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Chinese culture places great importance on an individual's Ba Zi, which includes their birth hour, date, month, and year as it can influence their destiny. The name they choose represents their signboard, and a well-chosen name can enhance their lucky index.

By changing or selecting a name that aligns with the individual's five elements and Ba Zi, and analyzing it in detail according to the life pattern requirement of the person, it is possible to enhance their prosperity and fortune. This, in turn, can lead to improvements in their thinking, character, and mood, resulting in increased success in interpersonal relationships, enterprise, and wealth.

At Hoseiki, we have helped countless individuals become more successful in their respective fields by selecting or changing names based on Ba Zi's enhancement and avoidance.

Name selection is divided into three life forces: heaven, earth, and human, with five patterns including the total pattern, human pattern, earth pattern, external pattern, and celestial pattern. We consider not only the number of writing strokes but also the individual's Ba Zi and five elements to ensure that the name matches the life pattern requirements.