Benefits of Pixius at Home

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Pixiu, known as the celestial creature of wealth and protection, holds immense significance in Feng Shui practices. In this article, we will delve into the powerful benefits of Pixius at home. Let's unlock the secrets of Pixiu and discover how they can enhance the positive energy in your home.

Benefits of Pixius at Home

Our Hoseiki Guardians of Wealth Pixiu statues are more than beautiful decorative pieces. They are infused with powerful energy and symbolism that can bring many benefits when placed in your home. 

Pixiu statues have long been revered for attracting wealth and abundance, making them essential to any prosperity-focused space. These statues create a magnetic field that draws positive financial energy toward your home, stimulating the inflow of wealth and enhancing financial opportunities.

In addition to attracting wealth, the benefits of Pixius at home include serving as protectors and preservers of wealth. It also goes beyond financial benefits. These powerful symbols ward off negative energies, evil spirits, and malevolent forces that may disrupt the harmony and well-being of your space. 

They also act as spiritual guardians, creating a safe and sacred environment that is shielded from negativity. With Pixiu statues as your allies, you can cultivate a positive, protected space where positive energy can flow freely.

Furthermore, Pixiu statues symbolize the balance of yin and yang energies, representing the harmonious union of opposites. Their presence in shared spaces or areas where family members gather fosters unity and harmony among family members. They promote a sense of togetherness, understanding, and support, strengthening the bonds within your household.

Aside from the benefits of Pixius at Home, here are more information about them:

There are Two Types: The Male and Female Pixius

The two types of Pixiu statues, male and female, each carry their own distinct energies and purposes. The male Pixiu is known for its ability to attract wealth and abundance. 

When placed in your home, the male Pixiu works to draw in financial opportunities, enhance money luck, and increase the inflow of wealth. It serves as a powerful magnet for abundance and serves as a reminder to embrace abundance in all aspects of life.

On the other hand, the female Pixiu is associated with protection from evil spirits and negative energies. It acts as a guardian and protector, creating a shield against harmful energies that may disrupt the harmony and well-being of your space. 

By placing the female Pixiu alongside the male Pixiu, you create a harmonious balance that combines the energies of attracting wealth and protecting wealth, creating a harmonious and abundant environment.

Who it is Suitable For?

Pixiu statues are suitable for anyone seeking to invite wealth, abundance, and protection into their lives. Whether you are a business owner, a professional, or a homeowner, incorporating Pixiu into your home can create a favorable environment for success and prosperity. 

It is especially beneficial for those who are looking to enhance their financial well-being, attract new opportunities, and safeguard their wealth.

Who is it Not Suitable For?

While the benefits of Pixius at home are believed to bring good luck and fortune, it is essential to remember that its energy is best suited for individuals with positive intentions and ethical conduct. Pixiu is not recommended for those who engage in dishonest or harmful activities. 

The energies of Pixius are aligned with integrity and authenticity, so it is essential to approach its symbolism with respect and a genuine desire for personal growth and well-being.

Why Do the Pixiu Statues Need to Be In a Pair For Placement in the Home?

The combination of both male and female Pixiu statues in your home brings a holistic and balanced energy. It allows for the attraction of wealth and abundance while also ensuring its preservation and protection. 

Together, they work in harmony to create a harmonious and prosperous environment that supports your financial goals and overall well-being.

Where to Place Pixiu Statues At Home?

Proper placement of Pixiu statues is crucial to harness their full potential. The most effective placement is in the wealth sector of your home, which is traditionally the southeast corner. This area represents wealth and abundance in Feng Shui. 

However, consulting a professional or conducting a home audit is essential to determine the exact placement based on your home's unique energy and layout. 

For personalized guidance and assistance, consider exploring our Home Feng Shui bundle, which provides comprehensive assessments and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

How To Activate Pixius at Home?

A simple yet meaningful ritual can be performed to activate the energy of your Pixiu statues. Write your intentions, wishes, or blessings on a piece of paper and place it inside the mouth of the female Pixiu. 

This act symbolizes transmitting your desires and aspirations to the Pixiu, empowering them to work on your behalf to manifest your goals and attract wealth and abundance.

Can I Put Pixius in My Bedroom?

While Pixiu statues are potent symbols of wealth and protection, placing them in the bedroom is generally not recommended. The vibrant energy emitted by Pixiu may disrupt the tranquility and relaxation needed for restful sleep. 

It is best to keep Pixiu statues in common areas of the home where they can enhance the flow of positive energy without interfering with your personal sanctuary.

Maintenance and How To Cleanse Them

Regularly maintaining your Pixiu statues is essential to ensure optimal energy flow. You can use various methods to cleanse them, such as smudging with Palo Santo or incense, placing them under running water, or exposing them to sound healing with a singing bowl. 

These cleansing practices help remove any accumulated negative energy and rejuvenate the statues' positive vibrations. Remember to handle the statues carefully and respectfully, as they hold sacred energy and symbolism.

Can There Be Side Effects?

While Pixiu statues are generally regarded as auspicious and beneficial, it is important to note that their energy may interact differently with individuals. Some people may experience heightened sensitivity to the energy emitted by Pixiu, which can manifest in various ways. 

It is advisable to pay attention to your own energetic response and adjust the placement or use of Pixiu accordingly. If you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, you may choose to have a Bazi reading consultation for guidance and recommendations.


Experience the benefits of Pixius at home and let their energy guide you towards a more prosperous and harmonious life. These statues are powerful reminders of the abundance and prosperity available to you.