The Midas Touch - Dragon Abacus Gold Ring (MADE TO ORDER)

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Material: 925 Sterling Silver Coated With 18K Gold

925 Sterling Silver Coated With 18K Gold
Full 14K Real Gold
Full 18K Real Gold

Size (circumference of finger): US 4 - Inner Diameter 14.7mm

US 4 - Inner Diameter 14.7mm
US 5 - Inner Diameter 15.8mm
US 6 - Inner Diameter 16.5mm
US 7 - Inner Diameter 17.3mm
US 8 - Inner Diameter 18.2mm
US 9 - Inner Diameter 19mm
US 10 - Inner Diameter 19.8mm
US 11 - Inner Diameter 20.6mm
US 12 - Inner Diameter 21.4mm

Cleansed & Energy Infused

Handcrafted Excellence

Lifetime Restringing

Authentic & Ethical

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Specification of Product

Please be informed that we are unable to process refunds or exchanges for sizing issues. We recommend reviewing our sizing guide before making a purchase to ensure a perfect fit. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.


Optimism and Willpower


Enhanced career success, protection, and fame


Ignite prosperity and unlock financial success

This unique piece transcends traditional jewelry, featuring meticulously crafted moveable abacus beads that symbolize not only wealth and prosperity but also the dynamic flow of chi energy. The innovative design allows the beads to move freely, creating a mesmerizing interplay of form and function. As you wear this ring, the moveable abacus beads become a tangible reminder of the continuous ebb and flow of positive energy in your life.

The choice of solid gold for this extraordinary piece is intentional. Solid gold, known for its purity, enhances the energetic properties of the ring. The higher the purity of the materials, the more effectively they can channel and amplify positive energy. We specifically chose 18k solid gold over 999 solid gold, as the latter is too soft for intricate designs and might compromise the durability and longevity of this unique piece.

Exquisite Dragon Detailing

Weight estimated: Depends on Size, estimated 12g

Abacus Beads Ring

14K & 18K Real Gold

925 Sterling Silver Coated with 18k Gold

Lifetime Re-string Services

Ensuring your jewelry remains as beautiful as the day you first wore it


It only takes 2 minutes. Great Support by phone, chat and email

Blessed by Singing Bowl

We bless each item with positive energy before sending it to you

Masterpiece Quality

Assembled by our local craftsman to fit your size


Powerful Dragon Majesty

Indulge in the captivating allure of our Dragon Detail Solid Gold Ring, a masterpiece meticulously designed to infuse strength, protection, and timeless elegance. The exquisite dragon detailing on this ring serves as a powerful symbol in Feng Shui, representing optimism and unwavering willpower. Crafted with precision and care, the dragon's presence adds a touch of mystique and a sense of guardianship to your style. As you adorn this piece, you carry with you the mythical essence of the dragon, empowering your journey with its legendary attributes. Let the dragon's energy resonate with yours, as you embrace not just a ring, but a talisman that speaks volumes about your unique style and unwavering spirit. Wear it on the second finger of your left hand for an additional boost, following tradition for amplified energy.




Boosting Wealth, Chi, and Energy Flow


Empowering Optimism and Willpower



Are you in pursuit of surpassing your sales targets?


For those seeking to enhance their interpersonal connections


Seeking to embody strong leadership and wield the power of influence

Uniquely Crafted for You


In the tapestry of existence, each individual is intricately woven with the threads of the five elements, as reflected in their unique birth chart. It is our belief in the profound significance of Feng Shui principles that guides us to offer personalized solutions. By discerning the composition of these elements in your birth chart, we dedicate ourselves to crafting bespoke recommendations that address any imbalances in your elemental harmony. Our commitment is to align your surroundings and experiences with the natural flow of energy, ensuring that your personalized adjustments resonate with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. Embrace the transformative power of harmonizing your space with the elemental forces that define your individual journey.


Hazel Chua

Thanks for the quality gems and stones, really love its great combination, I would say the fellow workers and Master Chase are very experienced and also friendly and polite, humble and welcoming...

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Rosalind Loh

Thank you to Master Chase, who was so patient in giving me sound advice on what I need to look out for especially in 2024 when I did my 1st bazi reading with him recently.

Received this customized bracelet under the metal series...

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Athen Sun


Had ordered the BAZI + NUMEROLOGY READINGS with a free bracelet from TikTok. The reading was detailed and also provided with the report (shared via WA). They also allowing me to customize the bracelet as I'm allergic...

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