Triple Wealth Abacus Bracelet - The Charm

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Size: 13cm/5"


Color: 18K Gold Plated

18K Gold Plated
Sterling Silver
Rose Gold

Cleansed & Energy Infused

Handcrafted Excellence

Lifetime Restringing

Authentic & Ethical

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Specification of Product

About This Product

Triple Wealth Abacus Bracelet - The Charm

This bracelet is your gateway to a rejuvenated and empowered life. When the weight of life becomes overwhelming, our Abacus Charm and Spacers transform into more than accessories; they become your personal point for resilience and balance.

Envision them as indispensable companions, accompanying you through the daily hustle, and acting as your support system during challenging times. The Purple Phantom and Terahertz elements within these charms serve as protective shields amid life's chaos, promoting a tranquil environment.

No longer just an ornament, the Triple Abacus Charm emerges as your symbolic lucky charm, aligning with the belief in the power of triple blessings and courage as upheld in Japanese traditions. This charm is more than a decorative accessory; it is a source of positivity and strength, a tangible reminder of your inner fortitude.

Think of it as an energy-boosting tool, guiding you through moments of overwhelm and infusing you with the vigor needed to confront challenges head-on. Let this charm be your ally, empowering you to navigate life's complexities with renewed energy and resilience. Elevate your style while embracing a sense of calm and confidence - the Triple Abacus Charm is not just a fashion statement; it's your key to unlocking a more empowered and balanced you.

Feel the impact of three with our Triple Abacus. Inspired by the idea that taking charge leads to success, the number three symbolizes the energy of creation and wealth. Combining numerology with Chinese culture, this chic accessory becomes a chi booster, aligning you with prosperity. The movable beads in the abacus provide an extra energy boost, making it more than just jewelry—it's a stylish source of vitality on your path to success. Elevate your energy and style with the Triple Abacus, where simplicity meets the power of manifestation.

Key Benefit


Luck and Positive Manifestation


Inner Strength and Calmness


Guidance and Energy Boost


Austrian Crytal

Enhanced Energy, Emotional Healing

Purple Phantom

Transformation, Spiritual Awareness, Healing


EMF Protection, Balance, Energy Optimisation

South African Amethyst

Peace, Healing, Spiritual Growth

Item Details


Three charms available in Rose Gold, 18k Gold Plated Brass and 925 Sterling Silver.

Weight - 1.2grams

Spacer Dimension : 9mm x 3mm

Bead size – 10mm

Abacus Dimension : 11mm x 14mm

Authentic Gemstones


Elevate your jewelry to an exclusive level with our 925 Silver Signature Tag & Engraving service. Personalize your piece by adding your name or a loved one's name, creating a bespoke accessory that exudes exclusivity. Make a statement with this special addition, showcasing the exceptional and unique nature of your personalized adornment.

Dimension: 9mm x 3mm

Dimension: 9mm x 3mm

Material: 925 Silver



Brand Story

Hoseiki by Daryl Koh and Chase Woo makes handcrafted traditional Chinese jewellery that celebrates the values of wellness and spirituality with the singularity of the individual.

Jewellery has been around for centuries. From metals to gems, pearls to intricately woven strings, these small trinkets are wearable time capsules that both keepsake and impart memory — either of its source, how it was made or what it represents.

Traditional Chinese jewellery has in recent years seen a resurgence in popularity, thanks in part to younger and more affluent crowds reaching for more culturally-rooted or spiritually-backed accessories that set them apart in the increasingly homogenous style landscape. Hoseiki, which specialises in traditional Chinese jewellery, is one such brand that looks to bridge the past and the present with a supply of modern and meaningful jewellery, backed by the values of feng shui.

Founded by entrepreneurs Daryl Koh and Chase Woo, Hoseiki puts a more modern and minimalistic spin on their handcrafted exotic gemstone jewellery, while offering a plethora of services like bazi readings and auspicious date selections alongside their bread and butter — pixiu bracelets. These beaded bracelets are talismans, a symbol of protection, wealth and good fortune that people can wear either customised to their birth charts or bought to serve one of these purposes.

Aware of the popularity and thus association that traditional Chinese jewellery have with the older, more superstitious folk, Daryl, a marketing graduate made it a point to bring to the table an aesthetic that had a more mass appeal. “I have a lot of friends who have pixiu bracelets bought by their parents but they never wear them because it makes them look like loan sharks, so I wanted to take this opportunity to soften and modernise the look,” he said.