The Pixiu is one of the auspicious animals in the Asian Culture. Known as the ‘Fortune Beast’, as its diet consisted mainly of Gold, silver, gems and jewels. Because of this, it is regarded as an auspicious animal that could help to seek out and safeguard your fortunes.


Before a Pixiu is assembled onto a bracelet, it is first treated in Japan with purified spring water and sunlight for 7 days. The bracelets are handcrafted by our craftsmen, who uses gloves embalmed and smoked with sage. The entire process ensures that the accessory will be cleansed and ready for wear for the next owner.

How to wear your Pixiu

Generally, a Pixiu bracelet is worn on the left hand, as vital energy enters the body from the left and exits via the right. It is advised to wear your Pixiu bracelet with the Pixiu facing outwards as well. If you’re unsure which side of your hand is outwards, a general rule of thumb is that, well your thumb is always facing inwards and your pinky finger is outwards. So, on your left hand, the head of your Pixiu should be facing towards the left, where it can draw in fortune from every direction.

How to clean and maintain your Pixiu

Being a part of your daily wear, means that the Pixiu will undoubtedly, be exposed to the elements. It isn’t uncommon for your Pixiu to become dusty or filled with some dirt after a period of wearing. It is important to clean your Pixiu as dirt will deter it from bringing in good fortune. Maintaining and cleaning it can be simple. Washing it under running water will be sufficient, and avoid the use of chemicals too as it may potentially damage your Pixiu which are made from precious metals like Silver or Gold. Another key point to note is never wear your Pixiu while you are bathing as well, as the Pixiu should not be directly exposed to dirt, and sometimes, the chemicals in soap could potentially damage the Pixiu as well.

Who can wear a Pixiu?

Generally, the Pixiu is known for bringing in wealth and positivity, so whether you’re a business man, an employee or even a student, wearing a Pixiu can bring benefits of wealth and health to your daily life. In fact, anyone can wear a Pixiu bracelet. If you’re looking for good fortune, a flow of positive energy as well as a ward against negativity, then you will find that the Pixiu is certainly for you.

One or two?

As the Pixiu is a symbol of auspicious luck, having 2 is certainly better than 1. Having a pair of Pixius can draw in more auspicious luck and wealth, as well as to better ward off potential negativities too.  

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