Auspicious Date Selection
Auspicious Date Selection
Auspicious Date Selection

Auspicious Date Selection

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Opting for an auspicious date aligns your event with positive energy and harmony, fostering a more enjoyable and successful experience


An auspicious date is believed to attract good fortune, creating a favorable environment for success, happiness, and prosperity in your endeavors


Date selection takes into account potential astrological clashes or negative influences, helping you steer clear of challenges and obstacles that could impact your event


By aligning with auspicious dates, you may contribute to better relationships and smoother interactions, creating a positive atmosphere for all involved


Certain dates may hold symbolic significance in cultural or personal contexts, adding depth and meaning to your event


Taking into consideration your birth year stem and zodiac signs ensures that the chosen date resonates positively with your personal energy, contributing to a more harmonious experience


The positive energy generated by an auspicious date may have lasting effects, setting the foundation for ongoing success, happiness, and well-being


Knowing that you've selected an auspicious date can alleviate stress and anxiety associated with important life events, allowing you to fully enjoy and appreciate the moment

Make your big moments count, like weddings or renovations, with Master Chase's Feng Shui date selection. We pick the perfect dates using the Chinese Almanac Calendar, considering your birth year, zodiac signs, and the stars above. These dates bring good vibes, helping you avoid problems and attract good luck.

Choosing the right date isn't just about the calendar. It's like setting the stage for a happy and lucky day. With Master Chase, you get dates that match up with the stars, creating a positive energy for your special moments.

Feel confident on your big day, knowing you've got the perfect date. Master Chase makes sure your chosen day isn't just any day—it's a day that brings good vibes and sets the stage for a happy and successful celebration. Trust Master Chase to guide you to a date that brings good luck and happiness to your once-in-a-lifetime events.

Suitable for ALL individuals

Wedding Dates:
Choose an auspicious wedding date for a marriage blessed with love, joy, and lifelong harmony.

Moving-in Dates:
Select a favorable move-in date for a smooth transition, ensuring a home filled with positive energy and good vibes.

Renovation Start Dates:
Opt for an auspicious renovation start date to enhance positive transformations, creating a harmonious and welcoming space.

Business Opening Dates:
Secure success from day one by choosing an auspicious business opening date, inviting prosperity and positive opportunities for your venture.

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  • Hoseiki aims to deliver timely, quality Bazi readings. Late cancellations or arrivals (over 15 minutes late) inconvenience others and may result in forfeiting the appointment without a refund, disrupting schedules for subsequent clients.
  • Please notify us at +65 8415 3359 at least three (3) business days in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Your timely communication helps us accommodate other clients and ensures efficient scheduling.
  • Once confirmed, we prioritize securing the earliest slot for your Bazi reading. Although our schedule fills quickly, we make every effort to accommodate you. Once scheduled, sessions are non-refundable upon cancellation, so please ensure your availability before finalizing your booking.
  • If unwell during a face-to-face meeting, please inform us in advance. We'll gladly make alternative arrangements for your well-being. For virtual Zoom meetings, there are no restrictions.



Couples planning to get married who want to ensure a harmonious and joyous start to their marital journey.


Individuals or families moving into a new home, seeking a smooth transition and positive energy in their new living space.


Entrepreneurs or business owners launching new ventures who wish to start on an auspicious date, inviting success and prosperity from the outset.

Uniquely Crafted for You


In the tapestry of existence, each individual is intricately woven with the threads of the five elements, as reflected in their unique birth chart. It is our belief in the profound significance of Feng Shui principles that guides us to offer personalized solutions. By discerning the composition of these elements in your birth chart, we dedicate ourselves to crafting bespoke recommendations that address any imbalances in your elemental harmony. Our commitment is to align your surroundings and experiences with the natural flow of energy, ensuring that your personalized adjustments resonate with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. Embrace the transformative power of harmonizing your space with the elemental forces that define your individual journey.



Hazel Chua

Thanks for the quality gems and stones, really love its great combination, I would say the fellow workers and Master Chase are very experienced and also friendly and polite, humble and welcoming...

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Rosalind Loh

Thank you to Master Chase, who was so patient in giving me sound advice on what I need to look out for especially in 2024 when I did my 1st bazi reading with him recently.

Received this customized bracelet under the metal series...

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Athen Sun


Had ordered the BAZI + NUMEROLOGY READINGS with a free bracelet from TikTok. The reading was detailed and also provided with the report (shared via WA). They also allowing me to customize the bracelet as I'm allergic...

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