To be an Agent Or Manager? That is the question...


Having been in this industry for this long, we’ve amassed quite a number of trusting clients and customers. And a trend that we’ve noticed in our clients, is that a solid majority of them tend to have one thing in common: They are agents in either the finance or property line. They are highly motivated and driven individuals, working hard and hustling for their goals. Though, as most of you in the line would understand, they almost always have the same 2 questions for us, which are whether they can excel in sales, and if they should remain as an agent or take a different path of being a manager. It is an important transition, and one that takes a lot of consideration and deliberation that can seem very daunting to most agents. Especially those who may not be aware of their strengths, weaknesses and personality, as well as their Bazi chart and/or luck cycles.

To determine the career path one can/should take, understanding the individual’s Bazi chart is the first, and probably one of the most important factors one needs to consider before taking any action. Understanding one’s own chart will allow one to see and know whether their personality, strengths and weaknesses are more suitable for an agent or managerial role. For your reference, we’ll be giving you 2 charts as an example of what we mean:


An Agent's Chart

What we’re looking for in their charts will be whether there are wealth stars, and the quality of these stars as well. In the chart above, you can see that it is a weak Fire chart, and there are 2 wealth stars: Bing(丙) and Ding(丁) Fire. This is a chart that is certainly more suitable for a sales-oriented role rather than a managerial role.  

Another chart we’ll be looking at will be this one, and if you couldn’t already guess, this is a chart that is more suited for a managerial role.


A Manager's Chart

 This chart, similar to the one we’ve seen previously is of the weak Bing Fire element as well, however the difference will be the absence of the Bing and Ding Fire wealth stars. And in their place, are Ren(壬) and Kui(癸) Water stars, which are leadership stars for the chart. And it is from understanding these individual charts, are we able to answer those 2 heart-burning questions.


Making the right choice...

After seeing these examples, it should be pretty clear how important it is to understand one’s own Bazi chart before making such an important and transitional decision, especially in one’s own career. It is also a very useful tool in understanding how your career will turn out to be for you too.

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