7 Different Fengshui Masters warned him against starting a business as he would fail, so he started a business in Fengshui.

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7 Different Fengshui Masters warned him against starting a business as he would fail, so he started a business in Fengshui.



Against the advice of the 7 different Fengshui Masters he’s consulted, entrepreneur and Fengshui expert Chase Woo started a business venture of his own. To make it a point that he would succeed in what he did, despite what he was told, he started his business in Fengshui. Together with his like-minded friend and business partner Daryl, they founded Hoseiki. A modern Fengshui jewelry house that specializes in classical Fengshui advice and practices, with a collection contemporary jewelry to make Fengshui accessible and a part of people’s daily lives.

The brand has sought to empower people through Fengshui, rather than the oh-too-common ‘fear mongering’ route of warning people against what they can or cannot do. It was during his meetings with the 7 different masters who advised against his entrepreneurial route that encouraged Chase to make Fengshui a tool to empower people with, rather than to fear. Hoseiki believes in empowerment through knowledge, by educating customers and clients on Fengshui, and how they can make the best out of their lives with classical and practical Fengshui advice. Aside from empowerment, Hoseiki strongly advocates the practice of Fengshui, regardless of religious beliefs. As Fengshui is an ancient traditional practice, there are often misunderstandings and stereotypes of Fengshui being a form of religious practice, but it is in fact not. Regardless of one’s religion, race or nationality, Hoseiki believes that Fengshui can and should be a part of everyone’s lives, and that in understanding more about Fengshui, can people be more able to improve one’s quality of living.



The company focuses on addressing one’s needs in personality, career and health as these are often the main concerns of most people around. Offering a range of services from personality profiling and career profiling through Bazi reading, home and office Fengshui assessment, date and name selection that all aims to improve one’s standards of living by boosting one’s wealth, health and career luck. While these services may be rather niche for some people, the brand also offers a wide array of contemporary Fengshui jewelry as well. With a range of bracelets that revolves around the 5 Elements, the brand is seeking to bring empowerment to its clients and customers through the use of modern Fengshui jewelry as well. In order to become more holistic and accessible for the masses, the brand is also looking to expand into a line of Home & Living accessories such as Fengshui trees and more.

Over the brand’s 1-year of service, they have managed to help over 500 working professionals by assessing and restructuring their career portfolios to one that is the most suitable for them. Aiming to empower the masses using classical and practical Fengshui advice, the brand hopes that through its style of Fengshui, more people around will be encouraged and more open to discovering how this rare and ancient art can be used to improve their lives overall.

Contact Master Chase via WhatsApp or Email @ +65 8415 3359 to find out which Tree is suitable for your home!