Meteorite Ring - The Legacy

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In Stock Pre order Out of stock

Size: US 9 (Internal diameter 18.8mm)

Size: US 9 (Internal diameter 18.8mm)
US 9 (Internal diameter 18.8mm)
US 10 (Internal diameter 19.6mm)
US 11 (Internal diameter 20.5mm)

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Elevate your style and invite the harmonious energies of Feng Shui into your life with our exceptional creation, The Legacy. This meticulously crafted ring, a true testament to balance and prosperity, combines ancient wisdom with modern design. Made from a substantial 8mm Tungsten band, it serves as a steadfast foundation, anchoring you to the principles of Feng Shui. Crushed Meteorite, with its celestial origins, enhances your connection to the cosmos, aligning your energies with the vast universe. This meteoric material is believed to attract luck and serendipity, aligning your path with opportunities that lead to prosperity and success. Complementing the energy of the meteorite, the Green Wood Inlay exudes a grounding and calming presence. It resonates with growth, renewal, and vitality, offering stability and resilience, ensuring you flourish in various aspects of life. Wearing "The Legacy" isn't just about adorning your hand; it's about embracing a lifestyle of abundance and balance.

Step confidently into each day, knowing that you are in perfect alignment with the universe, and that your path is paved with opportunity.
Embrace the balance, invite prosperity, and let Feng Shui guide you towards a life filled with luck, abundance, and lasting success.

Materials Tungsten & Whiskey Barrel Wood & Crushed Meteorite
Color Silver
Width 8mm