The Ultimate Guide to
Feng Shui 2023

A firm entrance into the subject of Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics and have 2023 full zodiac review for a better health, attract supportive relationships and success.

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About The Author

Served over 7,000 satisfied customers worldwide with Bazi readings and recommendations. Master Chase's talent in Chinese metaphysics is undeniable. Master Chase clientele, corporate and individuals from China, Singapore, and Thailand. Master Chase has been very active in the local scene. He has been the guest speaker at various public and private forums related to Fengshui, palmistry, and wedding date selection. His findings were published in major newspapers and magazines. His frank and open personality makes him attractive, as seen in some of the testimonials expressing sincere appreciation and thanks to Feng Shui Master Chase. He earns great respect from them. These people benefited from various aspects of their consultation. He hopes his Feng Shui style will help as many people as possible.


“Master Chase e-book is all about some real Feng Shui techniques you can apply daily.”

―Cheryl Tan

“Unlike most feng shui books, this eBook uses experiences and true stories to help you know whether you and your home are a good match.”

― Eve Lee

“I like how this book is filled with examples and images. Overall, it was an easy and fruitful read!”

― Ong Chee Yan