Taurus are usually practical and well-grounded and has a realistic perspective. They often feel the need to always be surrounded by love and beauty. Stable and conservative, this is one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac, ready to endure and stick to their choices until they reach the point of personal satisfaction. The ruler of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love, attraction, beauty, happiness, creativity and gratitude. This delicate nature will make Taurus an excellent cook, gardener, lover and artist. Loyal and don't like sudden changes, criticism, or the chase of guilt people are often prone to, being somewhat dependable on other people and emotions they seem unable to let go of.

The other earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo, make an excellent match for Taurus, as they share the exact fundamental nature. (That’s basically the essence of zodiac compatibility.) Cancer is also a good choice because they are just as passionate and caring as Taurus and take their dedication to their loved ones equally seriously.




This bracelet carries immense power. The Prestige is very good for cutting ties and ridding yourself of negative connections. If you’re struggling to leave a toxic work environment or a relationship that is no longer serving you, you can seek help from The Prestige with its healing properties. Its strong magnetic power means that it also holds lots of health benefits. It is said to draw out infection and help with digestive issues.

This Crystal Flask is blessed with carefully chosen Citrine and Tiger Eye crystals, born of the Earth Element. Designed to empower and protect, the crystals serve to ward off negative energies and keep the user safe. They also maintain a natural balance to the body's internal Chi flow, improving the user's wealth, health and relationship luck.

A source of strength and order, generating a sense of grounding, balance and stability. The Tree Of Strength is a Fengshui Tree born of the Earth Element. Emanating a gravity of acumen and grounding to its surroundings.

The Keeper is used to build confidence and enable you to fulfill any role, perform any task, and speak to anyone with wisdom and grace. The keeper has a strong grounding energy that will make sure your physical body is connected to the Earth. This bracelet will ensure that you have all the skills that you need to survive and preserve yourself. This is why it is known as the "survival bracelet".


Taureans know how to have a good time, so they make for a great company, whether in love or friendship. They love attracting admiring attention and are expert flirts. They need to feel loved, comforted and above all, stable in a relationship. Since Taurus is ruled by the planet of love, Taureans are interested in merging completely with a partner. They're not ones for drama. Taureans are romantic. Flowers, fine food, snuggles and total presence go a long way with this sign.


Taurus folks make great workers and leaders. Working alongside a Taurus can be awe-inspiring, as that vital Taurus energy gets the job done with integrity, strength and consistency. A steady income is essential for their mental well-being, less stable jobs like freelancing or independent contracting could make the typical Taurus a bit nervous. Taurus seeks stability with their career and finances. Tactile Taurus would likely be well suited for a job immersed in food, art, architecture or nature.


People born under the Taurus sign value honesty above all else, so don't try to pull a fast one on them. They will never forgive you if they find out you've deceived them. Taureans are also considered to be the anchor of the zodiac. Their fixed modality means that they love their stability and find comfort in consistency. Taureans don't shy away from hard work and aren't afraid to do what it takes to get the job done.


Taureans are known for their incredible stubbornness. Taureans sign are often viewed as being very set in their ways. On the other end of the spectrum, Taureans can be a colossal perfectionists. If something or someone isn't absolutely perfect, Taureans are known to turn up their noses and walk away. Additionally, Taureans aren't fond of authority and might challenge a person who they believe is wrong about something or just wasting their time.



The Aristocrat brings you confidence, strength, and impressive devotion toward your life goals. It provides a natural barrier between you and all negative forces. You will find this bracelet builds positive energy and impresses upon you the power of creative thinking. It is also wonderful for calming the emotions. It is the rock known to be formed from nothing but fire thus, providing strength and power. For someone who has difficulty making decisions, or perhaps timid, The Aristocrat provides them strength and clear thinking.

The Zen is a Crystal Water Flask made from extremely heat resistant borosilicate glass and natural bamboo from deep Chinese forests, carved by our artisans into a stylish design. This Crystal Flask is blessed with carefully chosen Strawberry Quartz and Rose Quartz crystals, born of the Fire Element. These crystals symbolise love, compassion and healing, helping the user to get peace of mindand relax.

The Tree Of Abundance is a Fengshui Tree born of the Fire Element. An immense aura of positivity and prosperity to its surroundings.

The Eminence is said to be a bracelet of leadership and finding your personal power. It has the ability to bring balance to your feminine and masculine energies and bring about freedom and growth in consciousness to those who use it. If you are someone who has trouble saying “no” to others, lacking in self-confidence or struggle to establish healthy boundaries then bring The Eminence into your life and onto your body. Restoring happiness and fulfilment within your being and bringing about a sense of pleasure in your life.