Advanced Basic Bazi Workshop

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Specification of Product
Time : April 2024 ( Exact Date TBC)
Date  : 9.30am-5pm (1 day event with an hour lunch break) 
Venue : TBC

Outline Description:

I. Introduction A. Explanation of Dominant and Reverse Analysis B. Importance and relevance in Chinese Metaphysics

II. Main Components of Analysis

A. Actual Reading

  1. Interpreting the individual's birth chart
  2. Identifying key elements, such as BaZi, Qi Men Dun Jia, or Zi Wei Dou Shu
  3. Insights into personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses

B. Talent Bridge Theory and Western Theories

  1. Overview of Talent Bridge Theory
  2. Integration with Western personality theories
  3. Identifying areas of alignment and divergence

C. Health Theory

  1. Discussion of how Dominant & Reverse Analysis influences health
  2. Applying health-related insights to wellness and prevention

D. Critical Years and Their Significance

  1. Exploring the concept of critical years
  2. Why these years are pivotal in a person's life

E. Date Selection Application

  1. Practical applications in selecting auspicious dates
  2. Maximizing opportunities and minimizing risks

F. Comparing People to People

  1. Analyzing compatibility and conflict in relationships
  2. Navigating personal and professional interactions

III. Recommendations and Conclusions A. Providing suitable recommendations based on analysis B. The potential for personal and professional growth C. Conclusion on the practical applications of Dominant & Reverse Analysis in Chinese Metaphysics