How Bazi Can Help A Top Agent

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Business is all about strategy, but it is also about luck. And in Feng Shui, luck plays a vital role. So how Bazi can help a top agent? It is a question that may arise in many people's minds. By using Bazi, one can gain insight into his or her own strengths and weaknesses, and with the help of Fengshui, one can improve the environment and create good energy flow. 

These factors can contribute to success in one's career, including real estate. In this article, we will talk about the story of a top agent and how Bazi and Feng Shui helped him, if you’re in the industry, this will be much helpful to you too.

How Bazi Can Help A Top Agent

James (not his real name) struggled in his real estate agent career. He was in a rut and couldn't seem to break through to the top of his industry in Singapore. Despite his best efforts, he was not successful. 

He used sales techniques such as door-knocking, attending property launches, and cold calling. He was not seeing the results he wanted. That's when he decided to seek help from a Bazi and Feng Shui consultant

He initially was skeptical in the power of Bazi and Feng Shui, but after he came to see us for a Bazi consultation, he changed his game plan and became one of the top 10 agents in Singapore.

Here’s how Bazi can help a top agent:

Proposed a Route Map That Suits His Style More

We analyzed James's Bazi chart and identified his strengths and weaknesses. We proposed a new route map for him that aligned with his natural talents and preferences. For example, we advised him to invest in properties and make money from them. 

We also shared our knowledge of the market and provided him with valuable tips on improving his sales performance. That said, by playing to his strengths and interests, James could achieve better results with less effort and he did.

Advised About Home Feng Shui

We conducted a thorough Feng Shui audit of James's home and advised him to arrange his furniture and decor to optimize the flow of energy or chi. We also identified the wealth sectors in his home and recommended ways to activate them. 

By making some simple changes to his home environment, James was able to enhance his luck in attracting more clients and closing more deals.

Name Change

Based on his Bazi chart, we suggested a name change for James to improve his luck. We provided him with a list of auspicious names that were compatible with his birth chart and explained the significance of each name. 

After carefully considering his options, James changed his name to one that resonated most with him. Since then, he has noticed a significant improvement in his overall luck and success in his career.

By the end, James has the resources to switch his strategy and direction of selling homes, and this is how Bazi can help a top agent. He focused on his strengths in numbers and investment and tailored his approach to appeal to clients who valued these qualities. He also learned to recognize his good luck cycles and plan ahead to take advantage of them. 

For example, he knew when he was entering a leadership luck cycle and made the decision to become a team leader, which further boosted his income and career advancement.


In conclusion, Bazi and Feng Shui can be valuable tools for real estate agents and other professionals looking to improve their businesses and lives. Now that you know how Bazi can help a top agent and you are interested in learning more, consider consulting us for a professional, detailed Bazi reading and be ready to achieve your goals.