The Accident Star- How understanding Bazi can help protect your loved ones

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The Accident Star- How understanding Bazi can help protect your loved ones

It is often predictable through Bazi readings when someone would have a tumultuous period in terms of their health and physical injuries. Be it health issues that may require surgery or even accidents that causes bloodshed. The Accident Star (also known as the Six Clashes) is one of the most direct indicators that one could potentially have such a period ahead of them.

As we tend to identify ourselves with our Daymaster, clashes between the Heavenly Stems may seem to be a focal point. But it is actually the clashes between Earthly Branches that have a more serious impact on a person. As stems represents our persona while branches represent our core self.

The Accident star is one such clash that, as we mentioned before, is the most direct indicator of potentially tumultuous (health wise) and dangerous times ahead of a person. But steps can be taken to avoid such potential mishaps and it always begins with understanding. Understanding one’s or their loved ones’ Bazi is the first step in avoiding or at the very least, preparing for damage control for one’s accident star. Knowing when it will befall a person will allow one to know when to minimize risky activities or sports such as skydiving, martial arts training or gymnastics etc. To lessen the chances of a serious accident happening during this tumultuous period. There are many ways one can potentially prevent these potential mishaps under their accident star. By maintaining a good temper, avoiding conflicts, surrounding themselves with friends who are genuinely good for them, keeping themselves well educated and of course, participating (if necessary) in safe sports.

Take for example, the recent tragedy in Taiwan. Where a 7-year-old boy was landed in a coma during his Judo training. Granted, it may not have been an accident, and more of negligence from the coach (but we’ll keep our opinions on the issue to ourselves). It is a truly unfortunate event to befall on to anyone, and it is undoubtedly in everyone’s hopes that nothing like this would befall on them or their loved ones.

Understanding and knowing one’s own Bazi can potentially curb events like these. Letting you know whether you should partake in dangerous/risky sports, or when you should or shouldn’t be performing such activities. However, it is important to note that in Bazi reading, that nothing is good or bad all the time, it all depends on the individual’s cycle and how it may affect them.

For many parents out there, I personally feel that understanding your child’s Bazi is more important than most people think. Understanding their personality, their cycle or how they will potentially turn out is one thing. But being able to forecast potential threats and keep them out of harm’s way is certainly on top of our list when it comes to our children. If you wish to understand more, do feel free to use the code CHILDSAFE to enjoy $100 off our Detailed Bazi reading and analysis for your child.