Fengshui Emperor 6 coins

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Specification of Product


Stands as a symbol of prosperity and fortune and create a harmonious energy flow, promoting balance and well-being chi energy flow


Enhance luck and increase the chances of success in various aspects of life, including business, career, and relationships


Coveted by those seeking to enhance their luck, this exquisite jewelry item is a sought-after accessory for inviting abundance into one's life


Protect the wearer from negative energy and evil spirits

The Fengshui Emperor 6 Coins showcases a meticulous arrangement of six ancient Chinese coins, each featuring a round shape with a square hole in the center, symbolizing the union of heaven and earth. These coins are deeply associated with notions of wealth, luck, and prosperity. Bound together by a red string, a symbol of auspiciousness in Chinese culture, the ensemble is believed to safeguard against negative energies and draw positive forces.

The precise layout of these six coins is of paramount importance. Arranged in two rows of three, the top row represents heaven, while the bottom row signifies earth. This arrangement is laden with symbolism, reflecting the harmonious relationship among heaven, earth, and humanity. It is thought to attract good fortune, wealth, and success across various aspects of life.

Fengshui Emperior 6 Coins

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Fengshui Emperior 6 Coins

At our esteemed jewelry store in Singapore, we take pride in offering the genuine and authentic Fengshui Emperor 6 Coins, crafted following traditional fengshui principles with the arrangement of six coins and a red string. Sourced from reputable suppliers specializing in fengshui products, these coins are guaranteed for authenticity and effectiveness. Crafted with premium-quality materials, including genuine Chinese coins and a durable red string, each piece reflects intricate symbolism and meaning, embodying the essence of the Fengshui Emperor 6 Coins. With a trusted reputation for quality and authenticity, our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide guidance to ensure an informed decision. Versatile in its applications, the Fengshui Emperor 6 Coins can be worn as jewelry, carried daily to invite good fortune, or placed strategically in homes or offices to enhance fengshui energy. It also serves as a meaningful and thoughtful gift, bestowing blessings of wealth, luck, and prosperity upon the recipient, making it a cherished and auspicious token of good wishes.



Individuals seeking to enhance their luck, invite abundance into their lives.


Ideal for those who appreciate authentic and genuine fengshui products, crafted with premium-quality materials.


Ideal for those wants to bring blessings of wealth, luck, and prosperity.

Uniquely Crafted for You


In the tapestry of existence, each individual is intricately woven with the threads of the five elements, as reflected in their unique birth chart. It is our belief in the profound significance of Feng Shui principles that guides us to offer personalized solutions. By discerning the composition of these elements in your birth chart, we dedicate ourselves to crafting bespoke recommendations that address any imbalances in your elemental harmony. Our commitment is to align your surroundings and experiences with the natural flow of energy, ensuring that your personalized adjustments resonate with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. Embrace the transformative power of harmonizing your space with the elemental forces that define your individual journey.


Hazel Chua

Thanks for the quality gems and stones, really love its great combination, I would say the fellow workers and Master Chase are very experienced and also friendly and polite, humble and welcoming...

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Rosalind Loh

Thank you to Master Chase, who was so patient in giving me sound advice on what I need to look out for especially in 2024 when I did my 1st bazi reading with him recently.

Received this customized bracelet under the metal series...

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Athen Sun


Had ordered the BAZI + NUMEROLOGY READINGS with a free bracelet from TikTok. The reading was detailed and also provided with the report (shared via WA). They also allowing me to customize the bracelet as I'm allergic...

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