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Mysterious and Powerful

Dzi is one of Tibet's most powerful amulets that channels positive energy and attracts good fortune.

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For Endless Wealth, Health & Success.

Get Your Benefactor Luck Back on Track.

Do you know the reason why you are held back from sucess?

It is the lack of the "Benefactor Luck". 

Allow us to explain.

If you want to be rich, you need luck. And often good luck means having the right people giving you the lift.

When you think about it, really boils down to a game of hide and seek. Luck does the hiding — you have to seek it out. But you must look for luck in the right places.

So where exactly do you look for Benefactor Luck? Tibetan Dzi beads are a possible tool that some of our clients have used and have received results in their lives.

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Types of Dzi and Meaning

The 3 Eyed Dzi Bead

The 3 eyed Dzi bead represents the three stars of luck, happiness and honor. It is the bead of wealth and health bringing continuous fortune.

Heaven & Earth Dzi Bead

Heaven & Earth Dzi bead will assist its owner in achieving balance and harmony. Wealth and good health will also be bestowed on its owner.

The 9 Eyed Dzi Bead

The 9 eyed Dzi bead assists its owner to gather wealth, achieve good health, gains success, and encourages compassion.

Our Mysterious Tibetan Dzi Beads

Hoseiki (our) Dzi beads are mysterious and very rare. How to use them can vary depending on the wearer's wants and needs, as each beads has a different motif and function. Sourced ethically from Tibet, each of these Dzi beads are naturally formed. Dzi beads are expensive due to their rarity and rich cultural heritage, as well as their spiritual properties.

In Tibet, it is believed that Dzi’s magnetic energy helps regulate the movement of Chi flow in the body, cleans the energy channels and balances the ratio of Yin-Yang energies to the 5 primary elements that make up the entire material universe. With the finest craftsman, we have curated and crafted this new Dzi Collection for the modern man and woman who love Fengshui and want to benefit from nature itself.

Free Custom Personalized Engraving

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You already have your perfect Dzi Beads picked out and ready to go, but now you need to figure out the personalized engraving to make your unique Dzi bracelet even more special.

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The Benefits of Our Tibetan Dzi Beads

Bestows Benefactor Luck

Our Tibetan Dzi beads helps you to meet benefactors who can give in a lift in your career or business, and help you achieve the things faster and more effectively. Dzi beads will also enhance its wearer's authority and influence, empowering you with confidence from the Chi of the 9-Eye Dzi.

Gives Mental Clarity & Focus

Our Dzi Bead possesses the power to purify your mind & heart which will lead to a calmness and self-control. This leads to a stronger career luck and better relationships. Dzi will help in enhancing your focus especially in decision-making process in investments or the mental resilence needed in studying or when picking up new skills.

Enhances Wealth Luck

Our Dzi Bead also brings wealth to its wearer. The 3-eye Dzi bead is intended for the accumulation of energy, which indirectly improves your ability to get wealth. The improved "Chi" also gives added vitality needed to improve our social circles, where the added interactions are bound to spin off into favorable wealth boosting encounters, which makes this a great boost for all business owners or sales people.

Improves Health and Wellness

A balanced Bazi promotes good health and Dzi helps to regulate the vital energy of "Chi" through a harmonious combination of spiritual forces, which helps to balance your Dzi delicately. Our Dzi assists the owner to plant new roots of health in a sustainable manner.

What People Say About Our Tibetan Dzi Beads

“This is the most modern looking Tibetan Dzi Beads I have ever seen. I can practically wear them with my suit and go to work! They are well weighted and also cool to touch. Authentic beads combined with great design!”
- Daniel Lee

A Variety of Kinds of Dzi Beads

Explore our limited edition collection of Dzi Bracelet, available May 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Tibetan Dzi Beads In Such High Regard?

Because it's tied to their culture. They either encase the beads within a Buddha statue or lay them on top of it. These practices probably date back thousands of years. If you go to Nepal or Tibet, you'll see people circling these towering stupas, reciting prayers. They would wear these beads to prayer every morning without fail and would even incorporate them into their daily outfits. Many people who use dzi, especially the Tibetans, believe that these crystals can absorb the positive energies of these prayers, which can improve your quality of life and help repel negative energies.

So How Do You Wear Dzi Beads?

First, one should be aware that there are many varieties of Dzi motifs, and that each motif has a different blessing.

Second, you need to know your bazi (a Chinese astrological concept where one's fate can be divined) and determine your yong shen, which is used to find out what elemental affinities you have or lack. For example, say you were born in winter, your elemental energies may be colder, so a warmer element like fire is used to balance it out.

Third, dzi beads aren't something that would immediately take effect just because you wear them, they have to be 'attuned' to you first, and that means knowing what your personal bead combination is. The whole experience of getting a dzi bead is like getting a tailor-made suit.

Why Are Authentic Dzi Beads So Expensive?

Most of the dzi beads nowadays have a higher agate content. But the antique ones are usually carved out of white nephrite, which is commonly known as white jade. They are an increasingly rare resource, which is why its value is so high compared to your standard green jadeite. Authentic dzi beads are mostly sourced from Tibet or Northern Xinjiang. At Hoseiki, our supply comes from Tibet.

How Can One Know Their Ideal Bead Combination?

We recommend customers to visit our shop as we provide a personal tailoring experience for them, so to speak from calculating their bazi to precisely identifying their elemental affinities (or lack thereof), we then consult our list of dzi combinations, which, to date, has a total of 21. This is our trade secret so you won't be able to find it on our website.

What Are The Misconceptions About Dzi?

The main misconception is that people think that they can just buy Dzi Beads off the internet and expect them to work for them. Sometimes, we get people who come in to ask why their combination isn't working, even when they bought the beads online at an exorbitant price, and the answer is this. To truly maximise the dzi's potential, it needs to be blessed by a lama (a Tibetan monk who has achieved the highest level of spiritual development), and it has to suit your element.

We made it a point to have all of our beads blessed before they get shipped to our stores. Additionally, you can't just slide any dzi bead together. Think of the beads as magnets. If you place the ends wrongly, you'll either lose its effectiveness or even wind up with adverse effects.

Do People Think Of Dzi As a Religious Item?

Contrary to popular belief, Dzi Beads or Tian Zhu aren't religious items. Despite being used in religious prayers or spiritual health practices, the Dzi is simply a vessel with magnetic energy that attracts surrounding energies, including the wearer's. The whole reason why dzi are used in prayers or meditation is because those are spiritual experiences that encourage positivity and mindfulness in their wearers.

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