Ensure The Success of Your New Outlet With a Dedicated On Site Feng Shui Audit!

Expanding your business always carries risk, be it a new outlet or a change of office. Bad Feng Shui can have negative impacts on your business that cost potentially tens of thousands of dollars lost.

That is why successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Richard Branson  as well as companies like Coca-Cola, Nike and Intel use Feng Shui to boost their business.

A Feng Shui Audit Can Help Your Business With The Following

Increase Sales and Revenue

Increase Staff Productivity

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improve Employee Discipline

Reduce Staff Turnover

Foster Positive Company Culture

Master Chase

Trained by 3 Feng Shui grandmasters in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand respectively, Master Chase has been steadily learning and improving his skills for more than 10 years.

To date Master Chase has completed more than 5000 personal Bazi readings and more than 1000 home Feng Shui analysis. Master Chase has been featured on NTUC USME and Prudential seminars teaching viewers about Fena Shui. Master Chase has also been hosted by Channel 8 actress Cynthia Koh on a talk show.

Master Chase strives to provide accurate advice based on classical Feng Shui methods and also empower people to be well versed in Feng Shui to make better decisions in their lives

Master Chase Achievements

More Than 5000 Bazi Readings & Recommendations

More than 1000 home Feng Shui readings

Featured in Prudential & NTUC teaching feng shui

Here’s What You Get with a Feng Shui Audit from Master Chase

Process of Office/Outlet Feng Shui Audit

Floor Plan and Blueprints Analysis

360° Macro-Analysis of The Building and Surroundings

On-site Layout Audit with Feng Shui Techniques

Chi Flow Analysis of The Layout

Identification of Your Office’s Wealth, Destruction, Life and Death Sectors

Complete Report with Recommendations

Recommended Furniture Arrangement for Optimal Sales

Recommended Seating Arrangement for Productive Staff

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Suitable For

Relocated Offices

Office Expansions

New Shop Outlets

Free Bonuses

Limited Time Only

HR Consultation

  • Vet through staff’s roles based on their Star Chart and Bazi
  • How to maintain positive workplace culture
  • Seating arrangements for productivity and cohesion

Value $288


Complete Wealth & Career Bazi Report for 4 People

  • Personality & Career Breakdown
  • Wealth & Investing Strengths
  • Romance Luck & Timing
  • The Key to a Happy & Stable Family

Value $1152


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Case Study

Mr Chan, Head of an MNC headquartered in Singapore upgraded to a new office and wanted to make sure that Sales were a bit slow, the marketing department was making a lot of mistakes and eventually loyal, capable employees were slowly leaving no matter what he did.

Mr Chan contacted Master Chase who found out major problems in his initial analysis.

Master Chase suggested rearranging the seating arrangement and office furniture for better Chi flow and also conducted a HR audit for Mr Chan’s office.

In 2 weeks time, sales were picking up and HR hired 3 star players of key upper management positions in his company.


  • Slow sales after moving to new office
  • Marketing department making a lot of mistakes
  • Loyal employees leaving


  • Sales increased by 70% in 2 weeks
  • Hit monthly revenue goal in just 10 days
  • Hired 3 star players for upper management positions

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