The Impact of Water on Home Feng Shui

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The Impact of Water on Home Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, there's a popular saying: "Mountains govern people, water governs wealth." This belief underscores the idea that water symbolizes wealth.

While water indeed has the potential to enhance wealth, its impact depends on its placement and form. Incorrect usage can have adverse effects rather than fostering prosperity.



Some individuals worry about the placement of bottled water or thermoses in the bedroom, fearing they might disrupt Feng Shui. Rest assured, this is completely fine. In Feng Shui, water influences a home's energy only under specific conditions:
  • Large Capacity Only significant volumes of water can affect Feng Shui. A small cup of water on the dining table will not disrupt the energy flow.
  • Openness: Canned sodas or boxed beverages, even when placed in the wealth area, will not enhance wealth. Their sealed nature isolates them from the external environment, rendering them ineffective in influencing energy.
  • Flowing Nature: Continuous movement, like that in an aquarium or a water feature, can affect the surrounding energy fields. However, washing machines, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, faucets, and water dispensers do not have a constant 24-hour flow and thus do not impact Feng Shui.



To effectively use water to enhance wealth, it's crucial to identify the correct wealth area. Incorrect placement can not only fail to improve financial luck but also lead to a decline in fortune. Therefore, it's advisable to seek expert guidance before making any adjustments.

For example, one customer attempted to enhance wealth by installing a large, dark and pointed artificial waterfall in their wealth area. Despite the correct placement, the waterfall produced a loud noise, considered "mourning water"—an acoustic disturbance detrimental to the household. Water features should emit harmonious and pleasant sounds to bring positive effects.



Additionally, the waterfall's menacing shape was undesirable. Water features should be aesthetically pleasing and harmonious, avoiding unusual or eerie shapes to prevent negative psychological impacts.

In summary, while water can enhance wealth, it must meet the above conditions; otherwise, it may backfire. If you haven't done your home Feng Shui Audit for 2024, now is the time. Contact us to make an appointment via WhatsApp at +6584153359.