discord between the Friend and Indirect Resource can be minimized, fostering a harmonious interplay between the tangible and the intuitive.

 Career Planning

The encounter between the Friend element and the Indirect Resource can create an interesting dichotomy in the domain of career planning. The Friend stands for what is known, concrete, and familiar – often translating to tried-and-true career paths or sticking to a comfort zone. On the other hand, the Indirect Resource encourages one to rely on intuition, pursue uncharted territories, and dig deeper into latent talents or unexplored passions. In career planning, this means balancing secure, traditional job roles with opportunities that resonate with one's inner callings. An individual might consider a stable job while simultaneously nurturing a side passion or project. Regular introspection, perhaps through mentorship or career counseling, can help unveil hidden strengths or interests. By combining the solid foundation of the Friend element with the explorative nature of the Indirect Resource, one can craft a career path that is both stable and fulfilling, merging pragmatism with passion.

Embrace Dual Nature

When Friend Clashes with Indirect Resource in bazi, it offers a unique window into the duality of human nature. This clash is emblematic of the continuous dance between our overt, conscious selves and our deeper, more mysterious intuitions. The Friend represents our identifiable traits, the parts of us we recognize and present to the world with confidence. In contrast, the Indirect Resource alludes to our subconscious mind, latent talents, and the intuitive nudges we often overlook. Embracing this dual nature requires acknowledging that we're both logical and intuitive beings. It means valuing our tangible skills and achievements while also honoring those intuitive hunches and gut feelings that guide us. Celebrating this duality can lead to a richer, more authentic life experience. By merging the tangible with the intangible, we allow ourselves to function holistically, maximizing both our evident strengths and the hidden potential that lies beneath the surface.


The dynamic between the Friend element and the Indirect Resource illuminates the dance between the concrete and the abstract. This clash prompts introspection, urging one to reconcile personal convictions with intuitive insights. To navigate this tension, it's essential to harness both the stability of the Friend and the depth of the Indirect Resource. By anchoring oneself in foundational beliefs while remaining receptive to innate wisdom, one cultivates a holistic approach to challenges. In sum, this BaZi clash encourages a harmonious blend of pragmatism and intuition, leading to well-rounded decisions and personal growth. Join our Free Bazi Reading  page for more details.


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