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Do note: Follow Master Chase's advice on which element you need based on your Bazi reading instead of your zodiac as the Bazi reading is based on your birthday, month, year, and hour pillar while the zodiac is only based on your birth year.

Due to the overwhelming response, Master Chase might miss out on some applications. If you do not receive a WhatsApp message from Master Chase in 24 hours do click on this link to contact him.



The bracelet is very pretty, a fancy accessory. Crystals are of really high quality. After wearing the bracelet, unexpected good things have happened. Very grateful to Master Chase for the introduction

- Wesley Ee


Quality is really good. I've spent quite a lot of money on Feng Shui stuff and know quality when I see one. Hopefully what master matched for me works 😁

- Mellissa


Excellent service by the team at Hoseiki. They have gone the extra mile to ensure that the item was delivered to me despite a slight hiccup initially.
(PS: this is my second purchase from Hoseiki

- Yu Shin


Happy to receive my bracelet, it looks really gorgeous and you can instantly feel an energy flow upon wearing it for the first time. And on the very first day of wearing it, I closed 2 deals worth over $7,000 on the same day. Looking forward for more goodness to come!

- Yulum


Question 1 : Do I need to purchase any items after reading my chart?

It is not necessary to purchase. By coming to our Bazi Chart reading, Master Chase will let you know your favourable element and it's entirely up to you whether to purchase any items. There won't be any persuasion or any twist to get you to buy.

Question 2 : What does the Bazi reading contain?

It will be a basic reading which consist of your favourable element to improve your life overall also your basic luck forecast for 2022/2023.

Question 3 : Is Bazi reading same as Tarot Reading or Numerology?

It is not. Tarot cards and numerology are very different. As for Bazi reading, we will need your birth hour for detailed reading. With detailed information needed, we hope to deliver a better forecast for you in all aspects.

Question 4 : Who is this Free Bazi reading suitable for?

This Bazi reading is suitable for people who want to improve their lives in these aspects, especially in Finances, Family, Health, Education, Career, Married life, Relationship and many others.

Question 5 : Is this Bazi Reading FREE?

Yes, you are absolutely correct. It is a FREE Bazi reading.