Hoseiki - The Rising Trend of Traditional Chinese Jewelry Among Millennials and Gen Z

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In an exclusive interview with CN938, the biggest radio station in Singapore, we had the privilege of sharing the emergence and journey of Hoseiki. From the genesis of this passion project to the global appeal of our collections, join us as we delve into the captivating tale of Hoseiki and its remarkable rise as a leading cultural trendsetter.


The Birth of a Dream

For Daryl and Chase, Hoseiki was more than just a brand - it was a dream fueled by a love for jewelry, a family legacy in manufacturing, and a passion for Feng Shui and readings. The duo recognized the potential of blending their expertise and creating something unique that resonates with the younger generation. As the stars aligned, Hoseiki was born, with Carissa, Chase's wife, with her certificate in Gemology, adding her expertise in sourcing and completing the team.

The name "Hoseiki" holds a beautiful significance, translating to "gem" in Japanese, representing the precious nature of their jewelry. What sets Hoseiki apart is its commitment to natural and precious stones, along with its 999 solid gold collection - a favorite among Chinese jewelry enthusiasts, especially millennials who adore the elegance and symbolism of yellow gold.

In addition, we saw a need to bridge the gap and offer a modern Feng Shui jewelry brand that not only celebrated tradition but also seamlessly integrated with contemporary fashion, enabling individuals to wear these cherished pieces confidently in any setting, including their workplace.

Hoseiki’s vision is clear - to combine the wisdom of Feng Shui and Bazi with our love for jewelry craftsmanship, offering exquisite pieces that resonate with both cultural enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals. Our passion lies in empowering everyone to embrace their cultural heritage while expressing their personal style effortlessly, regardless of the setting.

At Hoseiki, we also strive to create value-for-money Feng Shui jewelry that not only enhances personal style but also assists individuals in becoming the best version of themselves. We take pride in offering customized jewelry, allowing them to carry a piece of their identity and destiny with them wherever they go.

Our dream is to enrich lives through our captivating creations, infusing each piece with profound meaning and cultural authenticity. As we move forward, we are driven by the joy of empowering more individuals to embrace their roots and elevate their personal style with the beauty of tradition and the allure of modernity. 

Hoseiki is an embodiment of cultural appreciation, fashion expression, and the unwavering belief that jewelry can be both a style statement and a soulful connection to one's heritage.

Reviving Tradition for the Modern Age

In a world where trends come and go, millennials and Gen Zs have shown a renewed interest in traditional Chinese jewelry, thanks to the rise of Chinese social media platforms. Hoseiki recognized this as a golden opportunity to revive the beauty of Chinese culture and infuse it with modern fashion sensibilities. With their unique creations, they strive to provide fashion-forward individuals with pieces that celebrate their heritage while staying true to contemporary aesthetics.

Moreover, Hoseiki's charm transcends borders, with its online sales reaching Australia, the US, parts of the UK, Thailand, and Vietnam. The appeal of traditional Chinese jewelry extends beyond Chinese expats, capturing the hearts of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. With Hoseiki's creations, they can express their individuality while cherishing the rich traditions they embrace.

Ethical Sourcing and Quality Assurance

Hoseiki's commitment to cultural authenticity and ethical sourcing is unwavering. With a stringent double checklist system, Carissa and their dedicated team ensure that every piece adheres to rigorous quality control standards before reaching customers. This dedication to maintaining its reputation has contributed to international acclaim and expanding customer base.

Jewelry that Speaks to the Soul

Each piece at Hoseiki is carefully curated with versatile designs and colors that seamlessly complement modern wardrobes. From the best-selling Abacus Collection to the popular Aquamarine-infused bracelets, and the famous Seraphine design, Hoseiki offers a diverse range that speaks to the soul and resonates with patrons who value aesthetics and cultural significance.

Personalization and Pride

One of Hoseiki's defining features is the option for customers to customize their pieces. By selecting stones, colors, designs, charms, and other add-ons, individuals can create jewelry that truly represents their cultural background and personal style. This personal touch allows them to embrace their unique identity while cherishing their cultural roots.

Beyond Price: A Satisfying Journey

While Hoseiki's uniqueness and quality come with a higher price tag, the founders find true satisfaction in the happiness of their customers. The joy of knowing that their jewelry represents meaningful connections and cherished traditions is the most rewarding aspect of their work.

Embracing Competition with Innovation

As with any successful venture, imitation, and copycats are bound to appear. However, Hoseiki chooses to focus on their passion for innovation, product development, and, most importantly, the happiness of their customers. By staying true to their core values, they continue to captivate the hearts of their growing community.


In this exclusive interview, we explored the heartwarming journey of a jewelry brand that intertwines culture and fashion. As millennials and Gen Zs embrace cultural appreciation and diversity, Hoseiki stands tall as a beacon of creativity and connection to Asian heritage. With stunning creations, Hoseiki paves the way for a generation eager to express their individuality while cherishing the traditions that make them who they are. So, join the Hoseiki family and let your jewelry speak the language of culture, elegance, and timeless beauty. View the full interview here.