Join Our Loyalty Program and Unlock Exclusive Rewards!

Join Our Loyalty Program and Unlock Exclusive Rewards!

Why join our Loyalty Program?

You will be able to earn lucrative rewards such as a free bazi reading or up to $150 off your final order on our website.


Step 1: Click on this link:

Step 2: Key in your personal details which include your name, email and password.

Step 3: Click sign up.

Step 4: Start earning loyalty points as you shop with us which can be converted to discounts and more.


250 Points

$5 Discount

500 Points

$25 Discount


$75 Discount

1500 Points

$150 Discount or a free complete Bazi Reading Report


Create an account

Make a purchase

Visit website

Write a review

Follow on instagram

Like on facebook

Refer friends

Birthday points


Lim Takashi

Lim Takashi

Went for a detailed reading, overall had a better understanding of my chart. What the master said was quite accurate. Master is very patient to explain the meaning to your chart and ask if there is any question that you are concern about.

LeeWong Seok Lee

LeeWong Seok Lee

The free reading of numerology and bazi give me a foundamental awareness of my strengths and weaknesses. Thanks Hoseiki and looking forward to the bundle workshops in Sep-23.

Rainabelle Ho

Rainabelle Ho

Pixiu bracelet brought me luck, nice customer service too. Location is hard to find, and they don't respond to facebook messages at all, so i didn't manage to get more. Best to call before visit :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What do i need to know before signing up

Signing up for our loyalty program will unlock new rewards to you which is not accessible by regular customers. Signing up is free of cost and entitles you to benefits such as discounts and bazi readings.

how do i collect points

You can earn points through many actions such as writing reviews, referring a friend, following us on Instagram, and many more! In fact, you can earn points by simply creating an account with us.

how long can i keep my points for

The points have no expiry date and can be kept for as long as you want till your next purchase.

how to claim the loyalty points

The loyalty points will automatically be added to your account when you complete certain tasks.

is there a membership subscription fee to be paid

There are no costs required to sign up for our loyalty program. It's free, easy to use, and beneficial to all Hoseiki customers.

what can i claim with my points earned

There are 4 tiers of rewards you can claim which are of as follows:

250 points - you are entitled to $5 off your order

500 points - you are entitled to $5 off your order

750 points - you are entitled to $5 off your order

1500 points - you are entitled to $150 off your order or a free complete Bazi reading report