The 999 Solid Gold Pixiu Series

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What is the 999 Solid Gold Pixiu Series?

The Pixiu charm has long been a famous symbol in Feng Shui for its ability to attract wealth, protect against negative energies, and bring good luck. And now, Hoseiki has taken it to higher heights with the 999 Solid Gold Pixiu Series

What sets this series apart is that Pixiu charms used are made of pure, solid gold. This means their energies are amplified, making them the best wearable Pixiu bracelets for enhancing one’s life. These Pixiu charms are also ensured to be as pure as possible to have the strongest energies and vibrations in aiding the wearer.

These bracelets are aesthetically beautiful, with a sleek and modern design, and carry powerful energy that can help the wearer attract abundance and good fortune. The solid gold Pixiu charms are believed to enhance each bracelet's ability to bring wealth and good luck, making it a must-have for anyone looking to improve their financial situation.

Why This Bracelet is For You

The 999 Solid Gold Pixiu Series incorporates other Feng Shui essence, such as combinations of natural gemstones that would favor one's element. Each bracelet in this series is carefully crafted to include these elements, ensuring the wearer receives full benefits of Feng Shui principles. Each stone that was chosen were inspired by the Dynasty age and also carries Chinese cultural elements in these accessories.

In addition to their ability to attract wealth and good luck, these bracelets symbolize dedication to their spiritual journey and career. Wearing a 999 Solid Gold Pixiu Series bracelet can remind us to stay focused on our goals and aspirations and remain open to receiving the universe's abundance and blessings. 

If you're looking to bring positive energy and good fortune into your life, these bracelets are great investments. They are beautiful and influential in their ability to amplify the energies of the Pixiu charm with zero impurities. 

The 999 Solid Gold Pixiu Series

By wearing these bracelets, you can enhance your wealth, attract prosperity, and ward off negative energy. They are an excellent accessory for anyone who wants to bring good luck and positive energy into their daily life.

Let’s take a look at different models below:

The Benefactor

The Benefactor bracelet is a powerful bracelet that combines natural energies of Red Phantom, Seraphinite, Lodolite, and Copper Bronzite. This bracelet is born of the Earth element and is believed to bring wealth, success, and abundance to those who wear it. 

With its combination of powerful natural gemstones, The Benefactor bracelet is a must-have for those seeking to harness positive energies of the Earth element and improve their financial fortunes.

The Captivator

The Captivator bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry crafted with natural gemstones that resonate with the Fire element. It features Black Agate, South African Amethyst, Red Pietersite, and Matte Onyx, each chosen for their unique properties that promote courage, confidence, and vitality. The bracelet is also adorned with a solid gold Pixiu charm that is believed to attract wealth and good fortune to its wearer. 

Combining these powerful elements creates a harmonious and balanced energy that can help enhance one's personal power and magnetism. Whether you're looking to boost your career or attract new opportunities, The Captivator is a powerful accessory that can help you achieve your goals with confidence and style.

The Eminence

The Eminence radiates a warm and calming energy. This Fire element bracelet is crafted with South African Amethyst, Natural Ruby, Plum Blossom Tourmaline, and Snow Phantom, creating a powerful combination that promotes prosperity and success. Together, these gemstones work harmoniously to create a powerful energy that attracts success and abundance. 

Furthermore, the solid gold Pixiu charm further amplifies these energies, making The Eminence an exceptional choice for anyone seeking to enhance their prosperity and success.

The Luxuriant

The Luxuriant embodies the Wood element. The combination of Green Phoenix, Eagle Eye, Copper Bronzite, and Lodolite creates a unique and visually striking design. Wood element in Feng Shui is associated with growth, abundance, and vitality. This bracelet aims to bring those energies into the wearer's life. 

Additionally, these natural gemstones form a powerful combination that can provide physical and emotional balance, increase creativity, and enhance personal growth.

The Maiden

The Maiden is a beautiful and elegant piece that combines the power of three natural gemstones: Gold Rutilated Quartz, Snow Citrine, and Sunstone. The bracelet is crafted as a Metal element piece, making it a perfect accessory for those who need to boost their confidence, clarity, and focus. With its intricate design and powerful gemstones,

Overall, The Maiden solid gold Pixiu bracelet is a must-have for anyone seeking balance, focus, and strength in their daily life.

The Midnight Reign

The Midnight Reign is an exquisite piece that combines the power of Metal element with healing properties of Black Agate, Matte Onyx, Raw Pyrite, and Carved Tiger Eye gemstones. They work together to ground and protect you while enhancing your confidence and mental clarity. It also promotes courage and helps you embrace your inner light. 

With its unique blend of gemstones, The Midnight Reign bracelet is perfect for those seeking to channel their inner strength and confidence. It serves as a reminder always to reign supreme in all aspects of your life.

The Prestige

The Prestige bracelet is a beautiful creation born of the Earth element. Crafted from a unique combination of Gold Rutilated Quartz, Amazonite, and Moonstone, this bracelet emanates a grounding and calming energy that can help you connect with your inner self. 

This bracelet helps to amplify your intentions and enhance your manifestation abilities, while it also promotes self-discovery and personal growth. Wearing The Prestige can help you cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, bring more balance into your life, and enhance your personal growth.

The Profusion

The Profusion is a breathtaking Solid Gold Pixiu bracelet that radiates the Wood element's energy. This piece features a stunning combination of Amazonite, Snow Citrine, and Natural Ruby gemstones, creating a unique and eye-catching design. It is known to give balance and harmony to mind and body while bringing positivity and joy into one's life. 

It also adds a powerful boost of passion and vitality to this already impressive combination. With its powerful energies, The Profusion is a perfect bracelet to wear when seeking to manifest abundance, growth, and success in one's life.

The Propitious

The Propitious is a masterpiece designed to bring prosperity and good luck to its wearer. Adorned with three powerful gemstones, Aquamarine, Eagle Eye, and Moonstone, this custom piece embodies calming, soothing, and inspiring energies of the Water element. 

It helps enhance communication and clarity of thought, while also bringing strength and courage to overcome obstacles. By wearing this bracelet, you can harness power and tap into energies that attract good luck, abundance, and success in all aspects of your life.

The Royalty

The Royalty is an impressive bracelet born of the Water element, designed to make you feel like Royalty. Crafted by hand, it features an elegant combination of high-quality gemstones, making it an actual work of art. Gold Rutilated Quartz is known for promoting self-awareness and enhancing one's spiritual growth, while Lapis Lazuli represents truth and enlightenment. The intricate carving of Tiger Eye represents power and protection, making it an excellent stone for anyone looking to tap into their inner strength. 

This stunning combination of gemstones creates a regal aura that exudes confidence and authority, perfect for those looking to make a statement in their personal or professional life. This bracelet is a true masterpiece that will elevate your style, energy, and mindset.


The 999 Solid Gold Pixiu Series represents the pinnacle of Feng Shui jewelry, combining expert craftsmanship with the powerful symbolism of the Pixiu charm. Whether you're seeking protection, wealth, or simply a touch of elegance, these bracelets offer something for everyone. 

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