Understanding Romance luck: What it means for your relationships?

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The key to understanding romance

“So, which bracelet is good for improving my relationship, or my romance luck?”

That is a question that has been raised to me countless times from when we first started till today. And with the subject of romance and relationship being such a truly intriguing one, I thought its finally time that I did an article about it.

What is romance luck? How can one improve it? And how can I improve my relationship with my current Significant Other? That’s what we’re here to address.

For individuals who have been so for far too long, and are looking to finally change that status, you will find that improving your own romance luck is pertinent in potentially finding your long awaited ‘Right One’. We understand that you may be going through pains in your romance life such as:

- Always being unable to find the right one

- Lacking opportunities in dating/knowing someone new

- You just can't seem to get along with your S/O for awhile

- Communication issues with your S/O

- Feeling fatigued/drained from the relationship

And for couples who have been together for the longest of time and are getting ready to settle down, have already settled down. Or, if you’re part of the lucky pair who have just started your new adventure together. You may be looking for ways to improve or possibly maintain your relationship with your Significant Other as well.

Whether you’re single or attached, there is always room for better romance luck in your lives. And the first step in improving one’s romance luck will be to first understand one’s own Bazi chart and elements. Only after doing so can one look to effectively improve one’s own romance luck by first improving either their individual Wisdom Star and Relationship Star. Depending on whichever one that the person may be lacking, finding the right bracelet that can complement and improve one’s Wisdom Star or Relationship Star is the key fundamental of improving one’s own romance luck.




A brief and basic understanding of what exactly one’s own Wisdom Star and Relationship star are and what elements they are represented by is with this generally simple rule of thumb. A man’s Wisdom Star is what generates his Daymaster and his Relationship Star is represented by the element that his own element/Daymaster ‘destroys’. For a woman, her Wisdom Star is what generates her Daymaster and her Relationship star is the element that destroys her own element/Daymaster. For example, if Man A is of the Water Element, then his Relationship Star is represented by the Fire element and his Wisdom star, represented by the Metal element. As for Woman B, if she is of the Metal element, then her Relationship Star will be represented by the Fire element and her Wisdom star, represented by the Earth element.

Having the right element that complements your Wisdom/Relationship Star in the form of an accessory, or bracelet, for example can have positive effects in improving and enhancing one’s Wisdom/Relationship Star, and ultimately, one’s romance luck as well.


Whether you’re single or attached, you will find all of this information to be applicable in your personal lives. Improving one’s own romance luck by improving one’s own Wisdom Star, for example, could give one the wisdom to seek out and know who is the right one for them. It could also very well give them the wisdom to do the right thing, and know how or when they should approach the right person in their lives. The same applies for those who are already in a committed relationship. Improving one’s relationship star could bring benefits to one’s relationship with their partner. Whether it be resulting in better understanding and more patience between one another. Or, encouraging one another to be better people for each other, all of these can potentially be made possible as a result of improving one’s own relationship or wisdom star; Hence, improving one’s romance luck.

If you’re aware of your own Element/Daymaster and you wish to find out what your Relationship and Wisdom Star may be, I have attached a table below for your reference.

You may find the right bracelets suitable for your Relationship and Wisdom Stars here:


As simple as it may seem to understand your own Relationship or Wisdom Star from this blog post, there’s actually a lot more variables to consider that, for the sake of keeping this article readable, we did not include here. However, should you find yourself in need of more insight or advice regarding your Daymaster, Relationship or Wisdom Star and are seeking to find the right bracelet to boost them. Do not hesitate to WhatsApp us at: 8415 3359.

If you are unsure of what your Daymaster/Element is, we can help you with a basic Bazi reading and report to determine your element as well as your Relationship and Wisdom Star as well. If you’d like to find out more, do feel free to WhatsApp us for a complimentary Basic Bazi reading at: 8415 3359 


The best way to determine how one can improve one’s own romance luck will be by understanding oneself first. We provide detailed and comprehensive Bazi reports and consultations as well that will enable us to pinpoint and resolve any potential underlying issues that may result in poor romance luck, or even poor relationships.

If you find yourself facing such issues and wish to find out how you can potentially resolve them, do feel free to reach out to us via:

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