Royal Blue Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

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When it comes to gemstones with powerful therapeutic energies, Royal Blue Tiger’s Eye is a true gem. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various Royal Blue Tiger’s Eye healing properties, as well as its history and the tools you can use to harness its energies.

Royal Blue Tiger's Eye is a type of blue gemstone known for its striking color and unique banding patterns. It is a rare and valuable form of Tiger's Eye that gem collectors and enthusiasts highly prize. 

This stone is formed through a process of mineral replacement, where golden Quartz replaces blue Crocidolite fibers. The result is a stunning blue gemstone exhibiting the characteristic chatoyancy, or "cat's eye" effect, associated with Tiger's Eye.

The history of Royal Blue Tiger's Eye can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where it was believed to possess powerful protective and healing properties. The stone was often used in jewelry and amulets to ward off evil spirits and negative energies, and it was also believed to promote courage, strength, and mental clarity. 

In modern times, Royal Blue Tiger's Eye is still highly valued for its beauty and reputed healing properties. The gemstone is mainly found in South Africa but can also be found in other parts of the world, including Australia, India, and Brazil. It is often used in jewelry, as well as in various decorative and ornamental applications. 

Its unique and mesmerizing appearance makes it a popular choice for both casual and formal wear. Its beauty is further enhanced when it is paired with other gemstones or precious metals, such as silver or gold.

Overall, Royal Blue Tiger's Eye is a gemstone with a rich history and a wide range of uses. Its stunning blue color and unique chatoyancy effect make it a popular choice for jewelry enthusiasts and gem collectors. While, its reputed healing properties make it a valuable tool for those seeking to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Royal Blue Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

Royal Blue Tiger’s Eye is believed to have a grounding effect on the body, helping to increase feelings of stability and security. It also enhances confidence and courage, allowing the wearer to overcome their fears and take on new challenges easily. That’s why we curated The Enigma bracelet for these areas of concern.

Additionally, this gemstone is thought to help improve the clarity of thought and increase focus, making it an excellent stone for those who need to concentrate on their work or studies.

Regarding physical healing properties, Royal Blue Tiger’s Eye is believed to help with eye and vision problems. It is also said to aid in treating bone and joint conditions and digestive issues such as indigestion and ulcers. This gemstone is thought to help boost the immune system and promote overall physical well-being.

Furthermore, Royal Blue Tiger’s Eye healing properties also include balancing the yin and yang energies within the body, promoting overall harmony and balance. You can use the Lush Aura. It is said to help release negative energies and emotions, restoring a sense of calm and peace.


Overall, that's all you need to know about Royal Blue Tiger's Eye healing properties. If you're looking for other gemstones with unique healing properties, our collection offers a wide range of options. 

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